Jul 19, 2012

Up, up and away!

In a couple of days I'll be off on my first every trip to America. I'm so deliciously excited!

Right now I'm having a bit of trouble packing my bags because I can't imagine wanting to wear summerish clothes when I'm bundled up in jumpers, and rushing to get things done I need to do before I leave, but as soon as that plane takes off, I know I'll be 100% focused on the trip. I can't wait.

While I'm there I'll be attending the Romance Writers of America conference in Anaheim, including the literacy signing (I'll be at table 101 if you're going - I'd love you to drop by!). I'll also be meeting some US friends in person for the first time, and having a bit of a look around.

Now I have a question or three - if you're from the US or have visited, what should I make sure I fit in while I'm there? I've heard stories of soft pretzels and cherry pie. Any other recommendations? 

If you've ever been on a long flight like this, do you have any travel tips?

If you're staying in Australia or New Zealand and you see my Bestseller Collection on the shelves, can you give it a little pat and say hello from me? It was supposed to be on the shelves already but it's not at my local ones and now I'm leaving the country. I feel like I'm deserting it! :)


  1. If I see it on the shelves, I snap a shot for you! Love that cover.
    Have a great time at the Nationals! It's gonna be HUGE!

  2. Oh, Rach, I know you're going to have the best, BEST time! Would love to stop by table 101 and have you sign a book for me. ;-) I hope you have a ball at the conference.

    Long flight travel tip -- drink lots of water (on the long haul flights I've been on the hostesses bring water around pretty regularly and I never refuse it).

    As for what you should do while you're away...you know, you could try an iHop for me and report back about how heavenly it was. ;-)

  3. Robyn, thanks for looking out for the book! I love the cover too - the new Desires in Australia are lovely. I saw yours for Strictly Temporary the other day and it's smoking. :)

  4. Michelle, I'm totally planning on drinking lots of water. And walking around as much as I can. And wearing loose clothing.

    iHOP! Good idea. I've just checked the iHOP locator and found there are a few in Anaheim. Will do my best to conduct some research for you. ;)

  5. The USA as a whole in the last year has been warmer than usual. Right now, there is a brutal heat wave in more than half of our 50 states. Drought is a real problem. I would suggest you check CNN.com and weather.com for backgrounds.

    I would add Philley steak sandwich and Tastykakes if you get to Philadelphia, PA (although I don't know if they're available in Anaheim,CA. Michael

  6. 1. High quality noise cancelling headphones. Or food poisoning: the only things I've found effective for decent sleep on the 24 hour run between England and Sydney/Auckland. I recommend the former. Whilst pricey, they are worth every penny. My husband, who travels regularly for work, swears by them too.

    2. Also, it gets a bit nippy on planes overnight, given the airconditioning, the fact its 40 below outside and you're not moving. Take layers that you can add if you feel the cold. They can otherwise be used as additional pillows.

    3. American portions are like two normal portions. Get the cherry pie to share!

    4. Things may have changed since the last time I went through it (I actively avoid it and go to Europe via Asia), but LA airport has the worst staff in the world and it's poorly designed and managed (I've just googled - it won 2nd worst airport in the world last year so maybe things haven't changed). Take it on the chin, and enjoy the warm American welcome as soon as you're out of there.

    5. I hope you and the rest of the Australasian contingent have a great time in Anaheim and I look forward to your blog posts on the conference!

  7. Oh, good idea to check those weather sites. Will do.

    But that recommendation of Tastykakes was just mean, Michael! I went to their website, saw all the exquisite cakes in the pictures, then saw, "available through the East Coast and Southeast". The even have a map of the states they're in, and California isn't even close. However, I am now determined to try some American cakes. I'll take my camera and report back!

  8. Rachel, while you're away I'll keep an eye out for your book. How cool to have a bestseller collection! Hope you have a marvellous time in the US and will look forward to hearing your travel tips when you come home.

  9. Jo, that's a whole heap of good advice. And I'll try and avoid the food poisoning option. ;)

    I'd heard about the portions a while ago - it'll be interesting to see.

    Layers that double as pillows. Brilliant!

    Roger on taking it on the chin at LA airport. And enjoying the warm American welcome when we get out of there. :)

  10. Annie, thanks for keeping an eye out for my book. I hope it doesn't feel too abandoned. ;)

    I'm taking my camera, so look out for many US trip themed blog posts when I get back!

  11. Have a super dooper time, Rachel.

    I went through America some years ago. The school buses were the things that amused me - it looked just like on TV!


  12. Thanks, Cath - I'll keep an eye out for the school buses! :)

  13. Rachel, I know you've gone already! How time sneaks by! Anyway, I hope you're having a fabulous time - I know you will be!