Nov 11, 2013

My Connectedness Addiction

What am I going to do? My anxiety is escalating. 

By the time you read this I will be out of mobile and Wi-Fi range and will be for five days. Five days of no email, no mobile calls, no internet, no twitter, no facebook. Just writing those words have fired up my angst.

What if while I’m out of range, I win the lottery and they can’t find me and give away my millions? What if my editor needs my permission for global distribution and translation into 140 languages but needs that permission today or the deal is dead? What if Hollywood calls having heard about my writing and wants me to write a blockbuster for a million dollar advance? What if a meteorite hurtles towards earth and I’m the only one that doesn’t know about meteorite-proof bomb shelters? What if? What if? What if?

So why am I heading off into a dead zone? Well the paragraph above might give you some insight. I’m a bit of a worrier. Around every corner there could be danger. So, I’m off to a health retreat for some fun, fitness and relaxation. Five days of healthy food, massages and exercise. My idea of bliss.   
This will be me very soon!
But, mobiles and computers are banned (am going to smuggle mine in just in case they’re lying about the Wi-Fi).

I find it funny (and just a little bit sad) how much I’m worried about being out of touch. Not too many years ago I lived my life with perfect contentment without having the internet and email in my pocket. Now, if I can’t check my email regularly (every ten minutes!! Who said that???) little hammers of concern tap at my brain.

It my iPhone’s fault. Now I can carry all forms of communication around in my pocket, I’m addicted.

I’ll be away when this blog is posted, so I won’t be able to respond right away, but I’d love to know if you suffer this connectedness addiction. And what, if anything, you do to combat your dependence.

I’m now off to drink copious amount of freshly brewed coffee. That’s banned too, so I’m going to pre-load! Don’t think I’ll mention this when I arrive at the retreat!

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  1. Jennifer

    The retreat sounds wonderful although I am not sure I could go that long without the internet :) I have a smart phone but I don't check emails on it I have yet still to work that one out but if I want to check facebook I can when I am on a break at work although I must say I very rarely do but I am on the PC first thing in the morning and when I get home from work and check things a few times a day on my days off if the internet connection goes doen for a few days I feel like my right arm has been cut off LOL I nee to keep in touch. Enjoy your retreat

    Have Fun

  2. Jen, your retreat sounds absolutely divine. You will be feeling amazing when you get back, I'm sure. We have a computer embargo when we go camping. Used to be a full internet embargo but now with mobile data we do still check email when we're away although I try to keep it to a minimum. Have to admit, though, that I sometimes look back on the days when we didn't have to always be available with a certain wistfulness. I don't think our current obsession with staying in touch 24/7 and being in the know with what's happening in the world as it happens is all that healthy for anyone.

    Can't wait to hear how you feel when you get back home!

  3. Hate going without the internet for more than a day. Just been away from computer for two days and have 200+ emails to get through - I like to be able to at least keep on top of those!
    Enjoy your retreat, Jen!

  4. I agree with you on anxiety about being disconnected. I haven't worked out how to go for extended periods of time without the internet.
    I do find it ironic that so many people have difficulty being away from internet, mobiles etc, when in years gone by we weren't so contactable.

    I think that the retreat sounds good.

  5. What madness is this of which you speak, Jen?!!! No internet? NO COFFEE? You'll be telling me there's no wine next. I admire and salute you for succumbing to a health retreat. I'm sure it will be absolutely gorgeous. Just don't think about the emails piling up for when you get back ;-)

  6. Jen, I'll be fascinated to hear how you go. It sounds so relaxing to be away from the internet and being contactable. Hope you survive the no coffee rule!

  7. Jen, I love the idea of a retreat but would have to sneak in my coffee plunger. As for going without communication - I'm used to it living where I do. The wind blows, no internet. Fog rolls in, no internet. But it is so different these days. We need to be able to connect with the world by the day, the hour, even the minute - addicted to staying in touch. Go and relax, enjoy, coffeeless, internetless.

  8. Jen, I'm half jealous half dismayed...I'd love to be able to switch off, it seems we're always connectable somehow- and a lot of it is irrevelant really (well, a lot of what I end up surfing anyway). However, I seem to be forever checking my email or facebook- it's just how we communicate these days. I do try limit myself, though, but it's not easy. Sometimes when I'm out and waiting for someone, say in a cafe, I don't switch on, I people watch instead- which is something I used to do but have got out of the habit doing.

    As for going without coffee? What planet are you going to?????

  9. Ugh, I'm already getting a caffeine withdrawal headache for you, Jen. All that aside, the health retreat sounds kind of nice (if you got rid of the exercise and could smuggle in chocolate and doughnuts).

    When I'm home I go through phases of checking my email compulsively. Anyone know what that's about? It seems crazy! I had technological difficulties when I was away in Europe, but I adapted to "not being connected" very quickly. I mean amazingly quickly. It was weirdly freeing. Also, apparently, going technology free is very good for one's creativity. I think it's something we should all strive for every now and again. ;-)

  10. Jen, it sounds like a marvellous break away, but I'm not sure about the no caffeine rule. Sigh.

    Actually, I enjoy the times I don't have a connection. It's rare and I have to plan carefully for it as I always seem to have work I'm supposed to do that involves email, but lack of connection while travelling is fantastic and rather addictive. I seem to have so much more time when I'm not telling myself I really should go online. Enjoy!

  11. Well I'm back and I feel fantastic!!!! Yup, did get the caffeine withdrawal headache but it only lasted one day. And Barb, there really was no wine! But it was brilliant. You could do as much or as little as you liked. I did pretty much everything which included about four hours of exercise everyday! Also saunas, spas, flying fox, massages and this amazing salt scrub. I wonder how the glow will last!

  12. Welcome back from that scary, no-outside-connection world, Jennifer! LOL Seriously, it sounds like it's done you the world of good and I hope the glow is still with you!