May 4, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Tink. Also called: Tinkerbelle, T, TB, TBone, Princess

Abode: I’ve retired to the coast, although I spent most of my life on farms. I think the farms were better (more freedom) but I don’t mind a run along the river and it’s cooler on the coast.

Likes: Playing with running water especially the hose, food, running (sometimes away!), long sleeps, attention.

Dislikes: I have epilepsy and I hate having fits. I’m not fond of the beach, those waves just do my head in and they’re so noisy.

Best Friend: Cath and Pete, because they feed me. Ellie, although sometimes she eats my dinner. I had this great horse friend, Laurie, but he didn’t come when we moved.

Most embarrassing moment: I was chasing a rabbit, belting down this paddock, totally focused on the thing when a fence attacked me. How that rabbit got through when I bounced off I’ll never know. I had to jump over the wretched thing, which put me way behind, but I did catch that rascally
rabbit. This is closely followed by the moment I met Laurie. I’m not too fussed on horses, they’re just too big, but this guy seemed okay. I walked away from him after making the obligatory sniff, when I heard water pouring. Oh yeah, my favourite thing. I spun around and leaped to snap at the water when Cath yelled and it all came to me in a flash – Laurie was pee-ing and I’d nearlly bitten his hose. Gee, that wouldn’t have gone down well.


Wanted: your pet!

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  1. LOL Tink, you have some embarrassing moments there!

  2. Tink you are gorgeous with your human eyebrows and wise face =)
    Glad you didn't bite Laurie's equipment (g)

  3. Oh wow! I'm famous!

    I think I'll just lie in front of the computer and watch my 15 mins of fame!

    Thanks LoveCats!

    Tink xo

  4. Oh, Tink, I just want to cuddle you up and take you home! I hope you get lots of runs by the river. =)

  5. Hi Tink! You look like a wise old dog... except for the one small "hose" incident.