Feb 14, 2011

Thrill of the Forbidden

Reading: Baby books
Watching: Time Team
Listening to: Lady Gaga
Making me smile: My early Valentine's gifts

Why is it we always want the things we know we can’t have? Or shouldn’t have? When something is forbidden it just seems to become so much more tempting.

It might be that forbidden person who tempts us no matter how much we tell ourselves to forget them (hasn’t happened to me since I met the love of my life…well except for anytime I see Hugh Jackman on television!).

It might be that food we know we should avoid (chocolate, I’m looking at you.) It might be that reality television show you know you shouldn’t watch but just can’t help yourself (there are too many to name!)

The thrill of the forbidden gave me the story idea for my next Nocturne Bites, One Night with the Wolf. The heroine, Jade is alpha of her wolf pack and to ensure their safety she must marry an aging, powerful alpha. But before she commits herself to a passionless union, she wants one night of pleasure and the only man who tempts her is the one forbidden to her.

Enter the hero, Christian who is an exile from his pack – a wolf with no power, no connections and nothing to offer a woman like Jade. He knows an alpha can’t be linked with an exile. But while both know they can’t have each other, they are tempted to the edge of their control.

So, what guilty little pleasure tempts you? What’s the one thing you know you should steer clear of but just can’t resist? I’ll kick it off and fess up to my Diet Coke addiction – I know it’s bad for me but it tastes oh so good!

One Night with the Wolf from Harlequin Nocturne Bites is available for download March 1st.


  1. Can I be cliched and say chocolate? I try to be good and limit myself to one square of Lindt 85% cocoa a day - but I don't always succeed.

  2. Hot out of the oven bread and butter. I can't resist the smell or the taste of the melted butter on the bread. Oh, yum!!! I quit resisting. I'm going to have fun in my life and give into the temptation ;)

  3. This is a wicked post, Anna, but the guilty pleasure I cannot resist is hot cinnamon doughnuts. The moment I catch the tiniest hint of their scent I'm afraid I'm a goner. Completely. And one is never enough. :-)

  4. Hi Anna,

    Hugh, oh, Hugh. :)

    My forbidden pleasure (aside from bacon, eBooks at Amazon, and all three thngs the ladies before me mentioned), would have to be red wine. But since I'm the one forbidding myself, and I find myself quite persuasive at times, it's usually a short argument. :)

    Congrats on the impending release of ONWTW!

    Em x

  5. Hi Anita --
    You can defintely say chocolate (and a good choice of chocolate!) I don't think you're alone with that guilty pleasure.

  6. Hi She --
    Ooh, that's a good one. I love still warm bread where the butter melts. Yum, I can smell it now. Here's to giving into temptation!!

  7. Hi Michelle --
    Now I can smell hot cinnamon doughnuts! Why is it that one is never enough with the wicked things? (-:

  8. Hi Em --
    I completely with you on red wine (it seems an awful long time since I've had any!!)

    Thanks for the congrats on my next Bites.

  9. Guiltiest pleasure? I love, love sleeping in. Lying under the covers as the world is starting for the day, even though I know I should be up and showered. It's comfy and naughty all wrapped into one. :)

  10. Anna, ALL of the above!! I can't remember the last time I had bread out of the oven so hot the butter melts on it - or sleeping in!
    I think my guilty indulgence is one to many slices of hot n spicy pizza along with a glass of bourbon and cola =)

  11. For me, it's chips, either hot and salty, or the crisps sorts. Forget chocolate, give me chips! (And, oh! The smell of baking bread, and then that first warm slice with salty butter melting on it...)

    Congrats on the Nocturne, Anna -- it sounds fabulous!!!

  12. Hi Rach --
    I LOVE to sleep in too. But I don't ever feel guilty about it (-:

  13. Hi Mel --
    I agree with you on that extra slice of pizza...I always know I shouldn't but can't help myself. And for me it isn't boubon, it's a nice glass of red wine! Not that I've had one of those for a looong time.

  14. Hi Emily --
    Oh, I love chips as well. If they're salt and vinegar I can never say no! And one handful is never enough.

    Thanks for the congrats.

  15. Anna
    Love the sound of this book
    My guilty pleasure chocolate chips and pepsi max LOL

    Have Fun

  16. Mmmm, Anna, you had me at chocolate! I occasionally make a "hot-cross-bun" bread with chocolate chips and cinnamon - NO sultanas because I never let them pass my lips! So a slice of that fresh out of the oven with butter... yum. Haven't made it for a while...

  17. Thanks Helen --
    I can forgive you for being a Pepsi max girl! You're either a Diet Coke fan or a Pespi fan...never both (-:

  18. Mine is the "cheese". Not raw, but ooohh..melted and chewy or bubbling... I luurrv pizza because of it ;) And then I add cheese slices or grated cheese for toasting the sub, bread.. I also love egg-plant parmesan (as a side dish to tomato-basil pasta sauce)... and in Veg au-gratin ;) the first continental dish I ever tried and fell in love.. because of cheese :-D LOL..

  19. Oh, and I don't want the blue cheese or the goat ones... :) See..there, I resisted you, cheese.

    Btw, I cant wait to see a wolf-alpha heroine...