Feb 18, 2011

Special Guest: Christina Phillips!

Christina Phillips writes hot Roman/Druid historical romance for Berkley Heat. FORBIDDEN, her first in the series, is out now. Her 2nd book, CAPTIVE, has just been released.
Hi Christina, thanks for visiting the Lovecats! Can you give us a brief overview of Captive, and how it is linked to Forbidden?
Hi Mel, thank you for having me on the Lovecats blog today! Here’s a one sentence summary of Captive:
A tortured warrior and rebellious Druid priestess have to overcome their past, put their trust in each other and face their deepest fears if they want to survive the invasion of their lands and the wrath of a spurned goddess.
Captive begins six months after Forbidden ends, and follows Morwyn, who is the best friend of the heroine in Forbidden. At the start of the book Morwyn is suffering from a crisis of faith and leaves the Druid sanctuary on the Isle of Mon to join the rebels fighting the Roman invaders. Unfortunately she’s ambushed, and much to her disgust is rescued by the hero, Bren.
How did the series idea come about?
After I finished writing Forbidden my agent wanted to know what happened to a few of the secondary characters. Up until that point it hadn’t occurred to me to write another book set in that world, but as soon as I started thinking about it I realized there was so much more to explore. So I decided to write Morwyn and Gawain’s book, only to discover that Gawain wasn’t, in fact, Morwyn’s hero at all!
You have two books in the series, are there any more planned?
I do have ideas for a couple more books in the series. I’m a third of the way through the third book, Enslaved, but it all depends on how the market likes Forbidden and Captive as to whether that gets the go-ahead!
How do you compare writing these long-length novels to your shorter novellas with The Wild Rose Press?
Up until I wrote my two short novelettes for The Wild Rose Press, I’d only written full length novels. I’ve always found it easier to write long, rather than short, so in a way it was much more of a challenge for me to write Foretaste of Forever and Touch of a Demon. I love exploring my worlds and for the shorter stories I had to cut right back on the world building because of the word count.
Have you any other characters and stories breathing down your neck, busting to get out?
I sometimes think I’m a very odd anomaly because unlike just about every other writer I know, I don’t have a million characters in my head demanding to have their stories told! What generally happens is either a secondary character or a complete stranger will suddenly leap out at me for one reason or another and then take up residence inside my imagination. So while I might have no idea what their story is, or who their hero or heroine might be, I do know that this character is the one who’s going to haunt me until I do something about it!
A day in the life of Christina?
After Clive Owen gently wakes me from my slumbers, we retire to the spa where Henry Cavill is waiting to massage my aches and pains away. While I’m suffering this (it’s all in the name of research) Colin Firth peels some grapes and Alan Rickman entertains me with his Sheriff of Nottingham persona.
Oh wait, you mean in my real life?
Hmm. That consists of running around like a madwoman trying to get everyone off to school and work, doing the shopping, ignoring the housework and collapsing in front of the computer as quickly as I can. On a good day that’s by 9 am. I then check my mail before starting work, taking a break at 11.30 for lunch then back at it until it’s time for the school run. After that I fit in any promo/blogging/everything-else-that-has-to-be-done in between socializing with the family and wondering what I can burn for dinner tonight.
And finally, what is your writing goal for five years time?
OK, I’m going to think big here J In five years time I’d love to be writing three different series for my publisher, with a backlist of at least ten books, and I’d love to be hitting the USA Today and NYT bestseller lists J
For your chance to win a copy of either FORBIDDEN or CAPTIVE (winner’s choice, open internationally wherever The Book Depository delivers) tell us what you love about a Roman/soldier hero?
Trained in sensuality, a Druid priestess finds herself falling for the wrong man—the warrior who’s taken her prisoner…
Having lost her faith when Roman invaders destroyed life as she knew it, Morwyn took a vow of celibacy to spite her goddess. But before she can join up with the rebels, she's captured by a Gaul mercenary whose animal charms and chiseled body will test her conviction... and make it harder to kill him.
Bren, pledged to the true Briton king, has spent three years undercover in the Roman Legion. So when his own unit attacks and brutalizes a fiery Celtic beauty, he saves her the only way he can - by claiming her as his prisoner. But unlike his men, Bren would never take the woman by force, no matter how obviously she burns for his touch.
As they near Roman headquarters, Morwyn resolves to honor her vow of celibacy - but if the Gaul were to ravage her, could she be blamed for enjoying his body? With just a hint of seduction, sooner or later the Gaul will succumb to his exquisite captive...
Christina’s Website: http://www.christinaphillips.com
Captive Excerpt: (Over 18s Only, Please!)
Forbidden Excerpt: (Over 18s Only, Please!)


  1. Hi Christina -- it's lovely to have you visit LoveCats! Great interview, Mel. I loved both versions of your day, Christina!

    As a classics geek from school, I have to confess that I love anything Roman. I also love hot romance -- so your books are definitely on my to-buy list, Christina! I'm going to take a look at your excerpts now -- luckily I'm over eighteen. :-)

    Thanks for visiting us!

  2. Hi Christina
    Great to see you on Lovecats. Your work sounds really hot.
    I love your think big ideas. actually I love that you put them out there for all of us to see.

  3. Hi Christina!!
    sorry I couldn't load your trailer =((
    I did try a couple of times, but no go!
    And I can't wait to read Captive!

  4. Hi Emily, it's lovely to be here on LoveCats today! Yes, I do like my fantasy version of my day although I don't think I'd get much in the way of real work done!!

  5. Hi Sue, my books are a little spicy :-) Yes, I thought I'd put my writing goals out there, now I just have to reach them!!!

  6. Hi Mel, thanks so much for having me on LoveCats today! No problem with the trailer, sometimes the coding just *won't* work and I've no idea why!!!

  7. I don't know that I've ever read a book with a Roman soldier as the hero. I've always been interested in Roman times so I'd love to read your book.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  8. Hi Linda! I haven't read many romances with a Roman soldier as the hero, and I think there should be more because they're hot and sexy! (I might be a little biased :-) )

  9. Hi Christina!

    Great to see you here - and I love the sound of CAPTIVE (great title!)- hmmm, roman soldiers? All I can think of is powerful thighs peeking out from under tunics - and tho that might be more Hollywood than a realistic image, its one I'm happy to stick with!

  10. Roman soldiers - swords, honor, chivalry - maybe some damsels in distress lol. Something about a man with a sword!! (Thinking of Gladiator). I also love your covers - very striking.


  11. Hi Natalie, thank you! Well, I don't see anything wrong in thinking about a pair of powerful thighs beneath a tunic!!! I think there should be more sexy warriors in skirts!!

  12. Hi catslady! I love a hero with a sword too! :-) I'm so glad you love my covers, I think they're gorgeous!!

  13. Christina

    Congrats on the release these books sound fantastic and they are on my must have list.

    I love the idea of a Roman hero I love that they are strong and handsome and of course they carry big swords and I think they have such a strong character for me they mean strengh and integrity as well as the swords LOL

    Have Fun

  14. Great excerpts! I am glad I'm over 18. Spying is bad but when it's that hot of a guy? I'd spy too even if he was my enemy.

    What I love about a Roman soldier? They have a great body. Or at least I hope they do!

  15. Hi Christina, it's great to see you here at the LoveCats. Mmm hmm, nice excerpts! :-)

    While Bren sounds pretty darn hot, I love Morwyn's feistiness. Captive sounds like a wonderful read!

  16. Welcome, Christina! I just had a fiddle with the trailer and I think I've got it working here. I hope so!

    Captive sounds delicious - can't *wait* to read it. :)

  17. Hi Helen, thanks so much for the congrats! LOL, I love a strong warrior too, and if he has a big sword so much the better :-)

  18. Hi Alyn, thank you! I quite enjoyed spying on Maximus while I was writing that scene, as it happens!!!

  19. Hi Michelle, thank you! Morwyn is a bit of a kick-arse heroine!!

  20. Hi Christina - congrats on Forbidden and Captive - great titles!!

    If your hero looks anything like Russell Crowe in Gladiator then that sounds like my kinda book ;)

    BTW - good trailer!

  21. Thanks for the congrats, Joanne! So glad you enjoyed the trailer, I had great fun making it. And I love the titles, I'm so glad Berkley did too :-)

  22. Hey Christina, my sweet!! Welcome to the Lovecats and congrats on your fabulous second release =) Who'd have guessed that our days are remarkably similar - if CO were replaced with GB of course ;)

  23. Hi Robbie!! I know, it's uncanny!!! The things we suffer in the name of research :-)

  24. It's the thighs for me too, baby... all the way!

    LOL. Am sure there were romans with chicken legs but let's not put them on book covers, eh? Let a girl dream...

    So lovely to see you here and hope Captive is streaking off the shelves. Congratulations, my fellow Sandgroper.


  25. Hi Christina! What I love about them is their clothing or should I say lack of! They're able to show off their muscular arms and legs!

  26. Hi Nikki! LOL a Roman warrior with chicken legs just doesn't have the same appeal, does it?! Thanks so much for the congrats!

  27. Hi Cindy, yes!! That's one of the things I love best about them too! I'm still so much in lust with Maximus's biceps on the cover of FORBIDDEN!!

  28. Muscular legs and all that leather what's not to like about a Roman soldier. Great post and I loved the trailer. Can't wait to read it. Cassiep

  29. Ooh Captive is to be my reward to myself for finishing the next 3 chapters of my ms - but maaayybe I should just make it 2... or 1....

    + It's my birthday next Thursday!


  30. Thank you, Cassiep! I agree, the leather and the weapons, not to mention the muscular body parts, sounds like the perfect package :-)

  31. Happy birthday for next Thursday, Cass!!! I think your birthday is the perfect excuse to read Captive *lol*!!

  32. Congrats on the release of Captive, Christina! Can I just say what a stunning cover that is? I can't wait to read the book *and* see you hit those bestseller lists.

    Fab interview!

  33. Hey Vanessa!! Thanks so much for the congrats and good wishes :-) It is a stunning cover, and actually looks even better in real life!!

  34. Hi Christina
    Great to see you on Lovecats. Your work sounds really hot.

    And congratulations on the new release!

  35. Yep, the trailer works and it's fantastic!

  36. Hey Christina and Mel - great interview... LOL re your 'day' Christina. And the Sheriff of Nottingham rocked - so funny 'and cancel Christmas!'...ok getting sidetracked.

    As you know I loved your Forbidden world and so eager to see where Captive takes me. Congrats on these books and may your 5 year goal become a reality!!

  37. Hey Christina - once you've finished with Alan Rickman, could you please send him my way!!!!!! Anyway, I'm so excited that Captive is out in the world!!

  38. Thanks so much for the congrats, Nas! So glad you enjoyed the trailer, I was pleased with the way it turned out in the end!

  39. Hi Eleni! Alan Rickman as the Sheriff is worth getting sidetracked for at any time!!! I need to watch that movie again, I'd love to watch all the scenes that were supposedly cut!!

    Thanks so much for the congrats!!

  40. Hey Amanda, CP extraordinaire!! Well since we're friends, I guess I can share Alan with you!!

  41. You know, I have never read about either! But your books sound fantastic, Christina!

  42. Christina (and Mel) I'm horribly late to pop in to say hello and say how lovely it is to have you on the LoveCats Mat! I did try to comment on Friday night but the gremlins made off with the words and I thought I'd save what was left of my hair at that stage and try a different day! So here I am finally!

    I love the sounds of your fantasy day, Christina - an inspired band of slaves to see to your every whim. I'm considering adopting that fantasy for my very own!

    And I whizzed over to read chapter one of Captive! Awesome!

  43. Hi Sharon! Thanks for the welcome :-) I do enjoy my little fantasy world and the best part is I can always blame the glazed look on my face is because of research!!