May 25, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name : Bailey - like the irish cream

Abode : mainly outdoors even though I did promise to be an indoor cat

Human Slave : Everyone and anyone who thinks my flat nose is cute

Likes: correct proportions of roo mince, seafood platter and crunchy biscuits mixed together...but not too much!! Oh and I'd do anything for some fatty roast pork.

Dislikes: Getting my feet wet - seriously I'd rather pee inside when it's raining or cold...but I'm in therapy for that phobia

Sociable or Aloof: I choose to keep a small circle of those who I allow to touch me...or see me

Night Owl or Early Bird: Night owl and beauty sleep all day, even with a brick for a pillow

Favourite Pastime: Being licked by my Golden Lab dog companion...who's just eaten roast pork and gravy, kinda like a mud pack.

Favourite Toy: anything that tweets or squeaks

Best Friend: Chad, my Lab companion... who sadly passed away, I do miss him. We have a new Choccy Lab, but he's just to young and idiotic for me to allow into 'my space' just yet I'm afraid. He'll have to earn the gravy licking privilege. He's showing promise.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on: my property ie, my owners and their leather lounge

Most embarrassing moment: Dealing with the consequences enforced by my therapist for not wanting to get my feet wet when I pee inside.

I really enjoy adventuring amongst cobler's pegs and burs, but don't so much enjoy the # 1 clippers!!!


WANTED: Your Pet!!
Lovecats wants YOUR pet to feature on its Catwalk Wednesday.

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  1. Bailey, seriously, what IS it with you long furred cats and fetish for burrs and stickybeaks???

    Honestly, do you enjoy facing those clippers or the hours of being stalked by your human companion to have them pulled out?

    Wait a minute, are you in league with my three long furred friends? If you are you can all just quit the stick collecting now! Right now!

  2. Bailey, first I have to commend you on your beautiful name! ;o)

    But I have a couple of extra questions, if I may. Your coat is gorgeous, but what colour are your eyes? (I'm imagining blue, like Mel Teshco's cat Bundy.)

    And any clues to who your primary slave is? I couldn't guess!

    What a pain that you have to go through therapy for a sensible reaction like not wanting to get your feet wet. I have a border collie who would agree with you.

    Good luck training the chocolate lab!

  3. Ooh, I've been to the owner's place quite a few times and *never* seen this very gorgeous but elusive Bailey, and I'm a cat lover!!! I want to know the eye colour too =)

  4. Hello, elusive Bailey! Very nice to see you here. Yes, do tell us ... what colour are your eyes?

  5. Great name, Bailey! I must say with your glorious colouring and long coat, you do *look* like you should be an indoor cat!

    Mmmm, we had a long-haried cat and he didn't like the clippers either!


  6. Hi Everyone, thanks for paying me so much attention and asking after my eye colour...well they are a beautiful icy sky blue colour.

    Also just BTW if you notice on my photo the colour of my fur is darker from about half way down. Here's a note to all you other long haired feline friends that like the outdoors, this is a result of all the #1 hair cuts in this area, my hair grew back darker...shame really, but price you pay for freedom.

    And oh..yes I forgot to mention who my primary slave is, it's that Kylie who's working on "Believe" with Melissa :-)

    Thanks all, now back into hiding,,
    Bailey the Himalayan Persian