May 2, 2012

CATWALK - Caption Contest!

Bronwyn Parry's Tansy and Skye!

... strutting on the CATWALK with Sharon Archer


Tansy: I’m Tansy, and I’ve been here forever. The little one is the Squirmy-Wirmy-Always-in-My-Face puppy. I call her Sqwamf for short.

Skye: I am not Sqwamf! My name’s Skye, and I’m cute and playful and adorable and I’m not really a puppy anymore ‘cos I’ve had a birthday and I’m all growed up now. Even if I am still littler than you.

Human Slaves:

Skye: Bron and Gordon. We’re Border Collies, and Tansy trained them pretty well before I came, but I’ve been teaching them some new games, too.


Tansy: We’d like to live in the Really Big Kennel with Bron and Gordon all the time, but they insist on us going out into the dog run sometimes. It’s big enough to race around in (I don’t run around so much anymore, but the Sqwamf dashes around like a maniac), and there are our kennels and trees and possums and cheeky birds that swim in our water bowls, and we’re out in the bush so it’s quiet and peaceful. However, we like our baskets and mats in the Really Big Kennel best.


Tansy: Sitting next to Bron and getting my back rubbed. That’s something it was easy to train her to do. I also love when she makes pork with a mango sauce, ‘cos she gives us some in our bowls, and mango is my Favouritest. Food. Ever. (I think she should get two mangoes instead of one, so I can have a bigger share.)

Skye: Toys! Playing! Running! I love to run with Gordon in the morning – we go all the way down the driveway and right out onto the road and along it for miles and miles, and then we turn around and run back again. I love running in the dog run, too: it’s huge – almost as big as a paddock – and I dash from one corner to the opposite one, and then around and about the trees, and then as fast as I can right around the fence.


Tansy: Being outside in the dog run when there’s a thunderstorm. But fortunately we’ve taught Bron and Gordon to bring us inside – that is, if they’re home. Just as well Bron works at home most of the time.


Tansy: One day, Bron will have the sense to put two Border Collies in a book, who save the hero and heroine from certain death. It’s going to be so good it will be a blockbuster film and we’ll star in it. I’ve already picked my screen name – Tangelina Collie – and I’ll play the wiser, smarter canine heroine.

Skye: And I’ll be the cheeky young sidekick who sniffs out the bad guys. How about Skylie Mynose as an actress name, huh? I can bounce around and bark and I’ve got a very sexy little butt-wiggle 

Tansy: You and your butt-wiggle. Life’s not all about attracting the boys, you know.

Skye: Ha! I know about you and the dingo. I’ve seen the way that you look at him when he comes snooping around.

Tansy: Yes, well, looking is all we do. He may be the strong, silent type, but he’s also a wild, rebel lad from the wrong side of the taxonomy. He was never going to settle for a pink food bowl and a comfy basket in the living room, that’s for sure.

Skye: You never know... Hey, don’t give me that look. Bron writes romance. It radiates from her computer, so of course I believe in happy endings.

Sociable or Aloof:

Skye: Well, Tansy can be aloof sometimes – I think she’s brooding about the dingo – but I LOVE playing with others. I make sure that Bron doesn’t spend too long at her computer. I reminder her whenever it’s Play o’clock – which it is several times each afternoon. And I make her get up at Walk o’clock and Food o’clock, too. We’re out in the bush and don’t get many visitors (not of the human variety anyway) so we always get very excited when two-legged ones come, and we bounce and bark and bark and bounce and lick and bounce some more.

Night Owl or Early Bird:

Tansy: The night owls hoot in the trees above us, and the day-birds start twittering (and splashing in our water bowls) at dawn. But if we’re allowed to sleep inside the Really Big Kennel, we’re very, very quiet and don’t wake up the humans... except for the time Gordon was away, and a Masked Owl was hunting right outside the house, and I absolutely HAD to go outside at Dark o’clock to chase it away. ‘Cos I had to protect Bron from it, didn’t I?

Favourite Pastime:

Tansy: Sitting beside Bron and getting my back rubbed. And going for walks with her and sniffing all the interesting sniffs and eating blackberries.

Skye: Running! Playing! And wriggling on my back while playing with my toys, ‘cos I’m really good at holding them between my paws.

Favourite Toy:

Tansy: Ted is my favourite toy, but because the Sqwamf always steals him and tries to chew his head off, I don’t get to play with him much now. He sits on a shelf, but sometimes Bron gets him down so I can have a snuggle and a lick.

Skye: I love all my toys! I mean, a girl can never have too many toys, right? I love my squeaky toys, and the ball that jingles when I roll it, and my soft toys with ears and tails to rip off, and my ropes to play tug of war with, and my doggy Frisbee - I’d like to chew that, but Bron insists on throwing it. And I especially, especially love to pull the stuffing out of our doggy cushions and spread it all over the floor. That is SO much fun!

Best Friend:

Tansy: Bron & Gordon are my best friends. I’ve been with them since I was a little, tiny, fluffy puppy, with my blonde sister. She got sick and isn’t here anymore, and I’m still getting used to the Sqwamf. But I love Bron & Gordon and I lick them lots and lots so that they know they are mine.

Skye: Tansy’s my best friend. She’s just not quite convinced of it, yet. She can be a bit growly sometimes when I lick her face and snuggle up to her, but underneath I know she really likes having me around.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on:

Tansy: We’re not cats, so we’re not obsessive about our nails.

Most embarrassing moment:

Skye: When Bron snapped this photo while I was sleeping:

Tansy: I bet she’s going to embarrass you even further by tempting people to write a caption for it, and offering a copy of her latest book as a prize for the best one.

Skye: She wouldn’t really, would she? Maybe people won’t enter, ‘cos there’s no Border Collies in the book.

Tansy: Well, there is a dingo. Not that he’s the hero, or anything. But I bet if she wrote a book with Border Collies in it, she’d become a best-smelling author.

Skye: Even better-smelling than she is now?

Tansy: Even better-smelling than when she walks uphill with us on a hot day. Come on, she’s starting her next book - let’s go sit at her feet and look intelligent and cute and make her realize that her new hero really, really needs a couple of Border Collies.

So cool to have Tansy and Skye visit, Bronwyn!  Thank you!

Bronwyn and Tansy and Skye are giving away a copy of Bronwyn's latest book to one lucky captioner!   An awesome prize!  

Here's the cover and backcover details...

Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry

National Parks Ranger Jo Lockwood is often alone in the wilderness, and she likes it that way – until she discovers the body of a man, brutally murdered.

Detective Nick Matheson’s new posting to the north-west of New South Wales is supposed to be an uneventful return to normal duties and a normal life. He knows organised crime from the inside out and suspects that the victim in the camping ground is not an isolated murder.

Jo is committed to helping the investigation but she has seen the killer’s face and now she’s at risk. Nick’s determined to protect her but as the body count starts mounting, his past and present collide, threatening the people he cares about most.

Trapped in rugged country in scorching summer heat, pursued by hunters who can’t afford to fail, Nick and Jo will need to trust each other completely, and use all their skills and knowledge in order to survive.


  1. Cute post.

    My tummy hurts from all the good food. Isn't someone going to help me?


  2. Wow, Skye and Tansy, you are both seriously gorgeous. If ever you get sick of Bron and Gordon (who sound like they spoil you so I'm not expecting a visit anytime soon), you can come to my place. I promise you a seaside to walk on. What's a seaside? Ask Bron! Bron knows everything.

    Bron, what gorgeous dogs. I love collies. We had a collie when I grew up and there's no smarter dog, is there? Love them to death.

    So looking forward to reading Dead Heat. I loved your first two books - you really do such creepy settings, they disrupt my sleep a bit like a masked owl disturbing a collie!

    Fun caption contest - or as my typo just had it, CATpion!

  3. "I'm dead! I'm dead! Stop writing, Bron. I'm dead!!!!"

    Of course, we all know if you stopped writing and shouted "Walk!" there'd be instant resurrection.

    Totally gorgeous dogs. I love border collies.

  4. Tansy and Skye, great post. You write almost as well as Bron. Obviously the talent rubs off. Just don't rub too much of it off because we want her to keep writing. Even playing dead isn't going to stop her, Tansy. Nice try.

  5. Tansy and Sqwamf - oh, sorry, I meant Skye - welcome to the LoveCats! So fabulous that you came to visit.

    I have two border collies as well, and they know all about having to tell the humans about Food O'Clock and Play O'Clock and Get Up O'Clock. My other dogs might get restless when "it's almost time" but the border collies are quite convinced the world would stop if they weren't nudging it along.

    As for a caption, how about:

    "No, no, you keep writing that scene. I'm sure the starvation won't completely... kill... me..."

  6. LOL - gorgeous. Maybe the cushion is for you, Bron, so you can sit by her and rub her belly.

    "Argghghghck... back-cracking, chiropractic, timbery goodness."

  7. What a super post, Sharon and Bron! Tansy and Skye, you are the funniest dogs. I've so enjoyed meeting you :)

    I love your bravery with the Masked Owl, Tansy, and your controlled passion for the Dingo.

    Skye, I'm sure Tansy is just playing hard-to-get. You keep snuggling next to her and she'll give in :)

    Caption: If I lay here quietly, do you think they'll leave me in the big kennel tonight?

    Thanks Bron and Sharon.


  8. Skye: At last Bron's home from town and has let us inside so we can come and play with the Love Cats. Look, Tansy! All these people to play with! Can I jump up and lick them all? Can I? Can I?

    Tansy: Just don't get dusty footprints on the iPad screen, Sqwamf. And keep that dribble under control. You're smearing everything.

    Skye: What's a bit of dribble between friends? Hey, what are you doing? Why are you staring at the people like that?

    Tansy: I'm going to round them up, herd them into a comfy corner of the lounge, and train them all to rub my back.

    Skye: Ooh! Now that's a fun game! The rounding up bit, anyway. Do you think I can train them to play with my toys with me, and rub my tummy?

    Tansy: Probably. Let's see what we can do, hey?

  9. Bron and Sharon
    What a wonderful post. Bron, Skye and Tansy are beautiful.

    Caption: What small kennel?

  10. Hi, Bronwyn! Hi, LoveCats!

    Skye and Tansy - what a dynamic duo! I always wanted border collies when I was growing up. They have beauty *and* brains.

  11. CAPTION: Tansy, I said put the cushion AGAINST the couch, AGAINST THE COUCH!!!! Next time you backflip off it and I'll position the cushion!!!

  12. Tansy and Skye, I'm in love! You are both so beautiful. I adore Border Collies, my favourite breed of dog. Lucky Bron to have you in her life!

  13. Tansy & Skye are beautiful.

    My caption: Neuter me this!!

  14. Loved this! My Maltese baby, Chicki Rose, has taught Ron and me well, too!

  15. Bron, what gorgeous pooches. I bet you have a wonderful time with them. Border collies are such terrific companions and so full of energy.

    By the way, I can't remember if I mentioned how evocative your latest book cover is - just terrific!

  16. Hey Skye and Tansy, I had to reply because I'm one of you two too - and I have an annoying stepsister, Abby - who's a tri-colour one of us. Of course we know Border Collies are the best, but that's supposed to be our little secret! I'm not so good on the 'o'clocks' (except for home o'clock - when Mum finishes at that school place - and food o'clock (well, d'uh!) But I'm awesome at spelling - especially w-a-l-k-i-e-s, and b-a-l-l, and even sentences like g-o-f-o-r-a-r-i-d-e-i-n-t-h-e-c-a-r.

    Once Mum and Dad were going to leave me at home without them,(holiday, I think they called it) so I rounded up all my tennis balls, especilly the squeaky one, and my best soft toy, Doggie, and put them in the suitcase. Can you believe they took them out and then left me with the young humans???
    Anyway, nice to meet you - always happy to get to know new paw pals. Maybe we can peemail each other along with Rachel's wuffly two??? Sounds like you've well-trained your human very well and have a super-duper kennelly place. You chose well!

    Licks and snuffles, Kelsey (NZ)
    PS - No caption because that is simply a demeaning and degrading photo. Insist it be eaten IMMEDIATELY - or else! xx

  17. Dear Tansy, I really need to come and meet you in person!

    I'm sure I'm far more alpha than some stray dingo and as I already have a pink beanbag with love hearts your matching food bowl sounds perfect!

    And I'm really good with children so Skye would be a wonderful addition to my life. (Sadly my human slaves removed my ability to populate the world with strong silent staffies...)

    As to the photo caption of the delightful Skye how about ' Bron, can you do manicures? I think I chipped a nail on the run this morning...'

  18. Love the post, Tansy and Skye! Sounds like you gals have a great life with fabulous human slaves - of course, Tansy you've clearly been an excellent trainer!!

    For the caption? I know this is a little raunchy but since this is a blog for romance cats I'm sure you'll forgive me - 'Oh no, not the missionary position again!'

  19. So, this is why the dogs have been looking all innocent, and there are paw marks all over my iPad...

    But seriously, thank you so much Sharon for inviting us to come and play with the LoveCats! The dogs are having a great time :-)

    bn100, I'm sure sometimes Skye's tummy does feel stuffed - she's currently on a soft diet, which means we soak her dry biscuits in water, and they swell up. Tansy's a bit miffed that Skye's food bowl is fuller than hers!

    Jenny and Valerie and Rachel - she's definitely a little actress, our Skylie. She's excellent at The Innocent, The Orphan at the Gate, It Wasn't Me I was Fast Asleep, and she also has perfect comic timing. But when she really is fast asleep, she sure can snore!

    I'm loving all the captions - keep them coming! We'll decide on a winner tomorrow afternoon, so there's plenty of time left.

    Nikki, I do appreciate the cushions they let me sit on! And they both do love their tummy rubs.

    Kelsey and Zeus, I think my two would love to form the Romance Doggies of Australia with you, and go to doggie conferences. You could invite the LoveCats, too, but you'd probably have to promise not to chase them.

    Thank you, everyone, of joining in the fun - I'm really enjoying your comments! Border collies are lovely dogs, and I'm so glad we have ours to enrich our lives.

  20. Strawberry and Daiquiri are waving hello, saying dogs ears (cheers!) to their country friends and hoping Tansy and Skye get to visit Wagtail Cottage sometime. Woof!
    Caption: "Zzzzzzzzzz"

  21. Oh, I'm loving these captions and comments, everyone! And we've even got Trans-Tasman licks from Kelsey! I laughed at the full tummy and the chiropractic floor and the gymnastics off the couch and the dramatics of trying to disturb Bron's writing!

    Tansy and Skye, it would be hard to resist you when you set your minds to distract mode!

  22. Loving every minute of this! Thanks for inviting us over, Bron! Tansy & Skye are adorable. Wish they were close enough for me to pet, but it's a long way from my forest to your bush, alas...!

    Don't know why I'm even trying for a caption, when they're all so amusing, but here goes.

    "Oh, what a workout! I'm exhausted. Ahhhh. Nap O'Clock."

  23. Tansy and Skye, we're so delighted you're visiting us at the LoveCats. You are both obviously superior dogs and I'm glad to hear how well you've trained your humans. But then you are border collies and we wouldn't expect anything less of you. :-)

    Caption: Walk time: tick. Play time: tick. Wake me up when it's food time, okay?

  24. Tansy and Skye you are most beautiful!

    Two cats live at my place but I really love border collies. My sister has had three at her place, one at a time, over the years.

    I love going to sheep dog trials. Nothing like a well trained dog to whip those sheep into line.

    Caption: Just cooling off and dreaming the afternoon away.

  25. "Those late night reruns of Lassie are just killing me!"
    Bron, love your puppies!! And Dead Heat sounds like a great read. (Love crime!) Must pick up a copy when I'm next in my local bookstore.
    Thanks for joining us on LoveCats =)u

  26. So many great captions! It's going to be tough choosing a winner. I have to head into town now, but while I'm doing my exercise at Curves, I'll I'll mull over which brilliant caption wins. So I'll be back later this morning, with a winner!

  27. Oh, this was so hard!! I had to consult the dogs. Tansy just snortled at all of them. Skye's head has swollen from all the attention - she's prancing around, wiggling her butt, and I swear the funny squeaky growling she's doing sounds like the rhythm of 'I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky lucky..."

    All the captions are fantastic and had me laughing! Special honourable mentions to Sue Mackay for 'What small kennel?'; to Kylie Griffin for 'Tansy, I said put the cushion AGAINST the couch, AGAINST THE COUCH!!!! Next time you backflip off it and I'll position the cushion!!!'; and to GW for his cheeky, 'Oh no, not the missionary position again!'

    And the winner... Jenny Schwartz for pinning Skye's cheeky nature and acting skills in "I'm dead! I'm dead! Stop writing, Bron. I'm dead!!!!"

    Jenny, if you email your address to me at bronwyn at bronwynparry dot com , I'll post your signed book out to you on Monday.

    Thank you so much for playing with me and the puppies, everyone! And big thanks to Sharon and all the LoveCats for inviting us to visit. We've had a fun time (and I'm adding more books from the sidebar to my Kindle...)

  28. Thanks, Bron! I'll send you an email ... and big hugs to Tansy and Skye, the cuties :)