May 11, 2012

Breaking News!

by Robyn Grady

My agent has put out the announcement. I’m incredibly excited to confirm that I’ve accepted a three book deal from Entangled Publishing!

From Publishers Marketplace:

Robyn Grady's THE GODDESS, the first in a series of contemporary romances set in exotic locations involving couples who are thrown together by circumstance then influenced by the mysteries surrounding a collection of rare artifacts, to Liz Pelletier at Entangled, in a three-book deal, by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency.

Entangled is the new, bright kid on the block. Legends like Lori Wilde and Nina Bruhns have jumped on board in senior editorial positions. Authors include (to name a few) Barbara Wallace, Nicola Marsh, Rachel Lyndhurst, Natalie Anderson, Anne Seaton and a rising star you need to watch out for, Barbara DeLeo. You might have heard about the recent amazing success of a debut author, Jennifer Probst. Her Indulgence novel is a USA Today and New York Times best seller! Here’s the link to her story.

The first book in my IDOL series will be released later this year. The story is fresh and flirty with a good dash of drama, and of course the hero is deliciously sexy (he just happens to be a royal prince!) If you love marriage of convenience plots, with a twist you won't forget, make a note to download it. Stand by for the popping of champagne corks when I get my cover!

The publishing industry is changing lightning fast. Now is a fantastic time to be an author. I will always be, and will always love being, a Harlequin author. It was the great shining pinnacle I reached for a decade ago and an accomplishment I worked hard to bring home. I’m looking forward to continuing my career there as well as reaching more highs, and hopefully more readers to enjoy my stories.

And I've had some other amazing news this week...

The Fearless Maverick, my offering to the Bad Blood/Wolfe Dynasty continuity, is a finalist in Romance Writers of Australia's Romantic Book of the Year! It's a huge honor.  


  1. HUGE congrats Robyn!! Your new series sounds FASCINATING!

  2. Thank you, Rach! I'm having so much fun writing them.
    And news has reached the loops just now that another talented writer we know has sold to Entangled.
    Congratulations, Sandii aka as Hayson Manning!!

  3. Robbie, such fabulous news! I can tell those stories will be reader favourites.

    And I'm super-thrilled about your Ruby final as well! You're on fire. :)

  4. Thanks, Rachel! Nice news seems to come when you most need it =)

  5. Congratulations Robyn! So happy and excited for you!

  6. Robbie! Congratulations on such exciting news. Looking forward to reading them on my kindle when they're released. Whoohoo!

  7. Thanks, Helen! I haven't got a Kindle yet, lol.

  8. Oh, Robbie, what a wonderful good news post! Your new series sounds thrilling

    As for your RuBY nomination -- congratulations! Popping cyber bubbles in your honour!

  9. Thanks, Michelle! I love cyber bubbles. We'll share some real ones on the Gold Coast in August.

  10. Robbie!

    Massive congratulations on your sales! Your Goddess series sounds *divine*! And it's so lovely to have you in the Entangled stable *neigh*

    Rubies, goddesses - they suit you!


  11. Wow! Robyn, congratulations on ALL this fabulous news! I was so excited for you about your RuBY nomination! And now to hear your news about Entangled Publishing snapping up your Goddess stories! AWESOME! I'm looking forward to some fun reading!


  12. Barb, neighing right back atcha! lol All the better with the lovely Sandii aka Hayson Manning joining us too!

  13. Thank you, Sharon =*) We have a few RBY gals here. The night you won (with a double entry, no less) was soooo good!

  14. Congratulations TWICE over Robbie - so thrilled for you on both counts - crossing everything for you on R*BY night and can't wait to get my hands on your new trilogy - AWESOME!!!

  15. Robyn, this is such exciting news! Congratulations on this new series - it sounds so intriguing. And of course there's the RBY news. What a wonderful conference it's going to be in August. Yay!