Jul 2, 2012

Sue MacKay cooks in Phuket

I'm a bit of a foodie. Okay, more than a bit. I love eating just about anything you put before me - except swedes and tripe. But more than that I really love cooking. To me the best way to entertain family and friends is to prepare them a sumptuous meal, add a glass or two of good wine and enjoy sitting on the deck.
This photo was taken from our deck in Phuket showing the sunset.

But my favourite foods are Thai and Indian (and all things chocolate) which I haven't cooked very much and not with great success. I find the cookbooks I buy locally tend to dumb down the flavours to suit a general collection of readers and cooks.

So when we went to Phuket last month I enrolled for a Thai cooking class. If nothing else I was going to get a good lunch. There were five of us in this class, including a couple from the Chatham Islands, NZ. Small world.

The delightful Kelly of Kata Thai Cooking  and her assistant patiently took us through our paces, chopping, pressing, mixing as we prepared ingredients for Green Curry with chicken, Tom Yum with prawns and Chicken Pad Thai. Deciding how many of those tiny and very hot chillies to add was difficult. I like hot but not too hot and didn't want to spoil my curry, but found that the flavour of what I did add cooked away a bit anyway so I could've been braver. Having the right utensils made the cooking process fast and easy so I hit the shops afterwards to add to my kitchen drawers.
When we sat down to eat - oh, yum. What a great way to finish our morning. Definitely a wonderful experience, and one I'm already putting to good use, creating dishes full of those wonderful spicy flavours.

And no, I didn't eat at the Pizza place in the photo. And no, I didn't need ALL those taxis to cart my shopping home.

Do you prefer to cook different, exotic dishes or the tried and true meals of home?


  1. I don't like to cook. Anything. EVER! I do it because I have to. Sigh... But I love to test other people's creations - that's my idea of cooking fun!!! :-)

  2. Sue - how fabulous! My favourites are Thai and Indian as well (and it's easy to get vegetarian dishes in both).

    Dh and I did a couple of cooking courses at the local Hare Krishna place about 10 years ago and learned heaps about cooking their version of Indian, and we have a million Indian cookbooks, so we cook Indian fairly regularly at home.

    Also, our favourite Thai place nearby will do up a container of their satay sauce to take home, and we have that about once a week with vegies and noodles. Yum!

  3. Clare, you're not on your own. I guess cooking because you have can spoil the fun. My DB likes to cook too but he's more into the steak and roast side of things which works perfectly for us.

  4. Rachel, while I'm not a vegetarian I could easily become one with Indian and Thai food because there is so much flavour in their meals. I'd love to do an indian cookery course but short of going to India (now there's an idea) I can't see it happening. As far as I know there aren't any here in NZ.

  5. Your cooking course sounds like so much fun, Sue. Like you and Rach I love Indian food, but I so rarely cook it from scratch. Hmm...I have a wonderful Chinese recipe book. You've inspired me -- I'm going to hunt it out and do something daring. :-)

  6. Go for it, Michelle. It's fun creating something different once in a while. And adds spice to dinner time with your man.

  7. Hi Sue,

    So when you will come to Indonesia, especially to Bali Beach, you will really love this place (ups.. i promoted our beach *grin)

    ups.. i dont like cook but i like eat lol

  8. Hi Eli, I'm getting the picture. Actually Bali is on the to do list but for a little while. I admit to knowing nothing about Indonesian food. Something else to look up.
    Sue Mackay

  9. YUM! But, Sue, didn't you take a picture of your culinary masterpiece before you ate it?

    What a great thing to do on a holiday - a bit different from the usual touristy thing! And you'll bring home new skills which will keep your fun trip in memory that much more.

  10. I've always wanted to do a cooking class overseas. I did one in New Orleans, learning how to make cajun foods like jambalaya, but it wasn't anywhere near as hands on as the one you did - more of a lecture. I'd love to have the opportunity to actually cook with an instructor! I think I might just have to go to Thailand now!

  11. I just want to do a cooking class, full stop! And Thai is my number one choice. But now I'm thinking of the OS possibilities...
    Great shots, Sue!