Apr 22, 2011


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So it's Good Friday - I'm alone in the house (my family have gone on a mission up to Christchurch to take care of some quake related biz) and I'm here with my manuscript and some (but no doubt not enough) chocolate. My fault, you see for the second year in a row I forgot to do the Easter shopping sooner rather than later so when I finally made it to the supermarket, it was to find most of the egg range had sold out. 

Bad bunny!!!

However, I did gather up a few million of those mini-marshmallow things so hopefully when small children return, the bunny will have hidden a few about the house...

And - despite the revisions and deadline I'm under - there's no risk of my scoffing the bunny stash - for my new personal favourite chocolate is New Zealand made Whittaker's Ghana Peppermint - with 72% cocoa. I had some for breakfast this morning as I missed out on the Hot Cross Buns too (they'd completely sold out).

But of course Easter isn't all about eggs and eating now is it?! Well, actually for some it might be, for others it is a time of huge religious significance and reflection, for others it's just really nice to have a few days holiday... This year for me, it's a time to get the book finished.

 No matter what Easter means for you, I do hope you have a lovely few days, that you maybe get to spend some quality time with family and/or friends and that if you're traveling you have safe, happy and fun journeys! And if you're alone, like I currently am, then I really hope you have a FABULOUS book to curl up with and enjoy!!!!

with very best wishes,


  1. Happy Easter Natalie, and thanks for the heads up on the great chocolate, wonder if I can find any over here in Canada? All the best to you and your family on this very special holiday

  2. Did somebody say 'bunny'?? *ears prick up* yes, I'm looking at you Rachel Bailey :)

    Sorry you're family-less today Nat but they're doing important work and maybe that means you'll get some done too.

    I try and do non-chocolate gifts wherever I can so our Easter 'egg' this year is a movie - Thor 3D.

    Well... eye candy is a KIND of candy, right?


  3. H Natalie,
    I too love mint chocolate Mmmmmmm!
    HOpe you have a great Easter, and all your revisions get done on time so you can relax and enjoy the hols

  4. Hi Natalie

    Happy Easter
    I have just had the family over for lunch and then an easter egg hunt for the grandchildren and they did really well LOL I made sure I got to the shops before the best had gone

    Have Fun

  5. Hi Natalie and the rest of the Lovecats, hope you all have a lovely Easter with lots of overindulgence on chocolate.

    Speaking of which, Natalie, that chocolate sounds divine. Will have to see if it is in Australia next time I shop.

  6. Happy Easter Everyone.

    Natalie I hope your book goes well so you do have time with your family.

    I won some Whittaker's chocolate from Natalie and it was very delicious. It was filled with a Kiwi Fruit filling. However I loved the two books I won even better. They fed my soul.

  7. Alone-time with a book sounds excellent -- and even more excellent if it's paired with chocolate! I'm skipping the books this weekend and indulging in a Buffy-fest -- love that show!

    Have a fabulous Easter, Natalie!

  8. My ears twitched and I knew my name had been mentioned here. Hey, Nikki...bunny!! :) Bunnies and chocolate - what a great combination.

    Em - a buffy-fest? Wish I was closer and could drop by.

    Nat, we get Whittaker's choc here, but I'm no fan of peppermint. Toothpaste flavoured chocolate? That's crazy talk. My fave Whittaker's is coconut.

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  9. Hi Jacquie - Happy Easter to you too!!! Hmmm, I believe some Whittaker's has made it's way to Canada before... you'll have to keep an eye on my FB page as I usually pop some in with book giveaways - like I did for Kaily! :)

  10. Hi Nikki - oh yes, think eye candy might be even better than the edible kind! What a great idea!!! Enjoy the movie :)

  11. Hi Mel - yay for another peppermint lover - and yes, hoping to get these revs done so I can have a holiday with the kidlets next week... will be good :)

  12. Hi Helen! What a wonderful grandma you are!!! Lucky kids having their hunt with the good eggs not the last on the shelf :) Do think a hunt is such fun for them - but often-times over way too quickly!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time over the rest of the long weekend.

  13. Hi Anita Joy - Happy Easter to you - I think Whittaker's is stocked in some shops in Oz - tho like I said to Jacquie, I usually give some away in my book giveaways - so be sure to connect with my FB page as that's where I usually detail the comps!!! :)

  14. Hi Kaelee! What a lovely comment - you totally made my heart lift - I'm so glad you enjoyed the book :)
    Now to be COMPLETELY honest, I'm unconvinced about the Kiwifruit chocolate, I sometimes send that one to overseas readers because it's very 'New Zealand' and I'm not sure you could get that flavour overseas, but honestly? I'm not sure it's the yummiest of flavours... I'll have to send you another sort sometime so you can do a comparative study :)
    (And I'm totally wincing for spelling your name wrong in an above comment - blaming revisions brain - sorry!)

  15. Hi Emily - -oooh a Buffy-fest sounds FAB!!!!!!! Oh if only... I used to have all season one and two on VHS - funny old technology now - lol.... oh one day soon when I do get a spare weekend I'm totally revisiting that show - what fun!

  16. Hi Rachel! Sorry, but I HAVE to disagree on the toothpaste comment - actually the peppermint is soooooooooo sweet! It's pure icing sugar just about.. with that few drops of peppermint for contrasting zing... h so yum!!!
    But still, I guess the good thing about differing favourites is you can have all the coconut and leave me with all the peppermint :)
    Happy Easter!

  17. Natalie, I hope the revisions are proving a breeze, and that chocolate is fuelling you to the finish line.

    I have to say I'd gobble up the peppermint/dark chocolate combination you mention, but I might give the kiwi fruit chocolate a miss :-). I have a block of Lindt dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt in the cupboard and I can hear it calling me...

    Happy Easter everyone!