Aug 27, 2018

Playing on Words by Amy Andrews

When I was in Denver in July at the big literacy book signing, I spotted this awesome woman wearing a funny as all giddy up t-shirt! She graciously allowed me to take a pic and I really wish I'd thought to ask her name before she ran off - she was in a bit of a hurry unfortunately. So if anyone out there knows who this is, I'd love to find her and thank her again because that t'shirt had me chuckling all day!

I loved it so much, I posted it to Facebook.

 Cue Clare Connelly.

Now, our fellow Cat, Clare,is a little bit sneaky AND she loves giving gifts. I mean seriously, if the Santa position ever became vacant she'd be a shoe in. So...unbeknownst to me, she found a bag with the same saying on it and presented it to me at the recent Sydney conference. 

Naturally, I love it and big thanks to Clare because it is all the things!

But, every time I look at it, I am reminded how clever some people are! How do they think up these plays on words that make you snort laugh or spit your coffee all over your computer screen?

I'm hoping you guys know a heap of word plays that you can share here - they dont have to be literary based - because its Monday, so we can all do with a laugh at the start of the week, right?

Leave them in the comments so we can all have a chuckle!


  1. I love the shirt! I have serious wardrobe envy.
    The only phrase I can think of is 'romance readers make novel lovers'. But there are some really clever ones out there that I wish I could come up with on my own... those that can hold a special green place of envy in my heart...
    Still loving that t-shirt...

    1. lol - I shall remind my hubby of that one, Shannon!

  2. Amy, I loved the "sorry" cards in the "Goody Room" at the Romance Writers of America conference by author Lyssa Kay Adams. They were designed for stressed writers to use to apologise to family and friends for their stressed behaviour. "Sorry for what I said when I was on deadline"; "Sorry you had to eat cereal for a week", and "Thank you for not asking if the book is done yet" were a few of the messages. They were brilliant and very apt! I scooped up a few and noticed they were all gone very quickly.

  3. That Clare Connolly -- what a woman! Love your bag, Amy.

    There's a fun one from the Keep Calm memes that always makes me smile. "Don't keep calm! He's a single man in possession of a fortune!" ;-) The Austenites should enjoy that one.

  4. Hi Amy

    I do love that shirt and bag fabulous saying I am hopeless at sayings and remembering them although my daughter bought me a bag today and it says

    "If you don't have enough book space, I don't want to talk to you" from Terry Pratchett, she got it at QBD today and I love it

    Have Fun

    1. Sounds like your daughter knows you well, Helen ;-)

  5. Similar to Shannon's, my local book store has a sign that says, "Buy a gift card - it's a novel idea". Perhaps before that, they had, "Take a look - and buy a book", LOL (although not a pun).
    I make puns all the time, but I can't share them here. Usually it is one word or phrase that sets me off (like hard, in and out, tied up, or even an innocuous phrase like I'm busy can be said with a raised eyebrow). Sometimes it is all about HOW you say it, rather than what you actually say....

    1. Hmmm, I'm detecting a level of naughtiness in you, Laney and I like it :-)