Jul 9, 2012

The Pleasure of Anticipation


by Barbara DeLeo

There's a whole lot of jump-down-turnaround batcrazy excitement in the DeLeo house at the moment and it has nothing to do with the anticipation of my first book coming out in September (Okay, that's a dirty great lie. It's partly because of that, but the thrill of waiting for my first book release is the topic for another blog).

The reason we're smiling sideways at each other and breaking into random dance is that in five short weeks we're off to Europe for three months. Argh, the planning, the packing, the repacking, the lists, the sweet talking of the dog/house/fish sitter ...!!

Anyway.... we'll have four days in Singapore, then four weeks on the Greek island of Lesvos, four days in Athens and then six weeks in Cyprus. But before you imagine that this is a sensible and romantic trip with my darling husband, picture me with my four children—two girls aged 11 and two boys aged 8—my lovely mother-in-law, my sweet father-in-law and, of course, my darling husband.

We've been planning this odyssey for years. The idea was to find a time when our kids were old enough to experience a trip to the place their grandparents came from. We also wanted their grandparents to come with us so we could all be immersed in the language and culture together. The hubs and I  lived in Greece and Cyprus a loooong time ago but we haven't forgotten the amazing culture, the beautiful beaches or the glorious food.

Three months is a long time to be away from school and music lessons and play dates with friends. It's going to be quite a test of character to see how we all feel about being with each other 24/7. But the anticipation and excitement overrides all that and we feel exceptionally blessed to have such an amazing opportunity as a family.

So, when was a time you had that hair-standing-high-on-the-back-of-your-neck feeling, the zing through your tummy as you thought about what lay ahead? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Barbara, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time, and by the way I have to tell you how envious I am of your trip to Cyprus. It's one of the places I've heard so much about and would love to visit.

    We've had several trips away with our kids and they were terrific - not to be missed. We had three months with them in Germany when they were 4 (5th birthday while we were away) and 2. My parents came too for a big chunk of the trip. All went marvellously. Even the time when I was ferrying parents and kids through Austria with my limited German and exploring the narrow lanes of country England with the man who'd taught me to drive at my side. Our secret was to aim to do as many things the kids would like as the adults. That worked a treat. Some of the 'kid' days were the best ever. I have a lovely memory of my dad and kids playing 'pooh sticks' at a tiny brook in a forest carpeted with bluebells instead of going to see another 'sight'.

  2. Barbara, I can't wait to see all the photos of your trip!

    What exciting thing do I have ahead? My very first trip to America in a couple of weeks, and attending the RWAmerica conference! But I'm guessing you already know that. ;) I'm looking forward to the Literacy Signing and meeting friends in person. Fun!

  3. Oh, Barb, you're going to have the most amazing experience! I'm literally green with envy. I hope you all have the most wonderful time.

    I've had that exact same sense of excited anticipation for each of my European trips. And as the dh and I are planning our next trip (even though it's probably 18 months away), that anticipation is starting to build again. What fun!

  4. Hi Annie,

    Your trip sounds wonderful and was obviously very memorable. It's certainly going to be a challenge trying to find thngs to do that interest everyone. I've got the kids researching a greek god or goddess each and they're going to be an"expert"on one of the places we visit so opefully that will help the interest.

    I loved your "pooh sticks" story and am hoping we have lots of those special times.

  5. Rachel, I'd heard you were going to America in a couple of weeks!

    Attending your first literary signing will be such a buzz. I'm going to have hair standing on end for you!

  6. Green suits you, Michelle! I tell you what, though. For about six months people would say, "Oh, you're so lucky" and then when the whole Greek/Euro crisis hit people were looking at us sideways. We're hoping things will be reasonably settled.

    Oh, I wonder where you're going in Europe! I think I rememebr you going 2-3 years ago? The planning's almost half the fun.

  7. Good luck, Barb! It sounds like an amazing trip and it also sounds like you all like each other enormously so I'm sure you'll ride through those moments when you all feel just a bit sick of each other!

    I got that hair-raising feeling when we were about to set off on our motorbike trip three years ago! That OMG how exciting and OMG what do we think we're doing! This time, much more relaxed because we're in a 4WD... though it could be a false sense of security. We have the potential to get ourselves into even more challenging situations!

    Have a great time!

  8. Oh Barb, what an adventure for you all, and how lovely to share it with 3 generations of you. I hope you have a super dooper time!!

    Oh, that feeling... it's a beauty isn't it? The anticipation that nearly kills you :) I get it when I submit to contests or publishers - but the waiting kills it long before the reply! LOL

    Have a great holiday!


  9. Oh Barb- how fantastic! I was in Greece two years ago and loved it so much I'd go back again in a heartbeat! You'll have such an amazing time filled with wonderful memories to keep you warm on those cold nights back home.

    Like Rachel, I'm going to my first RWA conference (okay- so you know this ;-)) and book signing in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited already!

  10. Sharon, I remember your last trip, it was a real odyssey! You must have loved it to want to do it again. I'm so looking forward to that feeling of being able to go where the mood takes us.

    Yes, we "usually" quite like each other. Finding it a little difficult as we roll into the second week of school hols...{:o/ All good practice!

  11. Lovely to see you, Cath!

    Oh, I know that antcipation well! Hope's in the mail certainly is a lovely feeling. I guess the key is always having something to anticipate and then the waiting's not so hard. All good in theory...{:o)

  12. Louise, I'm going to be so excited being able to see you at the literary signing!! That's going to be a gold-plated photo oppotunity if ever there was one!

    Will see if I can smuggle a Greek god or two in my luggage for you. {:o)

  13. Barb. I'm so envious! What treasured memories you'll have. I think the kids being immersed in another culture is brilliant.

    I'll be following you on Facebook.


  14. Hi Hayson!

    We are very lucky and it's something we've spent years saving and planning for. Hard to believe it's nearly here.

    See you on Facebook {:o)

  15. Barb, I'm so excited for you and your family. I can't imagine the experience - the thrill of a lifetime! I would SO love to do something like that, but I can barely get my dh to take a week off let alone 3 months.
    But my dd's are 22, 18 and 10....that's old enough, right? =))))
    Robbie, waving hi to Hayson!

  16. I'd say that your daughters are EXACTLY the right age, Robbie. I'm sure the four of you could be quite persuasive {;o)

    Perhaps I'll start a secret email photo campaign to your hubby — beaches, siestas, coctails at dusk....

  17. Thanks so much, Marybelle! As soon as I've workd out how to take all the stuff the kids think they "need" I'll start thinking about the fun {:o)