Jul 4, 2012

CATWALK Caption Contest!

Zeus!  Wonder Dog!

(Helene Young's Super Pooch Visits with Sharon Archer!)

I feel very privileged to be hosting award-winning author, Helene Young's wonder dog, Zeus, on the LoveCats' CATWALK, today.  He's very generously offering a copy of Helene's latest release with Penguin Australia,  Burning Lies, to one of our clever captioners!

More details at the bottom of our post but for now, the spotlight's on you, Zeus!

Name: Zeus the Wonder Staffie 

Beanbag. Oh sorry, did you mean Tropical North Queensland where it's beautiful one day, perfect the next?

Human Slave:
Slave? That's a cat thing. I prefer to call them 'special friends' - it's more inclusive. Graham is good fun, but Helene is quite wonderful.

The beach (but who doesn't!)

Little white fluffy dogs - especially when they yap.

Justice for all animals (except little white fluffy dogs...)

Sociable or Aloof:
I'm very sociable, but it's important to choose friends and colleagues carefully so a quick lick of their knees normally sorts them out.

Night Owl or Early Bird:
Early bird but really only because my 'friends' work best at that time.

Favourite Pastime:
Swimming, giving my 'friends' exercise by letting them throw sticks for me, playing on the beach.

Favourite Toy:
Tennis balls (I have around 50 in my collection from the local tennis park!)

Best Friend: 
Charity - she's a sweet eight year old human who lives up the hill and comes swimming in my pool with me.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on:
Oh dear, that's so cattie... I like to keep my claws neat and trim and I find walking on the edge of gutters and footpaths does that quite nicely.

Most embarrassing moment:
I don't do embarrassing, only heroic, and modesty prevents me from sharing :-D

Bravo, Zeus!  It's been great to have you with us!

I can't wait to read the captions for your picture - you look so adorable on that heart-covered cushion!

Here's more about Helene's next exciting romantic suspense...

Burning Lies!

Kaitlyn Scott is searching for the truth about her husband’s death, even if that means revisiting the most painful day of her life. But what she uncovers is a criminal willing to stop at nothing to keep his secret.
Ryan O’Donnell, an enigmatic undercover cop, is investigating arson attacks when he is drawn into Kaitlyn’s world. He tries to fight his attraction for her, hoping the case might put his own demons to rest, but it only threatens to push him over the edge.

With Kaitlyn and Ryan on a collision course, the arsonist seizes the chance to settle some old scores. As the Atherton Tableland burns, the three of them are caught in a fiery dance of danger and desire, and not everyone will come out alive.

Dash over to Helene's website to read this EXCERPT!


  1. Helene, my sister has just acquired her step-son's staffie, Narla. She is the most gorgeous, even tempered, affectionate dog I've encountered in a long time, even though she now has to live with two elderly fluffy white dogs. Your dog looks gorgeous too.

    1. Narla sounds like a gorgeous dog, Keziah, I'm not quite so tolerant of white fluffies... Please pass on my regards to her! Xx Zeus

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  3. Zeus, you are such a handsome fellow! Perhaps we could go out for drinks one day! What's that? You're faithful to Helene? Sheesh! Mind you, she definitely dances better than I do! I loved your interview. And I am very much looking forward to reading Helene's latest book! I hear no fluffy dogs were harmed in the creation of this masterpiece!

  4. Zeus, you sound like the terror of the tennis park with your tennis ball collection! Or perhaps you just feel you're providing a community service collecting up all those untidy tennis balls! After all, if the players can't keep them on the court then surely the balls are fair game?

    Understand completely about your modesty - perhaps we can get Helene to share one of your heroic moments!

    Ummmm, sorry about that mysterious "comment removed by the author" - I noticed a typo and vanity prevented me from just leaving it there! LOL

  5. Cute dog and interview.

    "Look at me. I'm surrounded by love."


  6. Hey Zeus,
    Lovely to get to know you better after seeing you in so many early morning sunrise pictures :) You are even more gorgeous in these photos.

    I love that you go swimming with your friend up the street, and enjoy the beach. Zeus the water dog!

    Caption: "Camera! Hang on, let me get the look."


  7. Zeus, you are *gorgeous*! My dogs are all ones that were unlikely to be homed and the shelter contacted us, so we haven't chosen the breed of any of them. But if my dh could choose any breed in the world, he'd choose a Staffy. And I must say that you're so adorable, that I can see why he wants a dog just like you! You may have just ensured we have a Staffy come to live at our house at some stage. :)

  8. Anna, Helene's always said you had impeccable taste so I'd love to come and have drinks with you :-) And I here you make magnificent apple crumble so that would be appropriate too!

    I do hope you enjoy Burning Lies. Helene really did become quite boring towards the end of the editing process. I keep telling her no one likes a reclusive OCD pilot but she's not listening!!

  9. Sharon, the silly tennis players not only can't keep their balls in play they don't mow the grass either!! Consequently they lose then by the basketful into the long grass and only my highly evolved nose can seek them out. Of course once the balls have been in my jaws the silly players don't want them back... I'll ask Helene about my heroic stories - there must be one she'll be happy to share!

  10. Helene - what a fabulous pooch! One of my dogs is a staffyx and they have the most lovable nature.

    Caption - "Tough guys CAN do pink... just sayin'"

  11. Cath, it's a delight to meet you too! Helene is forever pointing a camera at me so I'm quite used to posing.

    I believe I star in her Relentless Conflict workshop. She even had me in a lifejacket in the pool the other day. Something about throwing your hero and heroine a life-line?? I don't pretend to understand her when she gets that look in her eye... I know she's talking to the voices in her head.... sigh....

  12. Rachel, my work is done then :-) Helene's last dog was a homeless staffie... hard to believe anyone would give one away since we're soooo gorgeous. I do love people like you who adopt the odd bods from refuges. They are dreadful places. No matter how wonderful the staff may be, a dog is not meant to be caged.

  13. Helen, another dedicated convert! We staffies do love good humans!!

  14. bn100, that caption pretty much sums up my life!! But don't tell Helene - I do the "I'm so hard done by" look to perfection when the foods being dished up :-)

  15. Ahhhh, hello, Zeus buddy! We are two little fluffy white dogs. We thinks you just got a big 'uninvited' to Wagtail Cottage too LOL. Oh okay. You can come. But be warned. We are serioulsy brave little white fluffies,a tad confused about our actual size and possibly a little over-zealous at times, but we can be real bitches. Oh wait. We are bitches. So bring it on, big boy! Oh and as for a caption in that pretty pink, heart covered bean bag. What a mummy's boy.

  16. Helene and Zeus, welcome to LoveCats. What gorgeous pics. I can see Zeus is a modest and heroic fellow - just my style! I'm enjoying the idea of exercising his human friends - delightful.

    Helene, congratulations on the new book. It sounds like a corker!

  17. "Good Lord woman, put down the camera & hug me already! Can't you see I'm in desperate need?"

    BURNING LIES looks amazing!!

  18. Hi, Sharon and the LoveCats! Hi, Helene! Congrats on the release of 'Burning Lies' - can't wait to read it.

    Zeus looks like a real sweetheart. Who could say no to a face like that? I laughed at that impressive tennis ball collection. I wonder if he's been watching Wimbledon.

  19. Dear ladies, my sincere apologies for being MIA yesterday afternoon. Can you believe Helene allowed her computer battery to run flat?? She's still snoring in bed, but luckily for me Graham left his iPad home when he went to work, so here I am :-)

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  21. My dear white fluffies from Wagtails, I'm sure you're the exception to the rule. Seeing as you two have a well trained human writer you are no doubt lovely dogs and I look forward to meeting you one day.

    And it is always good to remember that size doesn't matter. Vertically challenged is just fine by me :-)

    Oh, and your caption is perfect - I am a mummie's boy and proud of it - sensitive new age guy!

  22. Annie, thank you for your warm welcome. I do my bit to try and keep the weight off Helene - getting more difficult as she gets older but we can but try... sigh...

    (And Helene says thanks for the congrats!)

  23. Marybelle, you and I will get on famously! I always need a hug, but then who doesn't! Should be more group hugs in the world I say and we'd be a happier place for it!!

    I have to agree that Helene's book looks amazing. I only hope the words between that gorgeous cover live up to it! I haven't be allowed to read it yet...

  24. Hi Vanessa, I do love to watch WImbledon. Thankfully my oldest human is staying at the moment and she's a tennis fan. That means she and I can watch it all day and night with no interruptions. No one argues with a ninety year old!

    And I'll pass on your congrats to Helene. All very excited here about tomorrow night's official launch! Party time :-)

  25. Hello, Zeus, KC here! You're such a good boy, looking after your mum and dad the way you do and manning up to your social responsibilities. If only humans were more like dogs. :)

    CAPTION: Mum, some little white dog stole all my tennis balls.

    Zeus, please remind your mum there's no need to put my mum in the competition
    *Licky kisses*

  26. Zeus, welcome to the LoveCats, you are indeed a very noble looking Staffy -- and I'd just love to give you a big smoochy hug! Good luck adding to your tennis ball collection and getting in as many swims as you can.

    Helene, Burning Lies sounds fabulous!

  27. KC, my friend, hope life is good in the cold SE! Were you cheering on the Maroons last night?? I think my hearing's been compromised by Graham cheering the lads on... My old human was not best impressed with all the yelling.. Lucky Helene was on a flight home or it would have been twice as loud!

    Lol, I do like that caption. Maybe it was the two little cuties from Wagtailds :) (batting eyelids and trying to look more handsome as I type!)

    Hope you enjoy Burning Lies, maybe Sandy and B can read you a chapter or two:)

  28. Michelle, you look like you'd give very fine hugs indeed so you are most welcome at Chateau Moore anytime you'd like to visit! No tennis balls this morning sadly and it was a touch too cold for a swim - 18 degrees is not tropical...

    Helene says thank you and hopes you enjoy the book!

  29. Caption: "Whaddya mean, spoiled?"
    Loved the excerpt, Helene! And really looking forward to the Burning Lies launch.

  30. Apologies this announcement is a bit late! Helene's tied up with her book launch as I type! I know it'll be a HUGE success!

    Anyway, Zeus and Helene have entrusted me with the honour of announcing a winner. And can I just say how much I enjoyed all of your captions! So I've put names into a camp bucket and drawn out....
    (drumroll) Jenn McLeod and her cheeky little fluffy white dogs! Jenn, could you please get in touch with Helene through her website and Zeus will get that book into the post!


    Thank you everyone for popping by to meet the gorgeous Zeus!

  31. Thanks so much for allowing me to talk to your fabulous friends, Sharon! You and the cats have been most welcoming -quite made me change the way I look at cats in the future!! Congrats to the two white fluffies - happy to send Helene's book out to you as I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

    All the best ,

  32. Zeus is gorgeous! He reminds me of one of our dogs that is in doggie heaven, Rocky (he was a bitsa but had a strong staffy face) and also my current ball of energy, Thia (American staffy) whose name means Zeus. :)

    Caption: "What? Only real guys wear pink. "

  33. Oh my goodness. I just found out. What a joy this blog is. Thank you so much. And of course to Helene.