Apr 21, 2013

Sunday Smooch with Sue Mackay........

Today we have a Smooch from
You, Me and A Family
Sue Mackay

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 And now for today's Sunday Smooch from You, Me and A Family  by Sue Mackay www.suemackay.co.nz

A family to call her own...
Returning to Nelson Harbour Hospital, Dr Alexandra Prendergast sees work as a distraction from the loss of the baby she'd always longed for. But working with single dad Mario Forelli, who's bringing up his little girl, Sophia, only reinforces dreams of a family that for Alex can never come true.
Alex tries to resist Mario's continental charm, but in doing so she sees a vulnerability beneath his proud facade. Maybe a family for all three of them is closer than they think.

Lead in to the kiss - Mario and his daughter have turned up at Alex's beach house. The little girl, Sophia, is reading one of the books that Alex has had published about two dogs.

Mario stood at the bay window, breathing in the relaxing aptmosphere of Alexandra's special place. Surprising that she'd invited him here, really. This was showing him more about her than any conversation had so far in their relationship.

You don't have a relationship with Alexandra. Other than a working one. And one meal and an almost kiss at her apartment.

He sighed. 'This is magical. I feel like I've been transported to another planet. The hospital and all those sick youngsters seem a long way away.'

Alexandra paused her lunch preparations and came to stand beside him, instantly distracting him with the scent of the outdoors overlaid with pine smoke from her wood-burner. 'It has that effect on me, too.'

Turning slightly, Mario watched, fascinated, as Alex's mouth curved into a gentle smile. Without thought he leaned closer, traced a finger along that smile, felt her lips stretch wider and open slightly under his fingertip, drawing him into her heat. Her tongue touched, licked. He tried backing away, couldn't, his feet apparently nailed to the floor.

That unfinished kiss from last week lay between them. It was in her shy glances when she didn't think he was watching her, in her guarded smiles. It fizzed along his veins, fried his brain. It would not be denied any longer. So tilting her head up with his hand under her chin, he lowered his mouth to hers. Where this would take them he didn't know, didn't question. He just had to have his fill of her. Now. He tasted her. And couldn't get enough. His tongue pressed into her mouth, further, deeper. Savouring, exploring. The world spun away, leaving him alone with Alexandra. Nothing, no one else, mattered.

Out Now: APRIL

Mario's Italian his accent is to die for. Hearing a man speak in an Irish accent makes my knees melt. What is your favourite accent? A copy of You, Me and A Family is there for one lucky reader.


  1. I like Australian accents the best. Scottish accents are a close second.

  2. Yes, I like the Scottish accent but half the time I can't understand what anyone's saying.

  3. A yummy smooch thank you!!

    I do love an Irish accent or Scottish, but a 'posh' English accent I feel in my bones.

    I'm thinking about Tammy liking Australian accents. Being surrounded by them all day, I just don't feel it - or hear it. I wonder if that is the same for everyone. The 'grass is always greener', the accent more thrilling.

  4. Lovely smooch, Sue! Mmm, accents. I think Irish is my pick.

  5. Wow, a posh English accent, Mary. Don't think I've thought of it which shows it doesn't grab me or I haven't heard many posh Englishmen - because we are talking men here, aren't we?

  6. Hi, Jennifer. We're on the same page. Love the Irish.

  7. Lovely tender moment, Sue.

    I love accents. Favourites would include Irish and French. (For some reason, though, all I can see now is Wanda from A Fish Called Wanda in ecstasy over John Cleese's Russian :-) )

  8. I don't need to be in on the drawing but had to put my 2 cents in regarding accents.

    I grew up and live in an area that is said to be void of accents, but I grew up hearing German from my grandparents and Spanish from the migrant workers. I agree with all that has been said above, including sometimes it being difficult to understand.

    But give me a nice slow southern accent from Georgia or a Texas drawl and shivers run right up spine, especially if accompanied by slow warm smile and twinkling eyes!

  9. Hi Sue - what a lovely smooch. Really looking forward to reading this book. And accents...well, after watching Ricky Martin on The Voice, I'm leaning towards Spanish :)

  10. Love that, Michelle. Wanda made a great movie.

  11. Ahh, now you're talking, Rita. The accent and the eyes and smile - a wonderful package.

  12. Hi Helen, I hadn't thought about Spanish. If I'm beinghonest I'dl ove to go on a holiday to the Carrabean just to listen to those beautiful accents.

  13. b100, I'll let you know about Italian accents in a couple of months as I'm going over there for a few weeks shortly.

  14. Sue, what a lovely scene!

    Fave accents? Scottish, Portuguese and French.

  15. Sue, I love accents! Faves? Italian, French, Irish, Scottish, and like Helen, I'm very keen on Spanish / Spanish speaking countries after watching Ricky Martin on The Voice. :)