Dec 10, 2012

Not Another Christmas Post......

by Barbara DeLeo

So, if the rumours are true, this will be my last post at LoveCats Downunder. If you subscribe to the view that the Mayan calendar was, in fact, correct, the world is going to end in 11 short days.

In case you haven't been keeping up to date with all this, it appears that the Mayan Indians had a very sophisticated calendar system. They had three different types of calendars to track different phases of the moon and the seasons, and one of those calendars ends on December 21st, 2012.

Well, if that's the case then I have a whole lot to do in less than a fortnight. For a start, I need to read the fifty or so books in my TO BE READ pile, many of which are the latest releases of my fellow LoveCats.

If I only have 11 days left I also want to squeeze in some travel. I still haven't been to New York, to Vienna, to Cape Town or Buenos Aires, so there's going to be a lot of hurried sightseeing.

My diet is going out the window, of course. I'll be eating ice-cream for breakfast, custard squares for lunch and tropical fruit all day long. I won't be sorry to set aside the craziness of Christmas preparations, but I might just buy myself that dress that I've been wanting for so long....

I'm going to make sure I catch up with all my girlfriends every day for the next 11 days. We'll drink champagne and chocolate martinis and laugh about all the fun we've had in the decades since we met. I'll have my whole family to stay and we'll have a slide show of all the incredible holidays we've taken, weddings we've been, to and babies that have been born.

Or I might do none of these things. I might, in fact, do what I love to do best and decide that after all the doom and gloom, the worry and the angst, that there's going to be a happy ending after all.

Maybe, instead of December 21st being the end, perhaps December 22nd is a new beginning. Maybe from that day forward we'll have a world where love takes priority over war, where no child will ever go hungry, and where we judge people by their achievements rather than by the way they look.

Now that's a new calendar phase that I'd like to see.

I'd love to know what you're planning to do in the next 11 days, or what you'd love to see happen from December 22nd onwards.


  1. Barbara, I like your list better! Mine involves treating some timber furniture, moving lots more furniture after unpacking hundreds of books, and then repacking them, finishing the Christmas shopping and card writing and somehow finding time to work on my book. Of course I'll have to slip outside on the next warm evening and christen our new outdoor table by sitting, sipping bubbly. As for the world ending on the 22nd - that would be so annoying. I'm looking forward to this Christmas with all the family, starting with some Christmas baking with the kids.

  2. barb, great post. I love the idea of doing all those things you've mentioned, but have to say this year I'd probably just go visit my new grandson every day. Could add a vew bubbles and lots of chocolate, throw out the diet and exercise to the list too. But haven't really got time for the world to end yet. Too many things planned for next year.

  3. Phew, Annie! Sounds like you're going to be very busy before the 21st. I do hope you get the furniture treated before the world ends, and if it doesn't, I hope you have a magnificent Christmas with all your family and friends.

  4. Seeing your new grandson every day would be fantastic, Sue, and I know you'll be doing it at every opportunity.

    It really is going to be inconvenient if the world ends, though, isn't it? I mean, who's going to read all the books you have coming out next year {;o)

  5. I'm hoping to get the last 35k written on my wip, Louisa. Wish me luck. :-) I did idly wonder the other day if I'd actually keep plugging away on the book if the world really was going to end, but I actually want to know how it all pans I guess it's a yes. ;-)

    Other than that, I better get ready for Chrissy -- have lots of baking to do!

    P.S. Love the vision of your new beginning! Shall definitely add my vote for that.

  6. LOL. Barb ... though I confess that you nearly gave me heart failure when you said it was your last blog with us LoveCats! My immediate thought was NOOOOO! And then 'what rumours'?? So that was a Gotme!

    I do like your list for things to do for the 11 days! What fun! But I like your next calendar phase idea even more! Here's to the new beginning on the 22 December!

  7. I agree with your new phase approach - maybe because of this prophecy people will stop and think about what truly is important.

    BTW - love the Keep Calm

  8. Hi Michelle, I for one will be lodging an immediate protest if the world ends - there's no WAY I'll be missing out on reading your next book.

    Good luck with the baking!

  9. , Sharon! Sorry to give you a wee fright. The world really would have to end for me to stop blogging with my LoveCats. I'm so pleased that you like the idea of the brand new calendar.

  10. I love that Keep Calm too, Eleni. I stole it from one of my daughters who has it as her screen saver. Isn't the idea of a new calendar phase lovely? I'm going to vote for that outcome.

  11. Well, I wouldn't write! =)
    I'd bring all my chicks together and play great music, eat good food, and reminesce.

    Vive la piax!
    (Is that right? I always wanted to learn French. Another life, maybe)

  12. *Such* a shame the world is ending - I had things I wanted to do too!

    I'd have to make sure I'd finished whatever book I was reading, then not start another one just in case - imagine dying not knowing how the book you were reading ended?