Feb 25, 2011

Catwalk Friday - Max (ibillion)


Hi all,

Haylee Kerans is Publishing Executive over at Harlequin Mills & Boon (Australia) and back when we last caught up with her face-to-face she'd just got herself a new kitteh - Max. We thought it was time to check in on Mister Max and see how he is (other than ridiculously good looking)...

Name: Max (aka Maxi-taxi, Maxibillion)

Human Parents: Dan Nash and Haylee Kerans

Likes: DAD!!! Being the centre of attention, no matter the hour.

Dislikes: Being left outside. Old Whiskas tinned food. Birds.

Ambition: To one day catch a bird, or alternatively, to fly (I’ve tried quite a few times – almost there)

Sociable or aloof?: Sociable… almost to the point of getting a reputation, if you know what I mean

Favourite Passtime: Chewing on dad’s beard, closely followed by chewing on dad’s head. Basically wrestling with dad in general. Don’t mind getting my hair done.

A man doesn't stay this good looking without a little help
Nightowl or early bird?: Nightowl – I’m not big enough to fight yet, but I don’t mind watching!

Favourite Treat: Whatever Dad is eating, but especially KFC chicken. Ice cream and feta are good too.

Best Friend: Dad. Mumma’s alright if Dad’s not around, but don’t tell her that.

A ginger never changes his spots....

Favourite spot to sleep: At dad’s feet and on my day bed (SO need an upgrade soon. With three levels. And a hammock. And maybe a kitty café.)

What do you like to sharpen your claws on?: Mumma and the couch. The tree and my actual scratching pole are poor replacements

Most embarrassing moment?: I don’t get embarrassed. I’m awesome.

Thanks Max! So awesome to have you here. You've got all the Lovecats in quite a flutter (but not bird-like flutter because we know you don't like birds...).


  1. Oh Max,
    I've got a ginger ninja just like you!! I'm betting you would be the best of friends (g) - and don't you look like a proud puss with that grooming you're getting LOL!!!

  2. Max

    You are a handsome cat I have had a few ginger cats and I have always found them to be full of energy and very loving.

    Looking forward to catching up with your Mum Haylee at ARRC2011 in about 4 weeks time YAY

    Have Fun

  3. Hi Max... or should I say, Your Awesomeness! Though I do like Maxi-Taxi, as well - it has a real ring to it!

    It sounds like you've got things pretty well sorted out for yourself in your kingdom - hopefully your faithful subjects will have that new three level day bed sorted out for you soon!

    Thanks for letting Maxi-Taxi visit, Haylee!

  4. Max... i'm trying to decide which cat you would be in the feline version of Zoolander... Am thinking you'd be Ansel, the skate-board weilding young buck that wins the walk-off.

    Either way still ridiculously good looking ;)

    Pats to you (and thanks to Haylee and Dan for lending him to the LoveCats for today!)

  5. Such a cutie :-) Would you like Mumma more if she had a beard? ;-)

  6. Max, how adorable are you?! I love the expression on your face as your slaves comb you. Thanks so much for visiting!

  7. Oh, Mr Max, you are so very handsome! Though, methinks Your Awesomeness is going to become a kitty heartbreaker.

    Thank you for visiting the LoveCats. We're preening ourselves on the honour. :-)

  8. I haven't had a cat for a few years now (too many dogs with issues to be a happy home for a cat) and you, Maxibillion, are making me cat-clucky!

    Good luck with the flying attempts. =)

  9. He's adorable and looks like a real sweetheart. At the moment I only have 4 inside cats lol (had 7 at one time). I work with strays and ferals :)

  10. Haylee, Max is adorable with a capital A. Such a sweet face! I have a weakness for ginger cats and he is really special. Lucky you!