Dec 13, 2012

Counting Blessings

by Robyn Grady

Has it been that kind of year for you, too? Incredibly busy. Plenty of drama. Here’s a few of the episodes our family has survived.

Long-term pet dies. Estrangement from family member. Emergency stay in intensive care. Gun pointed to head.

Life can be one big hairy collision after another. But when we catch our breaths and gather ourselves to go on, I think we naturally look for a brighter side.

I cried so much when our seventeen-year-old poodle was put down. But she had a long, happy life and is a part of so many loving memories.  

After a long break, that family member is back in the fold, and while the relationship is different, it’s also much stronger and deeper than before.

The emergency ambulance ride that landed our youngest in ICU meant she was treated by the best for an on-going - but difficult to pin-down - problem. Now we can plan for an operation, hopefully, early next year.

The gun incident… Geez, it could have turned out a lot worse.

On so many levels, life is about negotiation. Along the way, we lose loved ones, misunderstandings occur, scary stuff happens. Sometimes we even glimpse true tragedy before coming out safely the other side.

While Christmas is one of those super busy times, with its own set of hurdles to leap, it’s also a time to appreciate life's many gifts.  Wonderful memories...enduring bonds…welcomed opportunities…precious second chances.

What blessings are you counting this year?
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  1. Oh my gosh, what rollercoaster of a year you've had. I sincerely hope that 2013 is a little less dramatic for you!

    Your post has reminded me of what's important at this time of year- and it's definitely not the presents! We've had a turbulent year of sorts too, with some amazingly wonderful things happening and then losing someone very dear, and losing another family member in a different way- she will never be the same again. But we hold on to our memories, strengthen those bonds and cherish the love. XX

  2. Jeez Louise, you had a gun pointed at your head? Robbie! *Shuddering* So glad it didn't turn out "worse." What a year of drama you've had.

    I've had a quiet year and I'm definitely counting that as a blessing. Along with good health and the love of my family and friends. Mean to toast the dh tonight now. Just because.

  3. I have a lot to be thankful for. Life just mulled along well for us. Fingers crossed for 2013.

  4. A gun? OMG. That is an intense year. This year has been pretty mellow compared to my craziest year, 2010. Mellow can be good sometimes.

  5. Wow Robbie - now that was certainly a year you'll be glad to have behind you!! Her's hoping 2013 is much kinder to you.

  6. Robbie, that's definitely the sort of year you want to leave behind you. My pulse is still racing at the mention of a gun to your head! And the rest of it - I wish it could have been an easier year for you.

    Our year has been a busy one, mainly due to family issues and there have been the usual ups and downs and health worries especially for elderly relatives. Like you, we lost a much-loved long-time canine member of the family and still miss her. But we were fortunate to have some lovely times too and we're looking forward to a Christmas together, just appreciating what we've got.

    Here's hoping 2013 is peaceful and happy for all of us!

  7. Oh, Robbie, you've had some truly scary things happen this year! I do hope that Christmas and New Year are peaceful and relaxed for you and that 2013 is much more positive. Hearing about your beloved poodle made me go and give my lovely pooch a squeeze.

  8. Robbie, what an awful year! 2013 has to be better. I found 2012 a trying year too, so perhaps it was in the stars.

    Bring on 2013!

  9. I've been busy doing "little friends over during the summer school break" thing - movies, beach, and the park with 10 year olds. Have come home to discover the news in Connecticut. Those poor people did more than glimpse tragedy.
    We're all praying for a better new year.

  10. Hugs, Robbie! I think some of those items definitely belong in the 'annus horibilis' category! I hope 2013 is much smoother and less dramatic/traumatic for you and your family!

    Our biggest blessing for 2012 was the opportunity to travel in Outback NSW and Queensland. Fascinating!