Jul 29, 2012

Sunday Smooch with Sue Mackay .......

Welcome to another Sunday Smooch .....

This week we have a fabulous smooch from Every Boy's Dream Dad by Sue Mackay .....

But first, the winner of last weeks smooch is Marybelle! Congratulations Marybelle - please contact Cathryn Hein on cathrynhein (at) gmail (dot) com and she will send you a copy of Heart of the Valley!

And now, Every Boy's Dream Dad by Sue Mackay .....

Two years ago my DB and I went to a wedding in Rarotonga and had a fabulous time. As a place that many couples go for their weddings I knew I had to write a story set there. Hence Every Boy's Dream Dad.

Here's a picture of 'Wilson', the coconut that accompanied our group on all our outings.

Premise: Since her husband's death in a dangerous police raid, another hero is the last thing Dr Rachel Simmonds wants...until she meets gorgeous local cop Ben Armstrong. He's the father figure her adorable little boy Rily desperately needs-and the lover she yearns for. Can Rachel's fragile heart withstand getting close to another man who does danger for a living?

Lead in: Rachel and Ben have been dancing around each other for days,trying desperately to ignore the fierce attraction for each other. Today Rachel's held her first well health clinic for the local women, and discovered what she suspects is a cancer in one of the women. Ben suggests that since her son is with friends they go into town for a drink and a meal, adult time.

Click for more info on Every Boy's Dream Dad'You're asking me out?' Rachel swallowed, 'Oh, okay.'
Ben chuckled, low and sexily. 'Should I take that as a yes, then?'

'I'll change into something more appropriate.' A knee-length skirt and a sleeveless shirt that barely touched her midriff was fine for sitting on her deck but not for a date. A date. With Ben. What was that word? Wow. That's it. Wow.

'No need. This is Rarotanga, capital of casual.'

'I'll close up the house.' Before I come up with a hundred reasons why this could be a mistake.

Ben leaned in and placed his lips on hers. 'What's the sudden hurry?' he murmured into her mouth. Then before she could think of anything to say his hands took her shoulders to gently bring her closer to his body. His lips pressed harder against hers, and his tongue sought entrance to her mouth.

Rachel swayed into his kiss and embrace, and she kissed him back with all the intensity of the need for this man that had been building up since that first night when she'd opened her front door to find him standing there. She'd been denying her need for ages, and now she couldn't pretend she didn't want him. Heck, he tasted good. And could he kiss. A kiss that made every nerve ending spark alive, every sensory fibre in her body beg for more. A kiss that hopefully would never end.
Greedily she pushed even closer. All the better to feel as many as possible of his well-developed muscles against her. His chest was hard against her breasts. His arms now tight around her back, holding her to him, holding her upright. Sliding her hands under his shirt, her fingers spread over his skin - feeling, enjoying, teasing that silken texture. Every one of her fingertops sent desire screaming back to her body, demanding more of Ben.

Slowy Ben's mouth left hers, his lips pulling away as though afraid to break contact. He didn't have to stop, damn it. Why had he? Reluctantly she looked up into his eyes, locked heated gazes. Her tongue slid across her bottom lip, and his eyes followed the movement. She stretched up onto her toes, intent on returning to kissing him.

A quick flick of his head and he stepped back one tiny step. 'Time to head into town. Let's not rush things. We've got all night ahead of us.'

All night? As in more kisses? As in making love? Rachel swallowed hard. She could do that. Now that she'd finally shared a kiss with Ben she most definitely did not want to stop at kissing.But he was right. They had all night.

Please leave a comment to go into the draw to win a copy of Every Boy's Dream Dad. And come back next Sunday for a smooch from Bargain In Bronze by Natalie Anderson.


  1. Ooh, Sue. What a note to leave us on: 'They had all night.' That sounds like a promise to me. Love this. And I'm fascinated by the idea of a book set in Raratonga - a place I'd love to visit. This one sounds like a winner.

  2. Annie, Rarotonga is so laid back it's a great place to chill. And so many weddings going on all the time. Perfectly romantic.

  3. More like fun, Eli. Everyone hires motorscooters in Rarotonga which I was fine on as long as I wasn't trying to stop or park. Ended up in the bushes a couple of times. Much to everyone else's amusement.

  4. Ooh, intriguing smooch, Sue! The sparks are obviously flying for this pair. :-)

    Oh, and I love the sound of Rarotonga -- am putting it on my bucket list!

  5. Do that, Michelle. A great place to go and blob. Or climb the mountain as we did - once.

  6. Such a lovely smooch, but I'm with Rachel in not wanting it to end there. You are such a tease!!!

  7. Yes, I hope so, Marybelle. Rachel is in deep trouble.

  8. Glad to know he tasted good and that he could kiss. Aren't those qualities that should be on a guy's resume/curriculum vitae? LOL.

  9. Sue, that was one steamy kiss!! I need to read Rachel and Ben's story, and absorb more of New Zealand as a backdrop. Such a gorgeous country =)

  10. Very nice.


  11. LOL Laney. Yeah, we do get carried away with our kiss scenes. Next time I'll make the hero has had something yummy to eat first.

  12. Thanks, Robyn, and for the lovely comments about NZ.