May 6, 2012

Sunday Smooch: First Time Lucky? - Natalie Anderson

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from First Time Lucky? by Natalie Anderson, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from First Time Lucky by Natalie Anderson...

First Time Lucky?

She needed...sexperience!

Forced to grow up too quickly, Roxie skipped too many all-important "firsts." Now, armed with a six-point checklist, she's ready to get going—starting with the big one—losing her "V" plates! A hunky doctor, Gabe Hollingworth, has moved in next door. He's a one-night-only pro—and smoking-hot! Perhaps he could help her out?

Only, Gabe wants to be more than just another tick on her "to-try" list! He sets Roxie a challenge he's sure she can't accept: walking away from their insane chemistry

[Set-up: There’s just one thing Roxie wants Gabe to do for her… one thing she’s pretty certain he wants too—she just has to get him to lose his scruples… so in this scene, having had more than her fair share of Champagne, she tries her best!]

Open-mouthed, Roxie gazed as he stood up. He was hotter than she’d imagined. His abs rippled beneath golden skin and a smattering of dark hair that arrowed down to emphasise the huge hard-on he was packing. He advanced towards her with aggression inked all over him. Some of her bubbles popped. “What are you doing?”
         “Frog marching you home. Leaving you there. Alone.”
         But his body gave him away. And they both knew it.
         She shook her head. “I never should have told you.”
         “No I’m glad you told me. I can stop us both making a big mistake.”
         Emboldened by that skyscraper of an erection she walked up to him. “How can it be a mistake Gabe? When we both want it? I’m not a complete novice. I know how to stroke this.”
         This time she went straight for the kill – couldn’t resist the chance to hold. She cupped his balls, let her fingers feather up his shaft, let her thumb rub over the broad tip. Oh she felt dizzy now.
         His hand tangled in her hair, fingers twisting in the strands and then tugging to pull her head back. Mouth open, breathing hard she gazed up at him through half-closed lids. Unashamedly his to manipulate however he wanted.
         She heard him swear, the words so violently uttered she felt the wind gust over her face. Then he crushed her mouth beneath his.
         She’d been dreaming of this for days. And for once reality was better than dreams. No soft caress, it was all erotic, all consuming and carnal. She shook with the violence of need that erupted within her, with the violence of his kiss. She pushed through the initial shock of passion to move closer, deeper into him. Not wanting him to think she couldn’t handle all he could give. Because she knew she could, now she wanted it all – with a fury that might have frightened her had she been one hundred percent herself. But the last hint of caution had been drowned – bubbles flowed through her veins, effervescent, exhilarating, exquisite. And not the champagne; not the alcohol. Pure joy at being this close to someone. This one person, whose simple presence could set off an uncontrollable, instinctive reaction within her. And now he was where she’d wanted him most – pouring his fiery energy and focus on her. Desperately she strained, her tongue lashing with his, shivering in his embrace yet wanting closer. She curled one leg around his, bringing her pelvis into direct contact with his. But it wasn’t enough. It still wasn’t enough.

If you’re in North America, the ebook of First Time Lucky? is available on special at $2.99 now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble 

The paperback will be on the shelves in US bookstores in a week or so.

But to be in with a chance of winning a signed copy, leave a comment below letting me know what drink you’d have to celebrate as you ticked the important items off your ‘to do’ list! Roxie’s having her first taste of Champagne—would you have the same? Or a full bodied red? Or perhaps a calming up of tea? Sadly, I think I’d be having one of those high caffeine energy drinks!!!

Be sure to come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from The Man Who Saw Her Beauty by Michelle Douglas will be posted!


  1. Champagne! Oh, champagne all the way.

    When dh and I turned a significant birthday number we made a pact to drink champagne as often as was seemly and we seem to have found all sorts of occasions. Last night I finished our tax, so.....pop! It does help that dh is a winemaker and can keep me supplied with the product!

    I do love the way bubbles are popping all over for Roxie, Natalie!

  2. Great excerpt. I'd like a cup of tea.


  3. Oh, my! Great excerpt, Nat! I'm still fanning myself!! Love a woman who takes matters into her own hands =) So have to read this one.
    Like, Barb above (congrats on finishing the dreaded tax!) I'm a champagne girl, all the way. Bollinger if I have the choice =) But BN I'm always partial to a cuppa - strong and milky. Might have one now =)

  4. Ah Natalie this sounds like another great book.

    I like a glass of wine either white or red to celebrate with. Since food is usually involved it has to compliment the food. I've been known to have a beer in celebration also.

  5. Whoa! Fanning my face here, Natalie -- what a smokin' hot kiss!

    Count me in the Barb and Robbie group -- Champagne please. French, of course. :-)

  6. Natalie, at the risk of being predictable - champagne please. Like Barb (hi, Barb) I've decided that any celebration is good enough for bubbly. In fact we don't celebrate enough, even without bubbly. So, if I were ticking off some important firsts I'd be sure to mark the occasion.

    Loved the excerpt, by the way!

  7. Goodness, Natalie - that's some kiss!

    I tend to do the champagne thing, but that's mainly because I haven't found anything better, so I'm watching the comments with interest!


    This excerpt for FIRST TIME LUCKY? is very, very, very **HOT**!!!

    I'd love to say Champagne, but it would probably be a calming cup of tea that I would reach for.

  9. Hey, Natalie, I'd definitely want the Champagne. As Rachel says, there's nothing better.

    Hot, hot kiss.

  10. Champagne, if I could afford it, otherwise a good Reisling, at least at the Auslese level.

    This book is definitely going on my TBB list!



  11. Wow, Natalie, always nerve-tingling when the alpha male's defenses crumble in the hands of the woman he can't resist! I'm going to have to buck the trend and say that my latest celebratory drink of choice is the Cosmopolitan: that sweet yet tart combo of vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice and lime cordial, with the obligatory maraschino cherry - yum! I think I'd need a few to cool down after reading your book (which I can't wait to read!).

  12. Thanks so much Natalie! I'm thrilled to have my very own (steaming hot) copy of First Time Lucky - I'll definitely be drinking a fresh fruity Cosmo to cool down :-)