Apr 11, 2013

Sue Mackay goes for a stroll

This is a picture story for a change. A picture supposedly tells a thousand words and as I'm going away for the next two months hopefully all these pictures will make up for my absence.

Three weekends ago my DB and I decided we'd go for a walk over the other side of our Sound. It was a beautiful day and we felt like a change from our usual walk along our road.

I love being in the bush away from vehicles and people. Just ourselves and the birds - mostly fantails which are very friendly and tend to follow us along the track. It is so peaceful and gives me plenty to think about as I grunt up the steep inclines. Plenty of puff was needed at times.

New Zealand bush is very dense and there's lot of undergrowth. Overseas hikers are often surprised at this and have been known to get thoroughly lost if they step off the tracks.

We climbed continuously, then crossed over a saddle and headed all the way down only to have to climb upwards once more to finally reach the next saddle two hours later.

We took a much needed sit down to admire the view of Nydia Bay which is only accessable by a long walk and climb, or by boat.

Native Rata vines added colour to the foliage.
I have done many hikes, some up to five days long, in our bush and never get tired of the sights and sounds. It is truly beautiful.

As we rounded the last corner at the end of the track on our return a very welcome sight. We then headed to the pub in Havelock for a well earned beer. The temperature was in the high 20's you understand.

At the end of the month we heading away on a big adventure. We're going to Italy with a couple of short stopovers on the way there and back. Neither of us have been to Europe so it is quite daunting but very exciting. The one thing I can guarantee is that it isn't going to be anywhere near as quiet as it was in the bush three weeks ago.

Have you been hiking in the bush? Or been somewhere remote? Or do you prefer to stay in the cities?


  1. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for sharing the photos - what a lovely area. I particularly liked the view, except then I realised just how far you'd climbed and I tend to enjoy an easier stroll. Fancy having that so close to home - how terrific. I used to do a fair bit of hiking. I think my longest effort was 9 days in the bush, during that time we crossed two roads and the rest of the time we were definitely away from civilisation. Now though I'm content to enjoy a little more luxury in my outings.
    Hope you have a ball in Italy. I'm sure you will. Can't wait for the photos! Inspiration too maybe for some writing?

  2. The photos are gorgeous, Sue! You certainly live in a glorious part of the world. I've never been on a big hike. I'm afraid I prefer to amble. In fact, I'm thinking a walk on the beach this afternoon could be just the thing.

    How exciting about Italy! I bet you'll have the best time. :-)

  3. Sue, that toadstool is incredible! I'm always taking photos of them (because I think they're beautiful - even the brown ones) but haven't seen one like that!

    I'm like you - love getting out of the city, love walking, love the quiet, but puff really hard up the hills!

    Wnen I was young, I did a 6 week trip, which included a 3 week walk in the Daintree rainforest by compass, no tracks, just a final destination and plant collection along the way. It was the scariest, most challenging, and the best thing I've ever done.

    Thanks for a lovely picture post. Hope you enjoy Italy!

    Cath xo

  4. Hi Annie, 9 days in the bush is quite a long time but I bet it was fun. Yes, I'm looking for inspiration for stories set in Italy. Shouldn't be hard.

  5. Chuckling about your walk on the beach, Michelle. Can't fault that at all. Have to admit the idea of carrying a heavy pack in the bush for days on end doesn't hold the same enthusiasm any more.

  6. Wow, Cath, that'a a long time in the Daintree rainforest. At least we don't have the crocs and snakes that you have there. They'd keep me outta there for sure.

  7. Sue - enjoy Italy. Sounds like my kind of Heaven, and way up the top of my bucket list. Looking forward to living vicariously via you and your travels! S-i-g-h... Bion divertimento!

  8. Argh, typo!!! I meant - Buon divertimento! Hope I didn't say anything I shouldn't :-(

  9. Hey, Clare, I wouldn'thave clue if that was good or bad. Yes, going to have a fabulous time. Probably come back all peopled out but with lots of ideas for stories I hope.

  10. What a gorgeous place, Sue. My parents took me bushwalking when I was a kid, so learned to love tramping through the bush early in life. But I do love a big city, especially ones with lots of history.

  11. That red mushroom is the cutest thing I've seen in ages! I can just imagine little fairies dancing around it. :)

  12. Sue, I loved taking a walk with you! Such gorgeous scenery!

    I'm a huge fan of getting out in the bush and camping. And it makes me appreciate the comforts of home when we return.