Jun 7, 2013

Top Timesaving Tips?

by Barbara DeLeo

See this bottle of champagne? It'll have my name all over it on Saturday if when I finish my latest book and send it to my editor. {:o)

It's been a manic week of reading, revising, chopping, pasting and polishing, polishing, polishing to get this book finished, and because that's happening, a whole lot of other things DON'T happen in my house. It's a pretty busy house with one husband, twelve year old twin girls, nine year old twins boys, a schnauzer and 8 tropical fish. And funnily enough, the fact that I'm on a deadline makes absolutely no difference to what all of the above expect me to do around the house.

So, this week I've been all about cutting corners, doing things smarter, trying out some time saving tricks.

Last night for example was fish night. I love to pan fry my fish but it takes me ages to clean up the mess from flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Time saving tip? Put the flour and breadcrumbs side by side on paper towels so when you're finished it's just a simply wrap up and in the bin!

Grocery shopping? Download a grocery app for your smartphone. Plug in your regular buys and they'll always we saved so you just need to tick off the ones you need, as you do your shop. Many apps use the store layout for you. Time saving and money saving!

Going away on vacation? Make a master list of everything everyone needs to pack from socks to computer cables. Give them a copy to tick off as they pack themselves. No more blaming Mum for forgetting something {:o)

So, in a last ditch effort to get this book baby gone by the weekend I need your help. What are your very best time saving tips?


  1. Barb, unfortunately I'm thinking you're talking about tips beyond ringing out for takeaway pizza, huh? But you know what? Some days takeaway home-delivered pizza does solve all the world's ills. ;-)

  2. LOL! Funny you should say that, Michelle. One of my friends has just opened a business delivering burritos and tamales. Guess what we're having for tea tonight!

  3. Barb, the take aways sound ideal for the last week countdown. It goes without saying that housework doesn't get done in the last week, except for the absolute must dos. Dare I suggest that deadlines are a perfect time for writers to give their children more responsibility when it comes to doing things around the house? And if they don't do their new chores perfectly then they'll learn for next time. One of my favourite time savers is soup. I'm writing today and it's probably the last virtually uninterrupted day I'll have at it for a while so in between scenes I'm going to make a huge pot of soup - the for that will provide a couple of meals for everyone and a very quick lunch along the way for me. I can prepare it easily over my quick breaks from the computer and the benefits last for days. Final tip? Get your husband to take the kids out of the house for a treat, any treat, till the book's in bed. Good luck.

  4. Those are great ideas, Annie! I have a lovely pumpkin in the fridge so will make some soup before the kids get home. They all have chores which are done pretty well, just wish one of them could drive the others to sports events. {:o/ As for the husband, he's off to the Cayman Islands tomorrow. But let's not go down that track...it's not pretty....

  5. Barb, your husband is going to the Cayman Islands without you? That's a sin-bin offence!

  6. Michelle, a feel the brownie points I'm owed might last until I'm 142....

  7. You can get home delivered burritos and tamales? Order them every night for the last week of deadline!

    Yummy + no cooking = win.

  8. Top time saving tips- try slow cooker one pot dishes... put everything in the pot in the morning and let it cook all day - then just serve.

    Shopping: I swear by online supermarket shopping- not sure they do it where you are? Countdown have also just started an online order and pick-up service too. So, once a week I spend an hour planning my meals for the whole week, order all the ingredients online and then I'm sorted! They also have a place where you can store your 'basics' list. I also then know each day what we're having for dinner so I don't waste headspace trying to think of something.

    Enjoy the bubbles!!

  9. I find that by getting up a half hour earlier then everyone else I am literally creating time for myself. With no one underfoot I get so much done & feel energised for the rest of the day having accomplished a great deal.

  10. Amy's time saving tip #1 - cornflakes for tea never killed anyone!

  11. OMG, is that Veuve-Clicquot, Barb???!

    Top time-saving tip: I don't go on the internet until I've met my word count or completed my list of writing tasks for the day. Of course, this means that some days I don't get on the internet at all...

    Tip #2: fish 'n chips for tea!

    Enjoy those bubbles!

  12. Sorry Barb, not not going to be very helpful with fabulous time-saving hints. During those times, I turn into the takeaway Queen. My kids love it. Pizza, Thai, Indian, Pizza, Thai, Indian (the only takeaway we really have here in Byron). Would love some burritos.