Jun 10, 2019

Isn't it romantic

Don’t you just love cuddling up in front of a fire? The temperature in Oz has dropped – thank goodness. I’m a gal who loves the cold. Begs the question why I live in a sub-tropical environment where it is hot most of the year. But finally the temperature around Byron Bay has dropped and we’ve been able to light the fire all this past week.

I love everything about having a fire. Collecting the kindling from around the property. Pine cones are especially good to get the fire going.  I love building it just right so it lights up straight away and then stoking it all evening to keep the house toasty. What a joy.

I realised  I haven’t (I don’t think) ever put a fire lighting scene in my books. I must do that.

What about you? Do you have a fire at home? Do you love lighting it and watching the flames dance?


  1. Fireplaces are mostly decorative in Orlando, save for a handful of days in January... Rarely do you see one used for heating, unless it's in a vacation cabin in northern Florida. Mostly we have fire pits outdoors for social gatherngs

  2. Hi Jennifer

    Ido love a fire, we don't have one sadly but I would love one it has been cold down here in Sydney just the weather for one enjoy

    Have Fun


    1. We are off to Sydney soon, Helen. So I hope the weather is cold and fine.

  3. We have a fire at our farmhouse, Jen. No one enjoys it more than our four cats - there's always a cat stretched out in front of it, hogging the heat! I have to confess I'm not very good at setting fires and keeping them going which can be frustrating. Thankfully hubby is quite the expert!