Sep 23, 2018

Sunday Smooch by Amy Andrews

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from ........Tempted By Mr Off-Limits.

How to handle a powerful attraction? Get it out of your system quickly!
Lola Fraser knows better than to fall for her best friend’s brother, paramedic Hamish Gibson. Living together whilst he’s training could get awkward — fast! But as they work together on a heartrending case, they can’t resist the temptation to take their minds off work. Surely one night will be enough...until they discover it isn’t!

Hamish is sleeping on Lola's couch for one night before he heads back to the country again. They almost kissed earlier but she pulled back because he's her friend's brother and he lives a million miles away so why upset applecarts? But Lola has had a rough night at work and can't sleep and she knows there's someone not that far away who'll help her with the situation in a heartbeat. 
At 2 am, she grows tired of fighting it....

But she needed to wake him first. She couldn’t just jump on him, no matter how temptingly he was lying there.

Lola clenched her fists, the sharp foil edges of the condom cutting into her palm as she took a step towards him. Her foot landed on the only squeaky floorboard in the entire room and he was awake in an instant. She froze as his abs tensed and his body furled upwards, his legs swinging over the edge of the couch. His feet had found the floor before she had a chance to take another breath.

He blinked up at her, running his palms absently up and down the length of his bare thighs. ‘Lola?’

Lola let out a shaky breath as she took a step back. ‘I guess it’s true what they say about country guys, then.’

‘Hung like horses?’ He shot her a sleepy smile. His voice was low and rumbly but alert.

She laughed and it was loud in the night. ‘Light sleepers.’

‘Oh, that.’ He rubbed his palm along his jawline and the scratchy noise went straight to her belly button. ‘Are you okay?’

Lola shook her head, her heart suddenly racing as she contemplated the width of his shoulders and the proposition she was about to lay on him. ‘I…can’t sleep.’

‘So you came out for…a cup of warm milk?’

The smile on his face matched the one in his voice, all playful and teasing, and Lola blushed. Her cheeks actually heated! What the hell?

Since when did she start blushing?

Most nurses she knew, including herself, were generally immune to embarrassment. She’d seen far too much stuff in her job to be embarrassed by anything.

‘No.’ She held up the condom, her fingers trembling slightly, grateful for the cover of night. ‘I was thinking of something more…physical.’

His gaze slid to the condom and Lola’s belly clenched as he contemplated the foil packet like it was the best damn thing he’d seen all night. ‘I have read,’ he said after a beat or two, refocusing on her face, ‘that physical activity is very good for promoting sleep.’

Lola’s nipples puckered at the slight emphasis on ‘physical activity’ and she swallowed against a mouth suddenly dry as the couch fabric. ‘Yeah.’ She smiled. ‘I read that too.’

He held out his hand. ‘Come here.’

Lola’s heart leapt in her chest but she ground her feet into the floor. They had to establish some ground rules. ‘This can only be a one-time thing.’

‘I know.’

His assurance grazed Lola’s body like a physical force, rubbing against all the good spots, but she needed to make certain he was absolutely on the same page. ‘You’re leaving tomorrow,’ she continued. ‘We’ll probably never see each other again.’ This was the first time she’d met Hamish after all, despite having lived with Grace for almost all the last two years. ‘And I’m good with that.’

‘Me too.’

‘I don’t do relationships. Especially not long-distance relationships.’

He nodded again. ‘I understand. We’re one and done. I am good with it, Lola.’

‘Also…I don’t think we should tell Grace about this.’

He sat back a little, clearly startled at the suggestion, looking slightly askance. ‘Do I look like I took a stupid pill to you?’

Lola laughed. He looked like he’d taken an up-for-it pill and heat wound through her abdomen. Hamish leaned forward at the hips and crooked his finger, a small smile playing on his wicked mouth.

‘Come here, Lola.’

The way he said her name when he was mostly naked was like fingers stroking down her belly. Lola took a small step forward, her entire body trembling with anticipation. She took another and then she was standing in front of him, the outsides of her thighs just skimming the insides of his knees.

He held his hand out and she placed the condom in his palm. He promptly shoved it under a cushion before sliding his hands onto the sides of her thighs. Lola’s breath hitched as they slid all the way up and the muscles in her stomach jumped as they slid under the hem of her T-shirt, pushing it up a little.

Leaning closer, he brushed his mouth against the bare skin, his lips touching down just under her belly button. Lola’s mouth parted on a soft gasp and her hands found his shoulders as their gazes locked. One hand kept travelling, pushing into the thick wavy locks of his hair, holding him there as they stared at each other, their breathing low and rough.

Then he fell back against the couch, pulling her with him, urging her legs apart so she was straddling him, the heat and pulse at her heart settling over the heat and hardness of him.

His hands slid into her hair, pulling her head down, his mouth seeking hers.

Her pulse thundered through her ears and throbbed between her legs and she moaned as their lips met. She couldn’t have stopped it even had she wanted to.

And she didn’t.

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  1. Hi Amy

    Oh I loved this book sizzling and fabulous two people so opposite who cannot resist each other I do highly recommend this one :)

    Country or city hard question I love them all LOL

    Have Fun


    1. Thanks Helen! And thanks for your awesome review!

  2. I like to read about friends "little" sister to see how it is all resolved -----country or city -depends on the blokes

  3. What a gorgeous, sensual smooch Amy! Love it.

  4. That is one hot smooch, Amy. Hmmm, well I've only ever dated (and married) a city I guess it is city boys for me.

  5. Don't fight it Lola. Loved this thank you.

    This country girl does like country boys.

  6. Ooh, love the smooch, Amy! This pair sound like they're up for some fun. :-)

    One of the things I love about book boyfriends is that you can play the field -- you can choose a country boy one day, and then follow that up with a city boy the next. Win-win. ;-)

    1. Oh I see, the way it is, Michelle. You want to have your cake and eat it too...

  7. Amy, what a terrific smooch! He's not acting very off limits there! Now I'm wondering - country vs city? Hm. Will let you know when I have an answer.