Sep 18, 2011

Sue Mackay Sunday Smooch

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a doctor and nurse smooch from RETURN OF THE MAVERICK by Sue Mackay, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from RETURN OF THE MAVERICK by Sue Mackay...

Dr Brad Perano's return to Blenheim has the town's rumour mill in overdrive! Nurse Erin Foley is more than intrigued - she's sure there's more to the rebellious tearaway-turned-distinguished-doctor than his charming smile. All Brad can offer is a no-commitments fling ... can Erin give this maverick a reason to stay?

As Erin smelt the fragrance of Brad’s skin her mouth watered. Male scent. The best in the world.

Then he pulled open the fridge and she tried not to feel disappointed. Instead she enjoyed the view of his trousers pulled taut across his buttocks as he bent to reach for another beer. When he turned to lock eyes with her she felt her stomach cramp. Shaking her head to break the eye contact she only succeeded in bumping against his arm. Her muscles froze, her lungs held still. He’d better not be able to read minds. There was a very intense look in his eyes. A look she couldn’t fathom. He was so close. That mouth tempting. So, so tempting. And then her libido kicked wide awake.

And she was in trouble. Big trouble.

Brad straightened up, stepped away. He must not touch Erin. Not even in the tiniest way. Despite wanting to haul her into his arms and touch every part of her divine body he must not. Right now even to inadvertently brush his hand against hers would start a conflagration he doubted he could stop. 

The hunger was in Erin’s eyes, too. How’d they got to this? So quickly? He groaned. It had been coming from the moment she’d banged into him in the store. As he moved back around the table he felt as though his skin, his muscles, were tearing at him, trying to stay near Erin. All of him, every last cell in his body, wanted her.

Sinking on to the chair he pressed his fingers against his eyes, frantically attempting to get himself under control. He should walk out of here right now, go to his office and wait for his call. If he didn’t have to wait for the call he’d be on the Harley putting wind through his brain. 

‘I’ll clean up.’ Erin’s voice wobbled. 

He daren’t look up. If he saw that need still in her eyes he would definitely do something he shouldn’t. Like kiss those full lips. Like -. Don’t even go there.

Did his voice work? ‘Why don’t you leave that for me to do while I’m waiting?’ How was that? Normal vocals? Hah, more like the morning after a binge session in the pub. Croaky and dry.

‘Okay.’ Gratitude coloured the single word. ‘I’ll go and close all the windows.’ How could her voice sound normal?

She wore three-quarter length pants that moulded to her curvy backside. He sucked air through clenched teeth. How was a man supposed to stay professional around a woman who looked like a goddess?
He didn’t know he’d moved. Suddenly he stood in front of her, his hands running through all that silky hair. Her baby blues widened, filled with latent heat. And then she was in his arms. Their lips came together. Their mouths opened to allow each other in. Their tongues danced around one another. 

Brad’s hands claimed her face, her skin soft under the rough pads of his fingers. Through his shirt he felt her fingers on his back. She drove him insane with need. His mouth was slick against hers. The taste of her heightened his desire. He needed more of her. Dropping his hands to her waist he caressed the hot skin underneath her blouse. Soft, fiery, womanly. 

When their kiss couldn’t get any deeper, any fiercer, it got deeper, fiercer. She pushed against him, as though trying to get inside his skin. He pressed back into her, the evidence of his desire hard between them. 

Her fingers stroked his neck, his throat, wracking up the tension in his body. If he didn’t make a move soon he’d implode. 

The phone was ear-splitting.

RETURN OF THE MAVERICK is out this month in the UK. To be in the draw to win a copy, answer Sue's question:

"What is it about bad boys women love so much?"

[N.B. Sue's computer has broken and been sent for repairs, so she won't be able to reply to comments for a few days -- for which she apologises!]

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from SECRETS AND SPEED DATING by Leah Ashton will be posted!


  1. Sue

    What a smooch I can't wait to read this one. Not good about the PC nothing worse than not having it working.

    There is some kind of appeal about bad boys I think I have always been drawn to them maybe because I was always taught they were taboo LOL but you gotta love their vibrancy I think.

    Have Fun

  2. Yay, thanks so much.

    I think we love bad boys because we love the idea that we'll be the one to tame them.

  3. Love the build up to this kiss, Sue! (And love that it's set in little ol' Blenheim!)

    Don't know what it is about bad boys, but I know I like it! I really like Daniel Craig as the latest Bond because he has that bad boy thing going for him in a way that the suave Bonds of the older movies didn't.

  4. Sue, I agree with Erin - she is in big trouble with the devastatingly gorgeous Brad!

    I love to "read" the bad boys - but I confess that I think they'd be a problem to have around the house on a day to day basis! LOL


  5. Bad boys shake us up & make us feel alive. Great reading material, but as my Mother always says:"Bad boys don't make good husbands" - not for real that is.

  6. Sue, love that build up!! Congrats on the UK release and hugs on the computer wooes.

  7. I think bad boys are so attractive because we are all attracted to the forbidden whether it's boys/men or something else.

  8. Great smooch! I think we want bad boys because we know we shouldn't be messing with them that they are not good for us. Everyone wants what they shouldn't have. The forbidden fruit so to speak.

  9. Bad boys :sigh: They're the boon and the bane for every good girl ;) Can't resist "taming the bad boy" part ;) Ever!!!

    Lovely smooch :) Need to know more .... !!!!

  10. Great smooch, Sue! Nice to see you here :)
    I think part of the attraction of bad boys is that they seem out of reach.

    Hope your puter gets better soon!!

  11. That is one heated buildup.

    Bad boys in stories are wonderful because they can be reformed. Bad boys in real life usually just stay bad.

  12. Hi there everyone, back at last and hopefully all is well with the computer despite the glitches I'm having.

    Well, everyone seems to be of the same mind. Bad boys are fun, exciting but don't take on home to mum. In this case Erin did tame him, but what a journey getting there. Personally I think having to tame a bad boy could be an exercise in futility but there might be some bonuses along the way. However I will continue to write them from time to time.
    As Sharon says, living with one would be more difficult than reading about one.
    Em, Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond too.
    Sue MacKay