Aug 8, 2018

An ode to Mr Tilney

I have a rather startling confession to make. I think I may be leaning more and more towards Henry Tilney over Fitzwilliam Darcy as my Austen hero of choice.

No, no, hear me out. I know Mr Darcy is smoking hot, and undoubtedly passionate (I think all of us agree he’s a man who’d burn up the sheets), and he’s also seriously rich with the most amazing house ever, but… Do you think the man ever lets loose with a really big belly laugh?

Mr Darcy smouldering. Image courtesy of

Mr Tilney and his cute half-smile! Image courtesy of

 Henry Tilney certainly would. He has a sense of humour. He sees the ridiculous side of life and can laugh at it without malice or spite. He’s also considerate and kind…and that’s not something that Mr Darcy can be accused of in the first half of Pride and Prejudice. ;-)

Also, Henry Tilney is a man who can converse with some skill on female fashion--what a treasure! This probably means he wouldn’t mind getting roped into the odd shopping spree. Fun!

And, of course, a man who declares: “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid,” is a man after my own heart. :)

I could slop soup down my front, belch, sing off-key (to ABBA), tramp mud into the house, and do bed hair in front of Mr Tilney, and I bet Mr Tilney wouldn’t mind in the least. I can’t imagine doing any of those things in front of Mr Darcy. What’s more saying, “Henry, can you grab some milk while you’re out?” seems doable, but saying, “Fitzwilliam, can you take out the trash?” does not.

Mr Darcy might win it in the overall hot and hunky stakes, but Mr Tilney is the one you’d curl up next to on the love seat to watch a rom com.

Also, I think this kiss scene from the movie adaptation is one of the sweetest kisses ever.

See? How cute is that kiss! 

So what about you? Do you have a favourite Austen hero? Is it Mr Darcy all the way? Or maybe you prefer a tortured Captain Wentworth? Or the even more tortured Colonel Brandon? Or even possibly a bossy Mr Knightley?


  1. I'm not going to yawn.....I promise, Michelle :-) And that was a very sweet kiss so maybe I need to watch Northanger Abbey. But her characters either bore or enrage me so... (yes I know, bad romance author...)
    But I do want to say, is that not Elizabeth from Poldark?

    1. LOL. Bad, AA. ;-) Northanger Abbey is fun, but it is just possible that Jane Austen isn't your cup of joe.

      Catherine is played by Felicity Jones, and I don't see any Poldark credits to her name on IMDB. I haven't watched Poldark yet. I take it I should?

    2. Oh hmmm, you're right. I see she played Stephen Hawking's wife in the movie so maybe that's why she's familiar...
      And yes, love Poldark!

    3. Will put it on my to-watch list. :-)

  2. Hi Michelle

    I have to say that I have a copy of Pride and Prejudice and watched it once I know hang my head in shame and I have not really watched any of the other Austen movies or read the books either but I agree with what you say a hero who you can have lots of fun with and laugh would be better than a rich stuffy by the rules hero anyday :)

    Have Fun


    1. LOL. Well, Helen, Austen isn't everyone's cup of tea (just ask Amy ;-) ). But I think both Mr Tilney and Mr Darcy are scrumptious heroes. Variety and spice and all that. Though I suspect my heroes tend to be more Henry Tilney than Fitzwilliam Darcy. :-D