Dec 30, 2012

Sunday Smooch - Sue MacKay

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Christmas with Doctor Delicious by Sue MacKay, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Christmas with Doctor Delicious by Sue MacKay

When paramedic Nikki Page learns that the man who shattered her dreams is back in town, she’s horrified. Especially now that Fraser McCall is even more delicious than she remembers. Getting this dreamy doc under the mistletoe is one thing, but Nikki wants more than just a Christmas kiss – this time she wants for ever!

Lead in – Nikki and Fraser have just had the worst day imaginable on the ambulance so when Nikki discovers her vehicle has a flat tyre it is almost too much. But Fraser comes to the rescue with more than a tyre change.

‘Now for that beer,’ Fraser clipped the old tyre into place in the back of Nikki’s vehicle and slammed the door shut. He turned and bumped up against Nik. Why hadn’t that peony scent warned him how close she was?

He had to touch her, hold her. Like he had earlier outside the ED. Nothing like that. That had been platonic, or as near as platonic as he was capable of being with Nikki. Which was diddly squat. But right now he wanted – no, needed – to wrap his arms around her and hold her tight, feel her chest rising and falling, her hands on his back, her fingers pressing firmly. He ached with the need. She stood so close he could feel her sharp, quick breaths on his chin.

An urge to kiss her gripped him, too strong to be denied. Placing his arms around her waist, he gently drew her nearer, afraid that at any moment she’d slap him away. At last his lips covered her sweet mouth. His tongue slid slowly inside, tasting her, stirring up so many wonderful, warm feelings and memories from the past.

Nikki didn’t pull away. Instead, she leaned into him, a soft groan slipping over her bottom lip. One hand clasped the back of his nick. To prevent him getting away? She needn’t worry. He wasn’t going anywhere. His legs didn’t have the strength required to walk.

He deepened his kiss, sliding his tongue farther into that warm mouth, exploring her sweetness, her heat. Sending his hormones into overdrive. When his arms tightened further Nikki’s breasts pressed hard against his chest. Even through the thick layers of uniform they both wore he was aware of her shape, her heat, her body.

‘I want you.’

Fraser blinked. Had he just said that? Then why wasn’t Nikki leaping out of his arms and locking herself inside the SUV?

‘No,’ Nikki growled against his mouth. But didn’t pull away.

Nikki had heard him. The words had been real, hadn’t been in his head. He wanted, needed her. But this was Nikki, the woman who’d been avoiding him for days other than to discuss emergency procedures. She was kissing him back. The woman he should be staying well clear of – for her sake. He knew he had to step away from her. But she tasted so good, how could he let go of her? Twisting his head for better access to her mouth, his hands on her chin, thumbs rubbing lightly, the world shrank to this spot. No one, nothing else, mattered.    

To be in the draw to win a signed copy of Christmas with Doctor Delicious, tell me if you prefer a reunion story.

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from His and Hers Family by Helen Lacey will be posted!


  1. Well, I think Fraser is absolutely a Doctor Delicious! Really enjoyed the excerpt, Sue.

  2. Chey, I'm with you on this one. especially when it comes to writing the stories.

  3. Hi Robyn, The title is kind of yummy. And Fraser isn't too bad either!

  4. Lovely smooch, Sue! I think Robbie is on the money when she says Fraser is certainly Doctoe Delish. :-)

    Oh, and yes please! Love, love, love reunion stories.

  5. Glad you think so, Michelle. Doc Delish had a horrific time of it before finding his way back to Nikki and deserves every moment of his reunion.

  6. Now that's a smooch!!!

    The sparks are set to fly with reunion stories. The chemistry is palpable & I love that.

    (It sounds like I'm mixing something up in a lab.)

  7. I too like reunion stories. I think that because there's a history, less time needs to be spent on the "build-up" of the relationship, so reunions are great for novellas especially, but also allow time to build up OTHER relationships in the story too. Sometimes I enjoy the backburner stories just as much or more than the hero/heroine stories!

  8. I like reunion stories.

  9. Hi Sue - awesome smooch. And what a gorgeous and uber sexy hero. Really looking forward to reading the book. I love reunion stories... they can be so emotionally powerful and the character's (particularly the hero) so tortured. Great smooch!!!

  10. Mary, maybe you are. Being a lab girl myself could be that's how I came about the kiss!!

  11. Laney, you've nailed my reasons for preferring reunion stories. There's so much history right from the get go.

  12. bn100 - Definitely my favourite too.

  13. Thanks, Helen. Tortured heros, yes. Love them.

  14. Thank you Michelle!

    I like reunion stories. I read From Christmas to Eternity by Caroline Anderson (HMED) and Maybe this Christmas...? by Alison Robertt (HMED) just before Christmas. I couldn't read them back to back as they both had heroes named Andy.

    Love this smooch even if I'm late commenting on it. There is lots of heat in it.