Aug 12, 2019

Carousing with the Cats

Melbourne may have been freezing with lashing rain and polar blasts, but it was warm and fabulous at the 2019 RWA conference this past weekend. I had such a brilliant time catching up with the LoveCats family who all flew into Melbourne from across the country.

Highlights included:
Clare, Jennifer and Amy
  • Watching the stunning and statuesque Annie West sweep into the Gala dinner in the most beautiful green dress
  • Hearing about Michelle Douglas’s amazing trip to New York for the RWA America conference and her being a finalist in the US Rita Awards (the highest award for distinction in romance fiction) for her book The Million Pound Marriage Deal
  • Learning more about Clare Connelly incredible ongoing success and knowing it is happening to such a beautiful person
  • Laughing at Shannon Curtis’s wit. She kept me laughing all weekend. Hilarious doesn’t come close to how funny this woman is
  • Listening to Rachel Bailey’s awesome ideas for making future conferences more fabulous and watching with awe as she works behind the RWA scenes to get things done
  • And there were so many more...

Amy Andrew's keynote speech
The weekend’s shining star was Amy Andrews. We leapt to our feet for a standing ovation when Amy became a RWA Life Member for her incredible contribution to organisation. Such a deserved honour as Amy has worked so hard for RWA including being President (twice wasn’t it, Amy?).  But, it also recognised Amy for all the incredible gifts of kindness she shows people such as mentoring aspiring writers, helping authors network and generally being an amazing, inspiring person.

Amy received not one, but two standing ovations. Her keynote speech has us falling off our chairs laughing then quickly scrambling back up to scribble down all her words of wisdom. It was the amazing Amy Andrews (along with a few other Cats!) who gave me the confidence to take writing seriously and go for it.

I’m now flying back to work (aarrrhhh) truly inspired but also sad we won’t be doing that again for another year.  Something to look forward to.

How about you? What did you get up to over the weekend?


  1. Jen, it was a truly fabulous conference, wasn't it? And so wonderful to see Amy awarded that lifetime membership honour. Like you I'm in awe of her commitment to the organisation and I was laughing so hard during her inspiring speech. What a classic.

    Waving to all the other LoveCats and especially those who were able to attend the conference and to all our friends who weren't there but who love romances. Grinning too at the idea of being described as stunning.

  2. WOW sounds like it was an amazing weekend, I have been loving all of the photos and thrilled for Amy

    Woohoo Ladies

    Have Fun


    1. It was really great, Helen. Cocktail party photos are especially fun.

  3. Jen, it was so great to catch up with you on the weekend! The conference was great and it was wonderful to jump to my feet and giving Amy a standing ovation -- twice! What a woman. :-)

    Am sighing happily over room parties, catching up with all the cats, and all of those glorious workshops. Can't wait till Fremantle next year!

  4. It was so lovely catching up with you and the rest of the Cats, Michelle. Fremantle will be great.

  5. Aww - thanks for the plug, Jen :-)
    It was a fabulous weekend!

    1. It really was, Amy. So lovely catching up with the Cats.