Jun 7, 2019

busy-ness and broken bones

You really don't realise how busy your kids are until one of them breaks their arm. Their dominant arm, no less.

Last weekend Miss 11 fractured her distal radius up near her wrist.  A small fracture, but one that requires a cast for 6 weeks nonetheless.

She's doing great! First break. First emergency room trip. She was a trooper. Not a tear shed. Even as the bone was squished back together (for want of the proper language - I wasn't listening at that point, merely holding eye contact and distracting her for all I was worth while she sucked down laughing gas).

Only now we face the next few weeks one-handed.

Cello lessons. Guitar lessons. AFL (Aussie football, how she broke her arm). Volunteering at the canteen of our local footy club each weekend.

She's House Captain for her school sports team and in the next two weeks has to ra ra ra for the Junior School sports days. She's in the Readers Cup team. And Maths Challenge team, both of which are competing this month.

In two weeks she's off to 6th Grade camp. In Canberra. For a week. And she can't tie her shoes.

She's right in the middle of mid-year assessments meaning she has spent this entire week taking exams using her left hand.

Tomorrow she has her high school interview. Since she is applying for an extension program this includes a 45 minute online exam. And two written questions. Again, to be taken using her left hand.

And she has just started her own small business. Hosting Slime Parties. And this thing has taken off like wildfire. We are booked through June and beyond.

And yet, while Mumma Bear has had to switch to another gear - doing all to make sure her kid doesn't miss out, isn't disadvantaged, is a part of all the cool stuff her final year of primary school has to offer - Miss 11 is simply keeping on keeping on.

Writing her exams left-handed without complaint. Making sure she's allowed to attend inter school sport to cheer on her friends. Contacting her AFL coach to ask if she can assist him on game days and at training, to still be a part of the team. Figuring out ways to host her slime parties one-handed by enlisting an assistant for the interim.

To say that I'm gobsmacked by her resilience during this time is an understatement. This kid of mine. Broken, but stronger than I could have imagined.

This is Mumma Bear, proud as punch, signing out.


  1. Hi Ally

    Life is hard when kids break bones, I have four children all adults now but only one of mine broke any bones the eldest and she did three times over the years no legs just arms and wrists she missed out on being swimming champion one year and once was her first year at Uni, but we always manage to get through, they are tough

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks Helen! They are amazing, how they simply get on with things.

  2. Hi Ally, we've suffered through broken bones with my daughter-from horse-riding accidents-and fortunately they've healed. Kids are so resilient!

    1. :) Oh horse riding. That must have had its ouchies!

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