Aug 5, 2018

Sunday Smooch - Burning for the Italian by Annie West

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Annie West but first ... the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is KERRI S!

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Annie West's new release BURNING FOR THE ITALIAN.
It was only an affair – till they broke all the rules.

Fashion designer Sonia Rossi moves to Italy for a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity and the chance to get over her boyfriend’s betrayal. She doesn’t bargain on finding a naked sex god living in her apartment! It’s impossible to eject six-plus feet of virile Italian male, and her bank balance plus Rome’s rental market mean finding another apartment isn’t easy. What choice does she have but to make the best of circumstances? Besides, it could be the chance to sear away painful memories and replace them with sizzling new ones.

Renzo Veracini is delighted to discover his borrowed apartment comes complete with a feisty and utterly desirable tenant. Soon he’s tempting the alluring Sonia into letting down her guard to enjoy la dolce vita. Along the way he finds himself changing his plans, and breaking the rules, to stay with his delectable lover. But then rules were made to be broken, weren’t they?

Scene set-up
It's been instant attraction between Sonia and Renzo from the day she arrived in Rome. But when Sonia finally admits her desire for her sexy flatmate the inevitable happens and that passion combusts.

Smooch  -
The front door closed behind them and relief flooded Sonia, along with welling anticipation.
It had taken fifteen minutes to walk back from the party. Fifteen minutes with Renzo’s arm around her waist, and her wondering how much longer she could survive the exquisite torture of being near but not near enough. Pressed against his hard body, feeling the imprint of his splayed hand hot through the fragile silk of her dress made her eager for more, so much more.
She turned to him. ‘I think...’
Her words died as he bent and swung her up into his arms, close against his chest.
She’d never been held in a man’s arms like this. Never felt that rush of disorientation mixed with heady awareness of his superior strength and the physical differences between them.
‘I wanted to do that at the party.’ Renzo’s mouth curved in a wry smile. ‘But I figured you wouldn’t appreciate being carried through the streets.’
‘I...’ He expected her to say it would have been outrageous and inappropriate. Yet all Sonia could think of with his arm cradling her legs and another circling her back, his hand on her ribs just below her breast, was that it felt perfect.
‘I like it,’ she said, when she finally found her voice. ‘I like how strong you are.’
Instantly she felt muscles flex around her. The gleam in his eyes brightened. It was as if she looked into molten onyx, burning almost black with passion.
‘And I like how soft you are.’ The hand on her ribs shifted, making her aware that only the thinnest layer of silk separated their flesh. ‘Soft but not weak.’
Then he was walking, no, striding down the corridor and Sonia’s heart kept pace, quickening as he shouldered open a door into a moon-washed bedroom.
She hadn’t been in his room before. Saw it now as a play of silver on black. The vast bed, neatly made. Then Renzo changed his hold, putting her down and in the process, letting her slide against that hard, honed body. His belt buckle caught her dress, making it ruck up a little, but it was his solid erection that made her breath stop and her pulse gallop. Sonia swallowed hard as she felt each proud centimetre press against her.
Had she ever wanted a man as desperately as she wanted Renzo? She shuddered as she slid to the floor, coming to rest between Renzo’s legs.
‘You’re cold?’
Sonia shook her head. ‘Anything but. I’m burning up.’ Her hands rose to his shirt, flicking the buttons undone. Her fingers brushed hot skin and grew unsteady.
At her waist Renzo’s hands clamped hard as he tilted his hips against her. Fire shot through her belly to her womb and she heard herself gasp.
‘That feels so good.’ She tugged harder at his shirt and heard it tear. A couple of buttons flew off, pattering against her breasts. ‘Sorry!’
‘Don’t apologise, tesoro.’ Renzo’s voice was rougher than usual, husky and deep. ‘It’s only a shirt. I love that you’re eager too.’
Eager? She was desperate! She wanted to rip his clothes away and—
Maybe he was a mindreader for a second later Renzo released her to shrug off his jacket, then haul the mauled shirt from his trousers and tear it off.
Each movement created a mesmerising play of etched muscles across his torso and powerful arms. His chest hair and the dark line that arrowed from it down to his belly fascinated her.
Sonia dragged her fingers across one pectoral muscle, feeling the heat, the crisp hair, the thud of his heart. She paused at his flat nipple, scraping her nail across it and watching, enthralled, as it tightened.
She leaned in, pressing her mouth to the dark disc, laving, tasting the salty, spice tang of his flesh. Then she sucked, drawing his nipple into her mouth and unleashing a storm of fractured Italian.
Renzo’s husky voice did alarming, wonderful things to her. His lips moved against her hair and her scalp tightened.
‘Renzo. Please. I want—’
‘I want you too. All of you.’ On the words he backed her towards the bed and guided her down onto the mattress. Kisses rained across her cheek, her ear, her neck. Sonia linked her hands behind his head, tunnelling her fingers through his thick hair, straining towards him, offering her mouth as he blanketed her with his tall frame.
Renzo’s dark eyes burned so hot she felt the lick of flames across her lips. ‘No, tesoro. Not yet. If I kiss you...’ He shook his head. ‘I promised you pleasure. That takes time.’

We didn't get quite as far as the Smooch, but you get the idea!

I hope, if you read BURNING, you enjoy it as much as I did!

I'm currently finishing the book that I've been working on and am beginning to think about what story next. Do you have any suggestions?

I'll give away a Kindle copy of BURNING FOR THE ITALIAN to one person who leaves a comment.

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced!

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  1. Hi Annie

    Loved that nearly smooch and I can see it happening so sensually :) I have this one calling to me from my kindle and am very much looking forward to it.

    Thoughts on a new book I am as everyone knows very fond of Sheikhs and Greeks LOL although stories set in places I would love to visit always grab me as well maybe Scotland off in the highlands :) whatever it is I know I will enjoy it

    have Fun


    1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the excerpt, Helen!
      As for the next story - probably no Greek hero as I'm just finishing one of those. But otherwise the world is my oyster.

  2. Gorgeous except, Annie! Can't wait to settle down with this one. :-)

    Hmm, the world could always do with another Annie West sheikh. Or what about an enemies to lovers story? They're always fraught fun. :-)

    1. :) Michelle, you make me smile. Love the idea of the world needing another of my sheikhs. And I love enemies to lovers stories. Hm. Something to think about here. Thank you. Hope you enjoy Burning when you have time to read it.

  3. already have this one on my kindle and look forward to reading it --why not try something completely different --different setting etc. -----LynW
    (PS don't put me in the draw as I already have it)

    1. Hope you enjoy 'Burning', Lyn! Hm, something completely different sounds good. I wonder what it would be?

  4. Like Helen, everyone probably knows I too am very fond of your Sheikhs and Greeks and ALWAYS look forward to those stories. On the other hand, I look forward to ALL of your stories, so they don't have to be Sheikhs or Greeks.
    Helen mentioned Scotland and it made me think that I don't read much about Scotland these days because they were almost always featured in historicals, and I no longer read historicals (too long - I want my HEA sooner and don't want to be reading three hours into my sleep time). Some day you MIGHT want to do something based in modern-day Scotland; THAT would be different for me (especially when you consider that I have read over 250 books every year since 1973).
    Food for thought....

  5. Wow, Laney! You've read a lot of books! I'm impressed. Yes, I haven't read a modern Scottish set romance in a long time. I think I've been drawn to places with less rain as settings (I love Scotland but I recall the weather when I've been there!). Will have to give this some thought, I can see. That's one of the joys of writing - you can put your story almost anywhere! Thanks for the input.

  6. Oh those Italians! They are real flirty guys. I would love to see your interpretation of an Italian in pursuit of a woman he loves.