Sep 25, 2018

Whale of a Time by Amy Andrews

So, I've just spent the weekend here - 

No, it's okay, dont feel sorry for me. I suffered through 😉

The best bit? Dozens and dozens of migrating humpback whales were spotted across the weekend. I managed to snap one - eventually - but they were hard to get a good pic of because my reaction time is clearly wanting in my old age. 

This doesn't do them justice - so many of them breeched right out of the water. It was amazing!

 Which lead me to think about the true marvels of the animal kindgdom. Like the majesty of elephants and giraffe's and the beauty of peacocks and butterflies. The cuteness of Koalas and platypus and puffins. The exoticness of the polar bear and the panda bear, the toucan and the chameleon.

Isn't it all just wonderful? And how awesome would it be if unicorns and mermaids (probably not really an animal) actually existed?  

What's your favourite "exotic" animal? And yea or nay to unicorns and mermaids?


  1. Heavens, that does look hard to take...but you've obviously been up to the job! ;-) I saw my first whale this week too. So chuffed.

    As for unicorns -- yes please!

  2. Oh Amy what a fabulous place to be I could imagine how hard that would be to take LOL, I am off for a cruise in 22 days and have seen whales an dolphins on past cruises, but as for a favourite animal for me well that would be an elephant ever since one followed me home from school when I was 6 it got away from the circus that was next to the school :)

    Have Fun


    1. OMG Helen!! Really? What an amazing thing to have happened :-)