Apr 5, 2019

Kitten Spam

So, we got a kitten! (ducking to avoid the onslaught of LoveCat squeeees) 

We already have a cat. And a dog. And ducks that think they are dogs. And many chickens. And quails. And several kinds of fish. And kakarikis and budgies. And lots of (lovely, green) snakes that have been let go in our big backyard by my snake catcher husband.

But we've been hoping to add a kitten to the mix for some time. We have room. We have love. We have primary-aged kids who would be over the moon to know a cat from kitten age up.

As things tend to happen in our house, in the end it happened rather suddenly.

Last weekend my husband went to buy some birdseed from a Pet Barn only to find they had a couple of adorabubble RSPCA kittens ready to adopt. When he bent down to have a look at one, the other patted him on the head.  "Hey, look at me!"

So he sent me a video. Oh, baby, that little girl was cute!  Creamy and grey, with Cleopatra eyes.  No question she belonged in our animal-adoring home.

The kids thought we were buying dog food when we took them in to see her the next day. The joy - oh my the joy! - when they finally believed us when we said we were bringing her home.

Then to the name. We went through Glimmer, Errol, Lunar. Bianca came close. In the end we all loved April. (A nice match for our black cat, Friday.) So April she is.

Friday is wary but doing great. Tonight they slept on the back of the same couch. Our dog, Cookie, looooooves her. They are great mates. Seriously. It's the sweetest thing. As for the rest of the menagerie? She'll meet them in time.

Till then, there'll be plenty of Kitten Spam on my Facebook and Instagram!


  1. Oh Ally

    She is adorable and woohoo on the new member of your family, I do love the name April suits her so much, and I am sure there is going to be lots of fun wither and the other pets :)

    Have Fun


  2. Oh my god! She is too cute for words. I would get no work done -- NONE -- if she lived in my house. I'd want to pet and play with her all day. I predict that she's going to be a very happy in her new home. :-D