Jun 12, 2019

I'm in a New York state of mind...

I’m pretty certain this isn’t going to come as a surprise to anyone, but I’m starting to get excited about my trip to New York next month (OMG next month!!!).

 I’ve jotted down a few must-see-and-dos:

* I want to visit a rooftop bar and sip something sophisticated while gazing out at the Manhattan skyline
* See the Statue of Liberty
*  Walk in Central Park
*  Catch a Broadway show
*  Walk the High Line
* Spend the day strolling through…well, I don’t really know—Greenwich Village maybe?
* And I have to go to Katz’s Deli of When Harry Met Sally fame (I’ll have what she’s having). Actually, I'm going to have the pastrami on rye. ;-)

But I feel so disorganised. I’m madly writing my next book because I SO want to get the first draft done before I leave, and it’s taking up ALL of my time. I’ve barely started preparing for the trip. Actually that’s not completely true—the flights are booked and the accommodation is booked. But I’m talking about the nitty-gritty planning. I’ve bought a guidebook that I’ve thus far only managed to flick through (see the pic above). I’ve purchased a new toiletry bag because my old one fell apart…

and I’ve bought a most excellent cross body bag that will hold my essentials when I’m out walking the streets of New York.

I’m thinking that’s nowhere near enough preparation, right?

I need help—I need travel tips. I need New York tips.

Here are some things I’ve been told:
  • Take lots of dollar bills for tipping
  • Visit the Met Cloisters
  • Become a member of New York City Library
  • Shop at Century 21
Do you have any other words of wisdom for me? I mean, is there anything specific I should try and buy in New York because I won’t be able to get it anywhere else?

Plus what on earth do I pack to cover sightseeing AND the Romance Writers of America conference? (I mean, when I pack for the Aussie conference I take more for four nights that I take on a five week jaunt to Europe!) Can I get away with just taking three pairs of shoes—two pairs plus the ones I’m wearing? Or should I cover every eventuality?

I know, I sound crazy right? I’ve promised Mr Douglas that I won’t pack the night before in a frenzy of panic. I will be organised (she says, taking a deep breath). Mostly though, I’m just crazy excited.


  1. Oh Michelle you are going to have a blast and I am not help for you as I have only ever been on cruises, my daughter has been to New York and loved it and one of her favourite places was having coffee at The Friends Café I can't think of the name of it now and she has a photo of herself on the lounge there.
    I say follow your heart when you get there pack for comfort and of course some flash clothes for RWA as well and make sure you have lots of space on your phone for photos and a great camera with maybe some spare memory cards to photos :)

    Have Fun

    1. Oh, The Friends Cafe! That could be fun, Helen. :-)

      I like your idea of following my heart. I sometimes think the best part of a holiday are the unexpected surprises you happen upon rather than the things you plan. And you've been a HUGE help because...PHOTOS!!! Oh, must make sure we have the ability to take LOTS of photos. Thanks! :-D

  2. Best place for a drink and to see the New York skyline at sunset is the bar at the top of the Marriott hotel on 42nd street, It is a revolving restaurant/bar called The View. Best indoor view around, literally! https://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-information/restaurant/nycmq-new-york-marriott-marquis/

    1. Oh, that sounds like the perfect place to sip something sophisticated and watch the world go by, Laurie!

    2. And, Michelle - its the hotel where the conference is being held!!!

    3. Oh, then...I know where you and I are heading, Amy! :-D

  3. $5 bills for tipping, you'll use them more (inflation sucks)
    Wear your walking shoes on the flight, pack dress shoes and flats or sandals. Take the Greyline bus tours around NYC and sit in the top of the double decker bus. For shows, try to buy tickets ahead of time if you have something you have to see. Otherwise they have TKTS offices around Times Square where you can get tickets for that days shows. My son just saw the Book of Mormon for the second time, ans also saw Beetlejuice and Oklahoma this spring. Phantom of the Opera is always worth seeing, as is Wicked. Katz's Deli, those sandwiches are HUGE!! so bring your appetite! A Carriage ride through Central park is a good way to see it all, and a ferry ride on the Hudson river gives you skyline views and closeups of the Statue of liberty. One of my favorite restaurants we visited is the historic Tavern on the Green in Central Park, it's so beautiful!

    1. If you do the ferry boat on the Hudson, they take off really close to the 9/11 memorial and park.

    2. Oh, this is all gold, Laurie! Thank you. Seeing the city from the top of a double decker bus sounds fun, and it's obvious that a ferry ride on the Hudson is a must-do. And as I also want some spontaneity I think rocking up to the TKTS offices and grabbing a ticket for a show on the day will be perfect.

      LOL. Yeah, I had a look on-line at Katz's sandwiches. I'm taking Mr Douglas with me and I think we'll share one. ;-)

    3. Also forgot to mention that you need to make sure you have your phone charger with you(and adapter for US current) I ran my battery dry on my new I phone just taking photos of my 3 year old grandson's birthday. a separate rechargeable power source is handy also. Your lucky to be at the Marriott, it's in the middle of everything, just steps from Times square and the theatres! Wish I was going just as a reader. Have tons of fun!!!

    4. Oh, am putting that on the list right now! It'd be just like me to forget my phone charger. Thanks, Laurie!

      Oh, and the Marriott sounds like all good things, doesn't it? Wish you were going to! :-)

  4. Cant wait to be in New York with you, Michelle!

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  6. Have the best time! If you're planning to go up the Empire State building - go late at night - the views are amazing, you'll probably get to witness a marriage proposal and the lines are a lot shorter (or at least that was what I found a few years ago.) Century 21 is sooo good for shopping - make sure to leave room for purchases ;)

    1. Oh, that sounds like very wise advice, Jayne. The thought of the queues for the Empire State building have been putting me off. Am laughing at your savvy luggage suggestion. I have touted the idea of perhaps buying an additional suitcase once we're in New York, just for that exact purpose. :-D