Apr 8, 2019

Off to the Ballet

Do you love ballet? I loved dancing as a child but my mother took me out of dance as back then you needed to be able to sew costumes and my mum couldn’t sew. So I only did one year of ballet. Yes, only once did I get to wear a pink sequined tutu at an end of year concert.

But I love to watch dance. So last night we trekked up to Brisbane to see the ballet, Dangerous Liaisons. Wow. It was amazing. Such talent. Such grace. Such drama.
Image courtesy Qld Ballet
The dancers were truly mesmerising to watch. If you know the story, there is much intrigue, lust, sex and drama. This was all played out with great energy and intensity.

At the end of the performance, the dancer who played Vicomte Sebastien de Valmont was promoted from soloist to senior soloist, so that was pretty special to watch.

Any one else love ballet or the performing arts? I’d love to know.


  1. Jen, I've never been to the ballet. But it's on my bucket list. And Dangerous Liaisons sounds as if it were amazing! I love going to the theatre to see plays and comedy shows too, but confess I don't get there very often. I might have to start including them into my schedule. :-)

  2. I would love to go more often, Michelle. Being in the regions, makes it just a little bit harder.

  3. I believe that ballet is amazing....
    have a great day

  4. Hi Jennifer

    That must have been wonderful, I have never been to the ballet, ballet doesn't appeal to me but I do love live shows musicians and theatre I saw the Rocky Horror Show with Reg Livermore 3 times way back and I saw Jesus Christ Super Star years a go, I think I should get to some more live theatre, I ten to sway towards music :)

    Have Fun


  5. I love both those shows, Helen. I love musicals too. Love Phantom of the Opera.

  6. I adore ballet, Jen, and go whenever I can. I would love to see Dangerous Liaisons it looks wonderful. I studied ballet as a child and then took it up again in my twenties and took classes for years for exercise until my knees protested! Then my daughter took classes with the same teacher which was lovely - she was very talented more so than I was.