Sep 7, 2018

Nailed It!

I love food. I eat it every day. But the cooking of the food? That's dangerous territory when I'm in charge.

Because I can't cook.  And I'm not exaggerating. I have set fire to the oven, the stove, even the microwave.

It mostly comes down to a reeeeally low attention span when it comes to hanging about in a kitchen while things heat up.

The NAILED IT half of this picture was my first attempt to fry an egg...two years ago. I sent this picture to my husband and he, of course, showed everyone and NOBODY believed it was real!

The thought of standing over the stove watching stuff simmer, or change colour and consistency, stirring stuff, incessantly, checking to see if it needs salt...

*My muse chimes in* "What's that? Oh, that's right!  I have that book to read! Or email to check! Or something that needs doing! I'm off!"

Over time I've discovered one thing that that keeps me from setting things on fire.

Reading WHILE I cook.

Here's me 'cooking' tomato soup...from a tin. And reading while stirring.  No fire!  

And here's me cooking an omelette. And, again, reading.  Notice, once more, the lack of flames.

The muse is distracted, I don't burn down the house. Win win!

Thankfully this is what it looks like when my husband cooks.

That would be curry laksa. A super fresh summery pasta.  And something else cookey and delicious.  I know, right?  The guy is a total keeper!

I say that without him I'd live on cheese on toast and coffee and I do not kid.  He's the kind of person who thinks "I feel like *insert fancy dinner idea here*" and then goes ahead and figures out how to make it.  No recipe.  Just using whatever ingredients he has on hand.  I look in a fridge full of food and only see the chocolate.

If you're a foodie, check out the Instagram pages of Love Cats Clare Connelly and Amy Andrews as they're full of rich, nutritious, mouth-watering, elegant home cooking.  And did you see Bron's post about her trip through Rome? Yum!

If you prefer pics of coffee with funny pictures found in the milky swirls, I'm your girl :). (See last month's post for proof :))

How about you - are you more of a cooker or an eater?


  1. lol Ally - most of that food is probably snapped at restaurants although I am a pretty good cook. I just dont overly enjoy it that much....

    1. Oooh! The one thing that has piqued my interest in cooking again has been FB recipe videos. Love those and have made many!

    2. By "made many" do you mean FB videos of you cooking? Or that you've been inspired to cook from a FB video recipe?

  2. I have absolutely nothing against multi-tasking, so reading + cooking = win/win. If only I could do both at once, I'd be right there with you, Ally, stirring and reading. Unfortunately I'm an all-or-nothing person (much as I applaud and laud the multi-taskers.)

    I also abhor endless stirring so things not on my cooking list include: risotto, anything with white sauce, custard, choux pastry. I love eating all those things but someone else can do all of the stirring thanks.

    Overall, I enjoy cooking but my repertoire includes all the short-cuts and nothing is over-fussy. It is tasty, though.

  3. Hi Ally

    I can cook but I am a lazy cook the easier the better, one pot dishes even better because I really don't like cleaning up and if it takes too long standing I don't make it these days, saying that I used to cook a lot but these days I have too many books to read to spend hours in the kitchen give me easy :)

    Have Fun


  4. I love cooking, Ally, and am often in the kitchen. But I like it when someone cleans up afterwards - that's the rule in our house!

  5. I still remember the time I cooked a meat pie in the microwave and almost burned the house down. It's amazing how much smoke one little pie can generate... LOL!