Apr 11, 2011

New Beginnings

Reading: Night Betrayed by Joss Ware

Watching: Bones

Listening to: Lullaby by Jewel

Making me smile: My tiny new bundle of joy!

I love new beginnings. I love the excitement and hope a new beginning brings, even when it’s mixed with that dash of fear of the unknown.

I love when I sit down to start writing a new story with wonderful new characters and an interesting premise motivating me to capture the story in words. Of course I always want to capture it perfectly and always fear I’ll never do the idea justice, never get the story quite right.

Image: Julija Sapic | Dreamstime.com

I truly love reading a brand new book – whether it’s by a new author or one of my favourites. I hope with each new beginning I’ll get a fabulous story with captivating characters and a wonderful happily ever after. I hope a fav author won’t disappoint and that a new author’s story will be so great I’ll have a new autobuy to add to my list.

Life is full of new beginnings: marriage, birth, divorce, new job, retirement, relocation, new house…the list goes on. No matter what the new beginning, you need to let the hope and excitement lead the way.

Last week I had the ultimate new beginning in my life – I welcomed my tiny new son into the world! Bub is doing amazing well (and is so incredibly cute…I’m biased, I know) and the new parents are negotiating the world of taking care of a newborn and interrupted sleep.

Image: Karl Hackett

So, how about you? Any new beginnings (big or small) in your life lately?


  1. Congratulations on your little man, Anna. That is a huge new beginning.

  2. Anna, congratulations! It doesn't seem that long ago you said you were expecting the bub and here he is! His little foot is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy this new beginning and creating a life story with him.


  3. Anna, I love that little foot on your arm, how CUTE!
    My latest 'new beginning' was my eldest daughter's 21st birthday, yesterday. Can hardly believe where the time has gone!

  4. Anna, huge congratulations on your precious cuddly "new beginning"! Good luck with that really steep learning curve of being a new parent and with keeping up with some sleep!

    The pic of your bub's tiny foot on your arm is just gorgeous!


  5. Thanks Anita. It is a huge new beginning but we are all adjusting well.

  6. Thanks, Cath. I still can't believe he is here! Hubby is a keen photographer so the little foot photo is literally minutes after he was born.

  7. Hi Mel. Congrats to your daughter on her 21st -- I have that to look forward to one day (-: I'm sure I won't know where the time goes either.

  8. Thanks, Sharon. It is definitely a steep learning curve (with no instruction manual!) and much harder with the lack of sleep. But the special moments make it all worthwhile.

  9. Anna, the best adventure of all! So excited for you and I love the foot. Isn't it minute!

  10. Hi Anna,

    Congratulations on the sweet addition to your household. You were on a visit with me when you had him, so I feel a special connection with Baby Lucian!

  11. So happy for you and this new beginning, Anna. I'm sure it must feel momentous and wonderful. Your bub's foot is beautiful (what a clever photographer-husband you have!).

    I've just started writing my next book, which is always a lovely new beginning. I adore that I'm-in-love-with-you feeling of a new book. Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to reading your next offering!

    Hugs and wishing you oodles of rest :-)

  12. Thanks, Zana. Defintely a wonderful adventure.

  13. Hi Nas:
    I'm sure you wondered where I'd gotten to in the middle of my interview at your blog! I had a great excuse to go missing (-:

  14. Hi Michelle:
    Thanks, it certainly feels very momentous and hubby has been very busy taking lots of photos.

    I also love that "in love with you" feeling at the beginning of new book!

  15. Hey, Anna!

    Huge congrats to you and hubby on the arrival of your little man. Wishing you loads of love and sleep!

    I think a new baby is the ultimate new beginning--new life, new generation, new child to get to know. It's awesome.

    Well, I'm just beginning a new story, and I've re-started my 'lifestyle change' (aka weight loss kick!). One of these is very exciting--the other, not so much, at this stage. Hopefully, it will be in the end. :)

    Big hugs, E x

    PS Love Bones!

  16. Congratulations A baby is the ultimate new beginning. The picture is a keeper.

    Spring may be coming at last here. Tonight we are going to meet a new member of our family. My great niece got a puppy. I can hardly wait to see him.

  17. Anna, congratulations again!!! New babies are the very best of all beginnings. I nursed my new little nephew over the weekend and, man, it felt so good!

  18. Anna, that foot photo is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what other photos he takes over the next year or so that might end up on your posts. :)

    New beginnings - I think that's half the fun of writing books - starting with new characters and their families and their settings, etc. I have a deadline in a few weeks, so after that I'll be having another new beginning. Fun!

  19. Just got back from seeing the puppy ~ 2 pounds of cuteness named Zorback. This 3 month old puppy may grow to be 8 pounds but he's got a big name! He's a mix of Yorkie, Havanese and Shih Tzu.

  20. Kaelee, what a gorgeous mix of breeds Zorback is! Now I want a cuddle. :)

  21. Thanks, Em! I agree that a new baby is the ultimate new beginning.

    Best of luck with the new story and the weight loss!! You can do it.

  22. Hi Kaelee:
    Thanks for congrats! Ooh a new puppy, how wonderful. I'm a huge dog lover (and I love kitties too otherwise I wouldn't be a LoveCat). Zorback is a very cool name -- I bet he's a cutie.

  23. Thanks Robyn:
    Isn't it just wonderful to cuddle a new little bub! On the flip side, it's also wonderful when they are sleeping soundly (-:

  24. Hi Rachel:
    I'm sure there will plenty of cute photos over the next little while.

    Good luck with the deadline and the new beginning after that.

  25. Wow Anna!!! Congrats :)
    Letting out a undignified squeee :) The picture is cuuute.

    This is one momentous new beginning to cherish!

    Me, new beginnings - Does ripping apart an MS for the "first time" count? Or learning to 'consistently' blog? ::Sigh:: I know it's so mundane..but that's all I have to show for something new....

    But well :) I'm having fun chatting up with everyone and jumping for their news, like I did for you now :)

  26. Anna, congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. What a great artistic shot - what a cute little footsie :)