Sep 2, 2011

The finish line

Last night (or more accurately early this morning) I subbed my second contracted book to my editor. I have definitely been suffering from "second book blues" - lots of self doubt and the very real fear that my first book was just a fluke! So it was very, very scary to hit "send", but also a huge relief. I was finished.

(at least until revisions land in my inbox!)

So, now that I'm basking in my "it's finally finished!" glow, I was wondering - what have you finished lately that has made you feel good?


  1. Firstly, HUGE congrats!!! I know the second book fears - I'm writing what I hope might become my second book with Carina and have full of doubts and blues. But my recent achievement that made me feel good was finishing my single title contemporary romance. Whether anyone else ever thinks it's good or not, I'm pleased to have finished it :) Celebration time this weekend, hey?

  2. Wow, Leah!!! You're rocking :) Congrats on getting that book out to the editor... Fingers crossed!

    Umm... I actually veered off course from completing a story by starting a shiny new one... Though I'm mad at being such a magpie, I'm glad to have ideas flowing after a bit of dry spell earlier :)

  3. Congrats Leah on finishing that one I am sure it is going to be fantastic.

    As for me not much I am happy that I got thru this week at work and it is the weekend LOL more time for reading and of course spending time with the family

    Have Fun

  4. Well done Leah!

    Hitting send is always a relief.

    I just uploaded my first (and probably only) self-pubbed book to amazon last night, so that was a bit of fun =)

  5. Congrats on finishing Book 2, Leah!!! It's a great feeling, isn't it? Bask in it!

  6. Congrats on finishing and submitting book 2, Leah. Can't wait to read it!

    Now, go do something nice to celebrate. Maybe spend some time with that new husband of yours. :)

  7. Congratulations Leah!

    Well done!

  8. Ditto, well done on getting it finished and may there be many, many more. Have you got a release date for it?

  9. Sorry for the late reply - I was - as Rachel suggested - spending some time with Mr Leah :) Had a lovely evening and day, so nice to have a day off!

    Rach - I am in AWE of your single title. One day I'll write one, but right now the word count freaks me out. Congratulations!

    Ju - Yay for new ideas! I feel like a bit of an idea vacuum at times, so I totally understand :) I've also realised I wrote the blog post a little poorly, the books my second book (after Secret & Speed Dating), but this time I'm contracted. Just in case you thought it was my 3rd one!

    Helen - Thank you! And yay for the weekend, family and reading :)

    Mel - Oooh, I'm going to go searching for it! Congratulations!

    Emily - Thank you!

    Rachel - Yes, as directed, have been spending time with Mr Leah. Bliss!

    Nas - Thank you!

    Jo - Thank you, I hope there are many more too :) I still need to go through revisions before (hopefully!) acceptance of this book, but as soon as I know release dates I'll definitely be posting it to my web site (which reminds me, better get that moving, now I have some time :) ).

  10. Congrats on finishing, Leah! I however, have not had the honor of finishing anything lately. Life has been so horribly busy that I barely have time to breathe.

  11. WTG Leah!!!! I'm about to send off my 19th, think it is, and I *still* doubt myself.
    I'm sure your editor will love it!!

  12. Congratulations on finishing book two, Leah! I'm sure the editor will love it!

    Does it ever get less scary I wonder... reading Robyn's comment makes me realise that it probably doesn't!

    Anyway the important thing is to take the opportunity to celebrate each and every "finishing line" so it's great you spent some time with Mr Leah!