May 11, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name - Biggles

Abode - My human slaves have listened to my demands and I have a nice soft bed in most rooms.

Likes - Attention from my human slaves; swimming; walks and shadowing my slaves.

Dislikes - Bath time - and yes, it IS different to swimming!

Sociable or Aloof - I am a most sociable dog, happy to sniff your crotch at any time.

Night Owl or Early Bird - The little humans make sleeping in difficult, but I'm really a night owl, sitting up with my human while she taps at that strange and pointless machine. It doesn't give pats, play or smell good. I find her interest in it very strange. But I'm a good boy so I pretend excitement when she talks about it to me.

Favourite Pastime - Squeaking my throw toy at my human slave when she tries to peg out their fur things. A cold, wet nose to her leg also helps. Then she throws it. Ruff. I run really fast and bring it straight back. And she throws it again, and again, and again. Awoooh, the pleasure.

Favourite Toy - My soft, fluffy and squeaky toys for throwing. None of this plain tennis ball business for me, thank you very much.


Wanted: your pet!

Lovecats wants YOUR pet to feature on its Catwalk Wednesday.
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  1. Hello Biggles! Welcome to the catwalk (dogwalk). It sounds like you have your human slaves well trained!

    I think you're named after my childhood hero, Biggles of the RAF. I still have about a hundred Biggles books tucked away carefully, and every so often I pull one out and reread it!

  2. Ruff! A dog needs a heroic name - 'Biggles' is indeed suitable for a dog like me.

    I get very cranky when silly humans mistake it for Wiggles. Do I look like the sort of dog to wear a skivvy?

  3. you are very handsome Biggles. And I have very fond memories of the Biggles books!! =)

  4. What a stately fellow you are Biggles. I love your intelligent face. My dogs are the same about swimming and bathing - you'd think it would be the same but it is apparently VERY different!

  5. Biggles, you handsome little man, you are just *beyond* gorgeous! And I love a guy with dark curly hair. =)

    But, fess up, who is your human slave? Enquiring minds need to know! Or even just a hint...?

  6. I'm his human slave, Rach :)

    Biggles is at the salon today so can't respond although I think he'd happily slobber all over you Catherine at being referred to as 'stately'.

    And Rach, comments like that will get you adoration for life ;)

  7. Oh, I can't believe I didn't pick it, Anita! Especially since I've actually *met* him, lol.

    Biggles, I hope you have a great time at the salon!