Nov 28, 2012

When girls go wild -- well, on holiday, anyway...

I'm just back from a girls weekend away in Queensland with two of my besties. It's the first time in a long time I can remember getting a on a plane for totally non-work reasons.

One of my dear friends moved to Queensland a year or two ago. She used to live in the next suburb over. That was quite a loss. My other friend has lived interstate for many years now, so we've adapted to the distance thing. But getting the three of us together is rare and very special.

What did we do?

Not much, to be honest.

Even my feet got to relax.
There was a lot of talking. And eating. And some drinking too: cups of tea out in the backyard under the shade of a tree with books (or Kindles), then a late afternoon gin and tonic.

It seems that in any girls' gathering I'm involved in, I somehow end up adopting the role of bartender. I don't know why that would possibly be. ;) But I perfected two new drinks this trip. One, a refreshingly icy cocktail I'm definitely going to be making more of this summer. Mix roughly the same amounts of vodka (or gin), lime juice and elderflower cordial in a glass over ice. Top up with soda water. Drink. Yum!

Lest you begin to think it was a total booze fest, I also made a wonderful non-alcoholic fruit punch.
I can't be held responsible if someone "accidentally" tipped a little
gin into it while I wasn't looking, can I?
We did do a little sight-seeing too. There was plenty of beach and sea to look at, which is always wonderful. And an amazing array of other people's homes to view and discuss and critique and lust after. There were several waterfront properties that I'd quite happily call home, should Mr Tattersalls ever decide to bless me with a jackpot.

And, being Bundaberg, we of course had to visit its most famous export.
I think I'm meant to be tickling his tummy. That's
what polar bears like, isn't it?
Can't say I've ever been a fan of the stuff, but the marketing is out of this world. There was an entire shop of stuff that has this critter on it in some shape or form.

Now, the hardest part following a week of fun like this is getting back into the swing of things! Luckily Melbourne has decided to put on some warm weather, so I'm not having too much trouble adjusting. Although my out-of-control "to do" list might tell a different story!


  1. Sounds fabulous, Emmie. There are so many films out there celebrating male friendships whereas we know that life would lose its flavour without a few close women to share it with.

  2. You're right, Zana! There's something very special about female friendship and there should be more books and movies about it!

  3. It sounds as if you've been having a fabulous time, Emmie! I agree that the return to reality can be disheartening, but I'm sure one of those cocktails would cheer you up again Did you happen to give it a name? Girls' Weekend or Wild Woman might be appropriate. :-)

  4. Sounds like a blissful break. Love the idea of sitting under a shady tree, with my feet up and, depending on the time of day, a cup of tea or a drink in my hand.

  5. Emmie, it sounds like a blissful time. I second Michelle's suggestion of naming one of your new drinks after it. And maybe a book too?

  6. Emmie - so pleased you had a good time in my neck of the woods. The Fraser Coast is a fabulous place. Always nice to spend time with your besties :)

  7. Emmie, sounds like you had the best weekend! There's nothing like getting together with great friends and reeeelaxing. Must try that gin/vodka recipe!!

  8. Loved the sound of your time with your besties, Emmie. Can't think of a better holiday than spending time with my lovely girlfriends. I'm SO excited about your nameless cocktail. We have a locally made elderflower cordial that might just find itself mixed into a few of those this summer at my house {:o)

  9. Emmie, what a lovely time away! Must try out your cocktail recipe. I'll call it The Emmie. :)

  10. One of the very best sorts of holidays, Emmie - one with friends where you can do not much of anything if you want to! Except lots of talking and mixing delicious drinks! Perfect!

    LOL at Rachel calling your cocktail The Emmie!

    It IS getting warm down here in Victoria, but I have to say yesterday was just a little TOO warm for me!