Apr 20, 2011

Dream Jobs

Reading: The last book of Rachel Vincent’s Werecat series – “Alpha”
Listening to: “Home” by Michael Bublé (on repeat while I write!)
Making Me Smile: My cute baby who’s trying so hard to laugh for the first time ☺
Watching: Oprah

I don’t often watch daytime television, however given the amount of time I now spend sitting feeding my little boy, every now and then I flick it on. Yesterday, I saw a fabulous Oprah show about dream jobs – people who were being paid to do what they love. From florists to shoe designers and cake bakers, they had a dream and they had managed to fulfil it.

Having always dreamed myself of becoming an author, I can honestly say that I’m now living that dream. I still work a day job – as a freelance writer – but now I’m also paid to write romance. Hopefully that will become a full-time career on its own one day, but right now I’m just so excited to be seeing my name on the cover of beautiful books.

Even when I’m tired or stressed, I look forward to sitting down at my laptop and flexing my fingers to write. For me, there is nothing more special than devising characters and making them fall in love on the page. After years spent honing my craft and trying to get published, I love the fact that I’ve achieved my goal of attaining my dream job.
So my question to you is, are you in your dream career? And if not, what would you love to be paid to do?

My debut release, Soldier on Her Doorstep, is released in the UK in June. I'll be giving away a copy on my blog as soon as my author copies arrive, so keep an eye out! www.sorayalane.blogspot.com


  1. Hey Soraya,
    What a great cover for the stand-alone book. It shows so much warmth and happiness.

    Dream job. I think I've been lucky and had a few dream jobs. My trouble is that my dreams change - luckily I change jobs too!

    Each time I change dreams and jobs, it takes time to get to the pinnacle...then I seem to change again! LOL! Maybe I'm a dream chaser.


  2. That's the best thing about dreams, they can change! The most important thing is giving 110% to your dream to make it happen, because it's so worth it in the end :)

  3. Hi Soraya and baby!! So glad you've attained your dream job! My dream job would be writing while travelling. I've got the writing part down -- now I just need to work on the travelling part!

  4. Hi Soraya ~ I'm glad you are following your dreams. I'm looking forward to your debut book in July here in NA.

    I once dreamed of travelling all over the world but now as I'm older and much more settled I'm content to travel by the internet.

  5. I love hearing about people travelling overseas, and I love going away for a week here and there, but I'm such a home body that I can't stay away for long. Sad, I know :( I miss my dogs, horses and home too much to ever leave for long. And now I could probably never leave baby either ...

    What I do love is to hear about other people's travels though, so make sure you start a good travel blog if you head away Emily!


  6. Soraya

    Sounds great your job writing and having fun with a new baby.

    My dream job would be to run a romance bookstore unfortunatley i can't see that happening but one can only dream LOL

    Have Fun

    Congrats on the release I too love the cover

  7. Soraya, those covers are gorgeous! Hope your author copies arrive soon.

    I was going to say that writing is my dream job, but now I've read Emily's suggestion of writing while travelling, I'm thinking "I'll have what she's having," lol.

    Oh, and Helen's dream of running a romance bookstore sounds divine too!

  8. Oh wow, Soraya, I adore your US cover! Gorgeous.

    My dream job... I actually really love my day job (IT Project Manager - yes, sad I know), but I could do with not *having* to go every day. So my dream would be to only do that job part time, and write the rest of the time :)

  9. Hi Soraya,

    The cover of your stand-alone is so beautiful, well the other is lovely as well.

    I loved reading about everyone's dream job. For me, whatever I dreamt of doing, I've done it. So relaxing time now and travel by net only!

  10. Soraya,

    we're living the dream, as they say =) Now if only I could write lots quicker LOL!!!

  11. Soraya, congrats on your first H release!!! Love the title and cover. You must be stoked =)

    I'm living my dream job. Wish I'd had the courage to go for it sooner. My daughter has just landed a big step toward her dream job last week. She's a features writer for a glossy Sunshine Coast based mag highlighting women's achievements, but her true dream is doing the same sort of thing out of New York. I say, Go for it!!!!