Aug 25, 2019

Sunday Smooch - Sheikh's Royal Baby Revelation by Annie West

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch! Today we have a smooch from Annie West.

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Desert captives for one night

Bound forever by their unexpected baby

When desert prince Ashraf was kidnapped alongside geologist Tori, their desperation to escape their life-threatening situation led to a moment of passionate oblivion. Rescued the next day, Ash was never able to discover Tori’s fate. He’s finally found her… But in their time apart, Tori has had his son! And now Ash will stop at nothing to claim them both!

Scene set-up
One night stranded with a stranger in fear for their lives, drove Tori and Ash together, only to be parted the next morning. Now, more than a year later, Ash has found her again and discovered she's had his child. Determined to acknowledge his son and provide for the feisty yet sometimes fragile woman who attracts him as no other, Ash, now Sheikh Ashraf, suggests a marriage of convenience and invites her to his homeland. Tori, determined her son with know both his parents, reluctantly agrees, but is determined to resist capitulating and entering a loveless marriage.

Smooch  -
Ashraf scooped her closer, his hard frame solid muscle against her wet body. Tori clung tight, one hand clutching his robe, the other slipping from his grasp to slide up the back of his neck.
She heard a muffled grunt of approval as her fingers channelled through thick hair to splay possessively over the back of his head.
Tori’s tongue danced with his, hunger cresting as she went up on her toes, trying to meld herself to him. His taste, his scent, his mouth were achingly familiar, as if it was just a few days since they’d made love.
Had they kissed like this in the desert? Surely not. Then they’d been strangers. Ashraf didn’t feel like a stranger now. Remarkable to think they’d been together for such a short time, for it seemed they knew each other at some deep level beyond words. He was the man who filled her thoughts and dreams. Who had done so since that night together. He was the one man who’d woken her dormant libido after the rigours and exhaustion of pregnancy and motherhood.
The man she needed as she’d never before needed anyone. The realisation made her freeze in his embrace.
Instantly he lifted his head, eyes glinting like black gems as they searched her face.
Tori heard the stertorous rasp of heavy breathing, felt her lungs heave and the push of his chest against her breasts as he too hauled in oxygen. Reaction juddered down her backbone and quivered across her skin. Being so close to him, touching him, undid her carefully cultivated caution. It allowed something wild inside her to take hold.
The air was smoky with desire, thick and scented with arousal. Yet the unspoken question was clear in Ashraf’s expression.
Did she want to stop?
Emotion swelled. As strong even as the desire emblazoned in her bones. Tenderness for this man who put her needs before his own.
Tori shivered at the enormity of her feelings. Yet she shied from investigating them too closely.
Ashraf straightened and pulled away. He’d misread her.
‘No!’ She fastened both hands on his shoulders, fingers digging into fine cotton, pads of muscle and beneath that, implacable bone. ‘Don’t.’
‘Don’t kiss you, or—?’
‘Don’t stop.’
Yet instead of closing the gap Ashraf surveyed her as if he felt none of her urgency. Only the flare of his nostrils betrayed he’d been affected too.
‘So there’s at least one thing about me you approve of.’
He wanted to talk? Frustration surged and suspicion.
‘Are you fishing for compliments?’
She spied a flicker of movement at the corner of his mouth and a tingle of delight teased her.
     ‘No. But I’ll take any you want to throw my way.’ His lips firmed. ‘You’re not a woman easily swept off her feet, Victoria Miranda Nilsson.’

I do hope you enjoy SHEIKH'S ROYAL BABY REVELATION! Leave a comment on this post to go in the draw to win a an autographed copy (no geographic restrictions).

In this story Tori is a geologist who'd been to the desert doing a survey for a mining company. It's a profession that's still male dominated and I enjoyed writing about a competent woman in that field. What occupation would you like to see for a romance heroine, or hero for that matter?

By the way, this is book 1 in my 'Royal Brides for Desert Brothers' miniseries. It's a standalone story, but if you'd like to find out what happens to Ashraf's brother, Karim, look out for DEMANDING HIS DESERT QUEEN. 

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  1. Oh I loved this book Annie, and this smooch is so good :)

    Perhaps a jeweller maybe for an occupation there are so many to choose from :)

    I do highly recommend this story and I am looking forward to the next one

    Have Fun


    1. A jeweller would be great fun, Helen. I once wrote a hero who ran a jewellery company but that's not quite the same!

  2. I haven't read any private investigator stories recently ... I really don't want art imitating life with something political ... although usually in medical romances, there could be medical personnel in a war-torn country, or, to keep it lighter fare, there could be someone delivering donated glasses (in Canada, they are amassed by Lions Clubs) to a foreign country ... when we had our kitchen redone 20 years ago, I got quotes from 17 companies, with all being done by men, so surely a woman might do that today? So many possibilities, so little time....
    Have a wonderful day, and thanks for the chance to win one of your always-delightful stories, Annie!
    P.S. I loved your Smooch! I always enjoy stories where the man knows what he wants (the woman and, in this case, the baby) and goes for it. It's always nice to be wanted....

    1. Laney, good point about being wanted. That always works well in a romance.

      Interesting about the lack of private investigators. And ditto kitchen renovation quotes. That's definitely an area where you could imagine a woman working. I wonder why there don't seem to be many doing so?

  3. Well, good morning from California, Annie. What a great start to the day: coffee, quiet, and a Sunday Smooch with a sheikh! I can't wait to read the rest of this story, sweet and simmering at the same time. And I love stories with a strong woman who has had to push a bit to succeed in her chosen profession.

    1. Hi Grandma Cootie. I'm glad this snippet hit the spot. I love reading excerpts when I've got a bit of quiet time. They always feel like a treat. I hope you enjoy the whole book when you get to it.

  4. Hi Annie. I liked this excerpt. I'd like a heroine to do the architect's profession.

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  6. Gorgeous smooch, Annie. So looking forward to reading Ash and Tori's story. :-) And I love a woman who challenges gender norms and succeeds in a male dominated field -- somehow stories with that element always seem extra satisfying to me. :-)

    1. Hi Michelle. Yes, some areas are just that bit tougher and it makes me want to applaud when I see success there. Hope you enjoy the book.

  7. I love a good Sheikh romance!! You never read stories about pharmacists...a vital part of the medical team. There are apecialist pharmacists who can compound medicines that I always found fascinating!

  8. Ah, Laurie, you're right. I don't think I've ever read about one in a romance! Hm...

  9. Nice little smooch Annie. I do like a good sheikh story and yours are always good. I would like to see a hero/heroine cartographer. I do have a thing about maps! And my favourite play is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead with this exchange one of my favourites: “Rosencrantz: I don't believe in it anyway.
    Guildenstern: What?
    Rosencrantz: England.
    Guildenstern: Just a conspiracy of cartographers, then? ”
    ― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

    1. Hi Bluebellina. I love maps too - they've been one of my favourite things since I was small, yet I've never thought of having a cartographer as a character! I'd forgotten about that exchange in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. It's great, isn't it?

  10. Wow loved this smooch Annie. A female mechanic or pilot would be cool.
    *hugs* Kristine

    1. Kristine, I know a female pilot and I always thought it such a cool career. That's definitely food for thought. :)

  11. Wow, that was some smooch!! Terrific snippet.