Apr 7, 2013

Sunday Smooch with Louisa George

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Louisa George, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Louisa George's medical romance The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date

Back cover blurb: A mistake waiting to happen?
It’s been four years since infamous party girl Daniella Donatello brought her powerful family the wrong sort of publicity. Dani’s desperate to get back in their good books, so accepts a job as a physiotherapist on her father’s rugby team.

There’s just one thing – one man – standing in the way of earning back her self-respect: the team doctor, Zac Price. With killer abs and infuriatingly sexy arrogance, Zac is one massive distraction- and now that she’s his colleague, any involvement with him would break all the rules. Dani’s determined to keep away…but Zac’s just too tempting to ignore!

Kiss Scene:-  Set up: Zac has just defended Dani’s honour to her father…she’s intrigued, but fighting it. Zac’s all hot and bothered and distracted by his boss’s daughter. Anything between them would be insane- and then there’s that tournament no-sex rule to think of too…..

 Somehow his arms folded round her. ‘Dani?'
‘Yes?’ She found her voice, but it was cracked and hoarse, thick with desire. His face was a heartbeat from hers, the soft breeze of his breath caressed her skin.

She wouldn’t lose her heart to him. Would not. She could protect herself well enough, she had enough willpower and self control to keep from ever being vulnerable again.
But, hell, she wanted him. An innate physical ache. Her heart did the macarena as she palmed his chest, stepped her fingers down his shirt. Hot body. Soft shirt. Hard… ‘Is there something you want, Zac?’
‘I keep telling myself no. But…damn it. Yes.’ His eyes held just one question now and she still didn't know the answer, didn't know what was right or wrong, up or down, didn't know anything except that the ache to seal her lips against his wouldn’t leave her.

Nice morphed into naughty. With one swift move he flicked her baseball cap off her head, then shook her curls loose and tangled his fingers in her hair. At the gentle touch of his hand her body pulsed with a raging need that both startled and threatened to overwhelm her. Her self-control pooled into nothing…Zac was too much to refuse. This was too much to refuse.

He paused, his mouth inches away from hers. The tiny pulse at the base of his neck beating wildly. His breathing ragged. Tension and anger and desire rebounded off him and fuelled her need for him. ‘About that list.’
‘The sex-free sex list?’
‘Yes. I’m adding to it all the time.’ His tongue traced a tender path along her bottom lip. ‘Kissing?’
‘Sucking.’ He sucked her lip into his mouth, then nipped it gently between his teeth. Let it go and smiled. ‘Biting.’
God. Yes.’

Then his lips were on hers. Gentle at first, a tender pressure that deepened as she opened her mouth to him. The first touch of his tongue sent electricity zinging through her veins. His hands circled her waist and pulled her closer. She opened her eyes, reached up on her tiptoes and watched the look of exquisite joy on his face as she deepened the kiss. He tasted just like she knew he would, of man and sex and something exquisite. A deep groan erupted from his throat sending shockwaves of want spiralling through her body.

Eventually she ripped her mouth away, inhaled deeply to steady herself. Looked up into those dark eyes that stole her breath. ‘Well, wow, Dr Price. Not half bad. Is this the way you say goodnight to all your colleagues?’
‘Nah, I heard Matt’s a rubbish kisser. You, however…’ He leaned back in for round two. ‘And I thought you weren’t even tempted? Tut tut,’ he murmured into her mouth, then his lips traced a trail of kisses down her neck. ‘So much for me being on my best behaviour. You’re leading me astray.’

She curled into his heat. ‘It’s a temporary lapse. I’ll be right back to normal….Oooh, this is heaven.’ This was intoxicating. Addictive.

This was…a red light up in the corner of the ceiling distracted her. A smoke alarm? A CCTV camera? Anger mixed with the fire surging through her. Would she ever be allowed some privacy?

This was way past stupid.
She pushed her palms against his chest and stepped back, swiped her hand against swollen lips. ‘I’ve got to go.’
‘Hey. What does that mean?’
She waited for him to call her a tease, but he just stared at her, confusion and the dying traces of desire in his eyes. Guess he thought it redefined stupid too.
It means I’m losing my marbles.

You can find Louisa’s book at Amazon and in book stores now!

Louisa is giving away a copy of her book to one lucky commenter!  So her question to you is:

The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date is about a sports tournament- how do you feel about having sport in a romance novel?  (FYI- The sport in this story is merely a setting, it doesn’t get a lot of press and it definitely doesn’t get in the way of the romance!!)

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from No Stranger To Scandal by Rachel Bailey will be posted!


  1. Hi Louise,

    I am a big sports fan and I like a sport themed romance. Your book sounds great- right up my alley.

  2. Yowee, hot Smooch, Louisa! Fabulous!

    I don't think I'd mind sports in a romance novel... mmm, just trying to think of one and finding a big blank spot in my brain! So you might be my first, Louisa! Judging by that kiss, I don't think I'll mind sports at all!

  3. Love that kiss, Louisa!

    You know, as long as the sport doesn't take over I don't mind it as the background to a story. After all, SEPPIE does sport-themed brilliantly. And there is the added bonus of sportsmen. ;-)

  4. I have read several sports-related books and enjoyed them all. Bring it on!!!

  5. Hi Tammy! Yay- a fellow sports fan! (actually I'm a reluctant sports fan- but it does kind of grow on you...)

  6. Hi Sharon, there seems to be a dearth of sports-related romances...I remember it being a sort of 'taboo' or a no-no a few years back- hoping I've filled the gap. Although, really there isn't a lot of sport in it!

  7. Hey, laney4! Thanks for the positivity!! I'm so glad there are people out there who love a sports-romance!

  8. Hi Michelle! SPORTSMEN- perfectly honed athletes. Yum!!! Oh- and the sports tournament is definitely just a setting.

  9. Hi Louisa, that some kiss! And what an intriguing set up for the story.

    I don't mind sport in stories, but I want the romance to come first. I recall a wonderful India Grey story about a racing car driver that was just amazing, and an Anne McAllister about an ex-soccer player. In both cases it wasn't the sport that attracted me but it gave the story an extra depth because of the way it influenced the characters.

  10. It's been a while since I've had time to come and comment. Wow! That's a great smooch!

    I like sports stories. I don't know a lot about rugby except for a few times I get to see a bit on the internet. I just know that it is one crazy impressive sport.

    I'm exciited as I will get to read a book by you in July as you will finally be published in North America.

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  12. Sounds like a great read!
    I like sports stories.
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  13. Have read this book, loved it - and the characters - and really recommend it :-)

  14. Hi Annie! My intention was to look deeper into the role of a sports doctor (it is a medical after all! LOL) and to explore this lesser known aspect of the profession- oh, and finding commitment-phobe Zac his perfect match too, obviously!

  15. Hi Kaelee! Rugby is a phenomenal sport- pretty brutal, but fast-paced. Both my sons play and my husband (who, coincidentally is a sports doc ) referees it. Did you know this book is now available in US too?? Harlequin.com have it on their website, as do amazon I believe! I'm so excited about this!

  16. "Nice morphed into naughty. " - I'm absolutely loving this. It conjures up all sorts of images I must say.

    I can't recall reading a lot of romances that feature sports or have sports as a setting. I can imagine all those athletic bodies not causing me any sort of grief.

  17. Congratulations on the release Louisa! What a hot kiss!


  18. Hi Louisa - what a fabulous smooch. Really looking forward to reading the book. I like sport in books - since I'm a Rugby League tragic (Go Broncos)and just love Nascar. Congrat's on a fab smooch.

  19. Louisa, I loved that smooch!

    I'm always a teensy bit resistant to sports heroes, but when they're right, wow, they can be fabulous. The Susan Elizabeth Phillips books that Michelle mentioned are superb. And that India Grey book that Annie read was great too.

    I have a feeling that your book is going to be another fabulous sports book!

  20. Nice scene. Don't mind sports in a book

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  21. Hi Mary! I'm so glad you wouldn't be overly troubled by athletic bodies- I'd hate to cause any grief with toned muscles and rippling abs...........

  22. Hi Helen! League? We all have our crosses to bear, right? LOL- my boys LOVE any kind of rugby/football so I get to watch some league- wow, hard and fast- those boys are amazing.

  23. Hi Rachel! I must get my hands on those SEP books- I love her other ones.

  24. Hi bn100, thanks for your comment!

  25. Daniella and Zac's story sounds great, Louisa. I've enjoyed a couple of stories with sport as setting, however, most have centred on characters "around" the sport - eg journalists, physios etc. Haven't actually read too many with the sports person as the hero or heroine but would like to.

  26. Hi Louisa, neat post! I have been lucky enough to read the fantastic Dr She Shouldnt Date and I love how the sports side of it was done, it makes me want to relive the fun that surrounded the Rugby World Cup in NZ. Fab story!