May 9, 2012

A Charmed Life

by Michelle Douglas

When my third book was released for publication, my DH—wonderful man that he is—surprised me with a Pandora bracelet complete with two charms to represent my first two books.

His Christmas Angel

The Loner’s Guarded Heart

He didn’t know what to get me for Book 3—The Aristocrat and the Single Mum. So he presented the bracelet to me with the promise that we would go shopping for the third charm…and for every charm thereafter.

Yes, that’s right. He buys me a new charm for each book as a celebration and acknowledgement of an accomplishment achieved. And, yes, each charm does have its own little story.

This is the charm for my May book—The Man Who Saw Her Beauty. (June in Aust/NZ).

Isn’t it the sweetest little teacup? Here’s the reason why I chose it...

Set up: My hero has come to apologise to my heroine for bawling her out earlier. She finds him VERY unsettling, but has offered him tea.

“Tea would be great. If you’re sure it isn’t any trouble.”

He’d donned his very best manners. And just like that Blair didn’t want him to apologise any more. She wanted him and his disturbing presence and her even more disturbing reaction to him to walk out through that door and leave her in peace.

For a brief moment today she’d experienced something she hadn’t felt in quite some time—optimism. She’d felt she had something of value to offer someone. And then this man had come along and deflated it with his harsh words and dismissive attitude.

Still, it had been refreshing to be abused rather than mollycoddled.

She snapped herself back into the present and put the jug on to boil, spooned tea into the pot. Nicholas and his unnerving masculinity weren’t going to walk out through that door just yet, because she’d offered him tea as hospitality demanded. The sooner the tea was done, the sooner he’d leave.

She chose her aunts tiniest teacups instead of her usual generous mugs.

Of course, Blair then can’t help noticing how: His big hand on the tiny teacup should’ve looked clumsy, but it didn’t.

And a little later Nick can’t help thinking: Blair’s aunt would’ve given him tea in a mug, but Blair had sophisticated city ways. She had gloss and elegance.

Somehow the tiny teacups in that scene became symbolic to me of the conflict between my heroine and hero. Every time I glance at the charm on my bracelet I find myself smiling.

I can’t tell you how much I love this bracelet. Not because of its material worth or how cute and pretty it is, but for what it represents.

I'd love to know if you have a piece of jewellery (other than wedding or engagement rings because they have a special significance all of their own) that has a special significance…or that just makes you smile?


  1. Hi Michelle - what a lovely husband you have, and I love that tiny teacup. I don't 'do' jewellery (except for wedding bands and earrings) but my DH did gift me a beautiful carriage clock with a lovely inscription when I sold my first book. The only bling I like are my selection of diamante headbands for my horses bridle :) Great post.

  2. Hi Michelle ~ I agree what a lovely husband you have.

    I wear very little jewelry but I do have a broach that my parents made for me. They were rock hounds and they made multi-semi-precious stone broaches for a lot of people. It's a wonderful reminder of their hobby and their love for me.

  3. Oh, Helen, you have bling on your bridles? That's wonderful! I can see you cantering into the sunset, the diamantes sparkling in the sunlight. I think I'd feel like a queen.

    P.S. Your carriage clock sounds perfect -- what a clever hubby!

  4. Hi Kaelee,

    I know I'm biased but I think he's the best husband in the world. :-)

    Your parents gift to you sounds beautiful! What a lovely momento to have from them. It sounds as if it was made with a lot of love.

  5. My parents gave me a string of pearls for my 21st birthday. I love wearing them, because I know they are not just beautiful, but represent love.

  6. Michelle,

    What a lovely gift, and of course a terrifically understanding husband! It's wonderful to feel the significance in all those charms around your wrist.

    I don't have lots of jewellery but my favourites are probably the pieces that have a connection for me. I have a lovely ring that my husband gave me as a result of promising me jewellery for a significant birthday. As neither of us frequent jewellery stores it took a couple of years between the promise and the purchase but in the end it was chosen on a day when I was out with the whole family and we all decided on it. It's just perfect for me but as well, I feel it's from the whole family.

    I have a beautiful brooch made for me by a reader in the USA and every time I wear it I feel special. I also have a lovely engagement ring that belonged to my great, great aunt, whose fiancé then died in the 'Great War'. She never married and I feel very touched and proud to be its custodian as their story always seems so poignant to me.

  7. Michelle, I forgot to say how intriguing the excerpt is for 'The Man Who Saw Her Beauty'. I can't wait to read it.

  8. Michelle, that's so lovely. What a great idea yourhusband came up with.
    I buy myself a bracelet every time I sell another book.

  9. Annie, you have some great stories about jewellery! I love that your entire family chose your birthday ring -- that would absolutely make it all the more special!

    It's such a sad story about your great, great aunt -- but what an honour to be the custodian of her engagement ring.

    And a reader made you a brooch? Oh, that is so cool!

    So pleased you found my excerpt intriguing. :-)

  10. Ooh, Sue, you're a lover of bracelets too, I see. Let's compare bracelets at the Gold Coast conference. :-)

  11. Oh, Marybelle, your string of pearls sounds really beautiful. There's just something about pearls -- maybe their lustre or their shape and size -- that makes me want to reach out and touch them.

    I hope you get to wear them often.

  12. Michelle, your husband is sooooooo sweet. That's incredibly thoughtful and, yes, special.
    I love a pendant that my sister (best friend) gave me for Xmas one year. It's two circles, the smaller one inside the larger one - delicate and sparkly. Reminds me of our relationship when we were younger, her always around to protect me (me being the smaller circle lol).

  13. Michelle, I don't have much jewellery, but I've been thinking about doing something like your Pandora bracelet ever since Nikki Logan told me about hers (hopefully she'll drop in and share it here too). Now I've seen that you have a similar one, I'm thinking even more about it!

  14. Thanks, Robbie, he is sweet. :-)

    I have to say that I love the sound of your pendant. Sisters are so special and it's wonderful that you have a physical token of your relationship. I bet you feel all bright and sparkly whenever you wear it. :-)

  15. Hi, Rach!

    You have me eager to see Nikki's bracelet now. Nikki???

    I absolutely positively think you should have something to celebrate each of your books (other than dessert and champagne because they're obligatory, of course). I've always loved bracelets -- and the charms just seem perfect somehow. I'd highly recommend it. :-)

  16. Michelle, I love your celebration charm bracelet! And how gorgeous is your DH for thinking of that way to mark each special sale! He's a keeper and so is the bracelet!

    I'm not a huge jewellery wearer though I did have a few pieces that were very precious to me... alas we were burgled and those special pieces must now be gracing someone else's wrist and fingers. :(


  17. Oh, Sharon, your precious pieces were stolen?!# That's awful! (((hugs)))

    I think maybe you need to start work on a new "special" piece to celebrate your books...or a special piece for each book, perhaps? :-) They do Pandora necklaces too, and I've often thought one of them would be stunning to wear to a conference. ;-)

    I never used to be a jewellery person either. But I find, as I get older, the more things I seem to be embracing. :-)

  18. That's a beautiful bracelet and a wonderful idea! I'll have to think of something like that for myself!!