Sep 1, 2011

An Appointment with Leonie Knight!



It's been fabulous having Leonie to visit and all of us LoveCats would like to thank you for helping us to celebrate with her!

And now it's my great pleasure to announce Leonie's winner (drum roll please)... it's...


Congratulations, Sonali!  Could you please contact Leonie through her website ( and she'll get a copy of Suddenly Single Sophie into the mail for you.


  1. Hi Sharon, Leonie

    Thank you so much for selecting me as your winner. I am so looking forward to reading 'Suddenly Single Sophie'.

    I have contacted Leonie through her website.

    Thanks once again.

  2. My pleasure Sonali. I will send my book to you in the next few days. I really enjoyed chatting with you and all the other wonderful romance readers and writers.

    Leonie K