Apr 29, 2011

Catwalk Friday

Name Gidget

Abode Kilmore

Human Slave Vicki

Likes Attention, food, hunting, taunting the dog

Dislikes Being moved (off Vicki's lap) when sleeping

Ambition To be centre of attention all of the time

Sociable or Aloof Sociably aloof

Night Owl or Early Bird Flexible

Favourite Pastime Sleeping on my lap

Favourite Toy Anything can be a toy

Best Friend Vicki (and the dog)

What do you like to sharpen your claws on Tree trunks

Most embarrassing moment A star doesn't have embarrassing moments


  1. Dear Gidget, thanks so much for dropping by and passing on these fab pics! Do you have an artist's eye or prefer being in front of the camera? Shot number 3, particularly, pushes me to suggest a career in modelling - maybe movies. It's not easy for us normal folk to look so...royal might be the choice word.

  2. Gidget, great to have you visit the LoveCats!

    I think Robyn has summed you up beautifully - there's a very regal quality to the way you're lounging in that third photo. You obviously make an effort to keep abreast of world events by getting into the newspaper.

    I confess my fave pic is the one of you on top of the fridge - you're obviously having to yell at your slave about late dinner! So hard to get good help these days!


  3. Oh Gidget, look at your lovely white tummy!

    Thank you for visiting today, you are quite the stunner!

  4. Gidget ~ Would you like to come play with Saxon and Dash? You are such a sweet thing. Lady Saxon looks a bit like you but Dash Boy is a ginger cat. Saxon and Dash are missing their sister Amber who crossed the rainbow bridge in late March.

  5. Goodness, Gidget, you have the most beautiful eyes. And you certainly seem to know how to use them to great effect! :-)

    I expect your ambition is very close to being fulfilled. Thanks for dropping by and visiting us today!

  6. Gidget, I just want to gather you up and cuddle you close, but I suspect you wouldn't be amenable to that idea. You're *such* a fine looking cat!

    Kaelee, (((hugs))) for you and Lady Saxon and Dash Boy for your loss. It sounds like Amber was very loved at your house.

  7. Kaelee, hugs on needing to say goodbye to Amber. And let me just say I do love a good ginger cat!

  8. Welcome to the Catwalk, Gidget! Love the pic of you with your mouth wide open!

  9. Welcome Gidget!
    You really are a star, great photo shoot! =)