Jun 26, 2013

Indolent summer days in New York

by Emmie Dark

As you might have gathered from my regular contributions to LoveCats, I’m lucky enough to get to travel quite a bit. And right now, I’m writing to you from a very, very warm New York City. (I'm not sure what 93F is in celsius, but I'm guessing it's HOT!)

Thankfully earlier this week it was more reasonable – perfect weather for strolling the delight-filled streets of Soho, and exploring the history of Little Italy.

Right now I’m in Midtown, which is kind of the central business district of New York. There’s lots of concrete, and steamy sidewalks, and impatient cab drivers. And not really much in the way of green – unless, of course, you count the big stretch of grass and trees  just a few blocks up. (Central Park, of course!)

On Sunday I strolled with a friend through the wonders of Fifth Avenue. We popped our heads in at St Patrick’s Cathedral, which is one of the most stunning churches (even if it’s currently covered in scaffolding) and joined in the service that was underway for a short time. I'm not really a church-y person, but I do like that bit where you turn to people and shake their hands and say, "Peace be with you". I wished peace on lots of New Yorkers (and probably a few tourists).

Then we moved on to worshipping of a different kind. Saks Fifth Avenue was having a sale! Most of the merchandise in the store is well beyond my credit card's boundaries, but the sale in the lingerie department did prove a little too hard to resist.

And we had the most amazing fun in the shoe department. Unfortunately I can't connect my camera to the computer right now, because I took a photo of the most amazing gem-encrusted Louboutins! There were many beautiful shoes that really belonged on a shelf, not on feet. At least not on my feet -- I'd break an ankle!

Yes, I did make my last stop a Barnes and Noble where I rushed to the Romance section filled with anticipation, but alas, no. There was no copy of Just For Today sitting on the shelf. I chose to believe that's because it was sold out!


  1. Hi Emmie,

    I'm sure the reason your book isn't there is that it's sold out. Hope you see it somewhere else.

    This sounds like a marvellous trip. Enjoy the warm weather - it's a little different from what we're experiencing here.

  2. Oh Emmie I adored New York when I was there a couple of years ago. I've always been a London girl but NYC..... Sigh... Nice and hot when we were there too :-) Am thinking of heading back for RWA natonal in a couple of years.

  3. Hi Emmie,

    I'm hoping your pic of the Louboutins makes it onto the blog as some time in the future. I'm pea green, New York sounds wonderful. Your post has me wanting to scratch my travel itch.

  4. Oh wow- the number one place on my wish list- I really, really want to see New York. Enjoy! Hoping I might meet Amy in NYC at RWA nationals in 2015- my plan so far is to fly with the family to somewhere south- Atlanta or Savannah and drive up to NY- then attend conference and fly home...it's a significant birthday for me that year and this would be a wonderful way to celebrate!

  5. Ooh, we could have a LoveCats RWA Conference tour, now doesn't that sound like fun?

    Emmie, of course your book was sold out! I'm told that New Yorkers are most discerning. ;-) Enjoy the rest of your trip. It sounds divine.

  6. It all sounds fabulous!!

    Send some warm weather or at least bring some back with you.

  7. Emmie, sounds like you're having a fabulous time. Would love to go to a RWA conference in New York. Have just got back from Italy and France and boy, is it hard to settle back into a routine. I had great excitment finding my book in two shops in Paris, and also found Louisa's in a shop at a railway station in Paris. I was so excited I left my suitcase in the bookshop!

  8. That sounds like a fabulous time you're having, Emmie! And I'm another who's planning to be there in 2015! Of course your book was sold out!!

  9. Your trip sounds fantastic, Emmie. I always feel like anything is possible when I walk down Fifth Avenue!