May 18, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Luna. I'm a Devon Rex.

Abode: Perth. But I lived in Sydney until I was two. I'm really good at travelling, I've flown across Australia three times!

Human Slave: Leah. (blog) She's pretty cool, she lets me sleep on her lap when she writes, and appreciates it when I help her edit (see how helpful I am in that photo?). Her partner likes to pretend he doesn't like me, but he loves me almost as much as my mum does.

Likes: Playing fetch, look: I also like pushing stuff off shelves, scraping the pages of a book with my claws while standing on the cover (makes THE best noise) and opening and closing cupboard doors (with a bang!) if mum isn't paying attention to me.

Dislikes: Any delay in receiving my breakfast or dinner. I like to drag the biscuit bag out of the cupboard to remind mum that it's late. I'm also not keen on people who don't appreciate white cat fur on their clothes. It isn't my fault I'm possibly the furriest Devon Rex in Australia.

Sociable or aloof: Sociable! I love people. I particularly love people who don't like me. I jump on their laps as soon as they arrive in my house to show them how wonderful I am.


Wanted: your pet!

Lovecats wants YOUR pet to feature on its Catwalk Wednesday.
Interested? Email Mel at


  1. Having briefly met this cat and fallen instantly in love, I really liked this post :)

  2. Welcome to the LoveCats blog, Luna! What a stunning creature you are. Sounds like you keep your human slaves on their toes!

  3. Luna, you are seriously adorable! And you have your very own You-Tube video - how cool is that! Great to have you visit LoveCats!


  4. Oh yay, there's Luna! Thanks Mel and LoveCats :)

  5. Luna, you are one *fine* lookin' cat! And your skills are phenomenal. Thanks for visiting us at the lovecats!

  6. Hi Luna (are you named for my favourite Harry Potter character?)

    Lucky puss to get to curl up on your mum's lap while she works... that's a rare treat in my house (also I haven't seen my lap in years).

    And lucky girl to have a brooding hero of a dad who's all tough and cool on the outside but all squishy and marshmallowish on the inside. *sigh*

    Enjoy shredding those books!!

  7. Luna you are one photogenic feline, so gorgeous! And love the YouTube trailer - thinking you've been watching a dog fetch? =)

  8. Coming in late, sorry, but Luna you are absolutely adorable - and I have to let you in on a secret - you aren't the furriest Devon in Oz. If my Devon didn't have her large pixie ears, you might not realise she was a Devon. She's a rather unsocial puss (only loving her human slaves) but I'll see if I can convince her to visit the blog ;)