Dec 12, 2012

Whiskers On Kittens...

It’s that time of year when I start to look back on 2012 and think about the things that made this year unique—things that made it good and glorious and worthwhile.

I like to do this in the lead up to Christmas because it reminds me there’s more to life than a frenzy of shopping (though, mind you, I don’t mind the odd bout of that every now and again either). So, in the interests of spreading the love, I thought I’d share my list with you. And, I’ll give away a copy of my December release—The Nanny Who Saved Christmas—to one lucky commenter who plays along and lists one or two of their favourite things for 2012…or who adds a category that I forgot! :-)

These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things for 2012 by Michelle Douglas:

Favourite category romance read: Doukakis’s Apprentice by Sarah Morgan

Favourite single title romance read: Sorry, it’s a tie (I just couldn’t choose!)—The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James and Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie

Favourite non-romance book read: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruis Zafon

Favourite romance written: This is a cheat because it’s always the one I’ve just handed in. But, for today at least, it’s The Cattleman’s Ready-Made Family (Book 1 of the Bellaroo Creek series with Barbara Hannay and Soraya Lane, slotted for a July 2013 release)

Favourite new experience: Visiting Tasmania for 2 weeks in October

Second-favourite new experience (because new experiences should never be under-rated): Buying a sewing machine and trying my hand at sewing (I'm going to take a class next year)

Favourite new song: Taylor Swift’s ‘We are never ever ever getting back together.’ This was on the radio all the time when the dh and I were driving around Tasmania and I became addicted.

Favourite new recipe: Nigella Lawson’s Sweet and Salty Crunchy Nut Bars. OMG!!! Don’t click the link if you’re at all concerned about your health or your weight .

Favourite movie: I didn’t go to the movies once this year. Not once! But I am planning on seeing The Hobbit and I have high expectations.

Favourite (new to me) television program: The Big C with Laura Linney. Oh, how I love this program. Oh, how flawed the characters are! Oh, how could they make something so funny and so heart wrenching at the same time?

Favourite materialistic piece of nonsense: A pink and black Alannah Hill dress that I bought to wear to the RWAust Conference. I love this dress! I think I’ll wear it to every conference I attend from now until it falls to pieces. :)

So what about you? What’s made it to your list? And don’t forget to leave a comment, if you want to be in the running to win a copy of The Nanny Who Saved Christmas.


  1. Michelle, I love your list!

    My favourite new experience? I went to the RWAmerica national conference in Anaheim. So many firsts in that trip! First time in the US, first time meeting several friends I'd only known via email, first time meeting the Desire senior editor, first time eating deep fried cheese, first time listening to some favourite authors in their workshops, first looong flight, first time rooming with the gorgeous Yvonne Lindsay - I could go on.

    *So* looking forward to The Nanny Who Saved Christmas!

  2. Oh, Rach, that sounds like the most magical *new* experience. And talk about variety! I'm wondering if that's the first time your senior editor and deep fried cheese have appeared in the same sentence. :-)

    I hope that you get to re-experience the RWAmerica conference again and again. Am putting it down on my wish list too.

  3. My favourite new experience was teaching my daughter to drive. Every Sunday afternoon we would roam the back streets. Lots of chatting going on & I DID NOT YELL ONCE. She passed her driving test, just this last Thursday. I'm going to miss out lessons.

    My favourite movie for the year was BRAVE. We loved this, but I too am looking forward to THE HOBBIT, and LES MISERABLES and my daughter said I have to go with her to watch CLOUD ATLAS.

  4. New favourite book: Carol Marinelli's Putting Alice Back Together.
    New favourite movie: Midnight in Paris
    New favourite song: Gangnam Style (I know - weird)
    New favourite teacher: Mr. Kocavich, our youngest's grade five teacher. Except for one minor glitch - he let slip there was no Santa Clause, which got me worried coz every smart person knows that of course Kris Kringle is real!!

  5. Mary, my middle girl is going for her licence on the 17th. I'm praying that she passes.

  6. Favourite first experience: having my first book published, holding it in my hand!! (then my second one, and then my third- it's been a big year! LOL)

    Second favourite first experience: Going to my first RWA in America! Wow, just WOW.

    Best non romance book: Me Before You by JoJo Moyes- best book of the year!

    Best romance book- oooh, so hard to decide! Too many to choose from!

    Here's to a whole load of firsts next year too!

  7. Awesome list, Michelle! Sounds like you've had a fantastic year. My favourite thing about 2012 was our three month trip to Greece and Cyprus. Within that there were so many favourite bits, including the release of my first book. Such a lovely feeling to look back on a year filled with wonderful things.

  8. Mary, not only didn't you yell BUT you enjoyed yourself too? Wow! I remembering it being a very fraught time for my father and me. Am sending you much kudos. :-) And her too for passing!

    You mention some great films there! Am off to check them out.

  9. Oh, Robbie, I have to get Carol's book. It sounds fabulous!

    And I'm just going to put in a correction to the above:
    Favourite Movie: Midnight in Paris (you jogged my memory -- I saw it earlier in the year and it was a delight!)

    P.S. Fingers crossed for your middle daughter!

  10. Louisa, your year has been full of delights! First books are VERY special. :-) Here's to just as many special moments in 2013!

  11. Barb, it's going to be hard to top Cyprus AND a debut book. :-) I just turn green when I think of you spending 3 glorious months in Cyprus. What an utterly amazing experience!

  12. new favorite show: Arrow
    favorite book: Lover reborn by JR Ward

  13. Hi bn100,

    Arrow, huh? I'm not at all familiar with that, so am off to investigate! Am wondering now if it might not make my 2013 Favourites list. :-)

  14. I am enjoying the experience of "making gift boxes". I already write poetry and jazz up presents to others, so this is a nice new addition for me. All that's required are two square pieces of paper, with one about 1/8"-1/4" smaller than the other so that the lid can fit over the box. I learned about it on Myrna Mackenzie's blog.

    I too enjoy Taylor Swift's song (despite her motivation for it, LOL), but I have also become a huge One Direction fan. (They aren't hard on the eyes either. Hey! I'm old and married - not dead, LOL!)

  15. Laney, those gift boxes sound like fun! I'll pop over to Myrna's blog later to check them out.

    Ooh, there's a motivation behind Taylor Swift's song? I'm completely unaware of it. And it sounds as if it might be a good plan to remain ignorant on that front. :-)

  16. Michelle, Myrna's blog about making gift boxes out of paper is:

    "Taylor has stated that she has written songs about all of her ex-boyfriends, and that they are the greatest inspiration for her. So this is a list of who was the inspiration for what song, what interviews she talked about it in, and any other relevant information."'s_ex-boyfriends
    Boyfriends have included Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Conor Kennedy. She is currently dating One Direction's Harry Styles.

  17. Thanks for the link, Laney.

    Ah, Taylor's motivation becomes clear. :-) Hmm, I'm expecting that she and Harry make quite a handsome couple.

  18. Michelle, so sorry to be late here!
    I love your list of 2012 faves. Now I'll have to spend the day compiling a list of my own. But a couple of things I've particularly enjoyed:
    'The Intouchables' - a terrific French movie. I won't tell you what it's about as no summary can make it sound as good as it is.
    Spending a couple of girly days with my daughter who's now back in the country (yay!).
    Reading 'Warped' one of the best young adult novels I've read in ages.
    Staying at the Langham in Melbourne at the QT on the Gold Coast and not cooking while I was away.
    A reunion with not-so-old school friends in the mountains of northern Victoria.
    Bushwalking with my son.

    And now i'm wondering what marvellous things 2013 will hold!

  19. Oh, what a lovely list you have there, Annie. You know, Warped only missed making it onto my list by the tiniest of margins. I'm keeping my eye out for her next novel as I expect it'll be a real treat too.

    So many of our favourite experiences are with our nearest and dearest, which is as it should be but makes me all warm and fuzzy anyway. :-) Hope you get to make as many good memories in 2013!

  20. Fun post Michelle! Sorry I'm so late, late, late to pop in!

    My fave new discovery for 2012 would have to be the dinosaur treasures in Queensland! I'm a fossil-lover... I think you might have noticed! ;)

  21. Surely that's "fashionably" late, Sharon. ;-)

    Ah, I remember your fossil blog -- very interesting. It sounded like a real treasure trove!