Apr 10, 2019


 I’ve had a long love affair with Swedish pop sensation ABBA. Ever since they burst onto the charts in the mid 1970s they had my heart (ousting the Bay City Rollers from top slot). So you can imagine my delight when the ABBASOLUTELY FABBAULOUS SHOW toured Newcastle last week.

I have SO many happy memories involving Agnetha, Frida, Benny and Bjorn.

#1: The day all the girls in my fourth class spontaneously broke into When I Kissed the Teacher when the much-adored sixth class teacher, Mr Malcolm, walked into our classroom. I can still remember the smiles, the happiness…and how that seemed to last the whole day. :) When I Kissed the Teacher is still one of my favourite ABBA songs.

#2: Being allowed to go to the drive-in with my older cousins to see the ABBA movie. It was one of those iconic “I’m a grown-up” moments (completely false, mind you, but I adored my cousins and I can still taste my excitement).

I now have the ABBA Movie on DVD!

#3: When I was an undergraduate—back in the old, old days (early 1990s)—my flatmate and I would religiously rock up to The Castle every Wednesday night for FABBA—an ABBA tribute band. We’d dance non-stop until the wee small hours, and then drag ourselves off to classes the next day. That was back in the days when a late night didn’t wipe me out for a week. ;-)

My battered Arrival album and a 45 of Fernando (B-side is -- swoon -- Tropical Loveland)

I loved Muriel’s Wedding and Priscilla Queen of the Desert when they came out. I swooned over both Mamma Mia movies. So it will come as no surprise to you that I was one of the first out of my seat at the theatre last Thursday when ABBASOLUTELY FABBAULOUS SHOW kicked off proceedings with Does Your Mother Know? Yes, much dancing and crazy good times were had. :)

You wanna know what else is putting a smile on my face? ABBA has just announced that they’re reforming to record two brand new songs!

TWO. NEW. SONGS. Coloured me excited.

Okay, it’s your turn now. What’s your favourite musical crush?


  1. I am so glad you had a fabulous time :)

    I am hooked on Rod Stewart as most of you would know, I have all of his albums in Vinyl and the ones on CD and I have seen him live every time he has toured Australia since I was 16 and he still rocks my boat :)

    Have Fun


    1. I did think of you and Rod Stewart as I wrote this post, Helen. :-) I think it's wonderful to have a lifelong love affair with someone who touches a musical chord for you...and if they also happen to be nice to look at I'm figuring that's a bonus, right? ;-)

  2. Hi Michelle, what fun to read you are such an ABBA fan. I have to confess I was not - but since the Mama Mia movies came out (I loved them both) I find I have an appreciation and enjoyment of ABBA songs and think I would really enjoy going to see a tribute band!

    1. The Mamma Mia movies were such feel-good fun! I don't doubt that an ABBA tribute band would have you singing and dancing along too, Kandy.