Jun 10, 2018

Sunday Smooch by Katy Connor

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!


Today we have a guest smooch from newbie erotic romance author Katy Connor but first..... the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is Mary Preston!

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Please welcome new author Katy Connor to the blog. She specialises in sexy doctors and, today, is bringing us a very sexy smooch from her debut novella Going Down.  

You can check out the book here and also her second novella,  Doctor Sexy, which releases tomorrow - yay! 

****WARNING: Katy's books are erotic and deal with explicit language*****

She gets my blood pumping in a way I’ve never felt on stage…

I didn’t think taking care of my uncle’s building while he’s on vacation would be half as exciting as drumming, but the nerdy doctor in 7B gets my blood pumping in a way I’ve never felt on stage.

I’ve pushed her buttons at every turn, but she’s all work and no play. And sadly immune to my charm. But now the latest Nor’easter has us stranded in our elevator. Alone. And it’s the perfect time to push every single button I can.

My hands are itching to touch her, and her voice alone makes me rock hard. So I tease her. And she fires back. And then her tight little body brushes up against mine in challenge, and it’s all the green light I need.

Going down in an elevator has never been this sexy…

Scene set-up

Danny and Holly have already had a very steamy encounter in a broken down elevator during a blizzard but that's it as far as Holly is concerned. Danny isn't convinced and when he cuts his hand late at night requiring an ER visit he sees his chance to remind Holly just how good they are together.

She’s halfway out the door when she spies me, her arms full of medical supplies, that goddamn stethoscope nestled exactly where I like it. The sign on the door says supplies. She gives me one of her cranky looks, and it has the predictable effect of throwing flame onto the smoldering heat of my desire.

“Danny!” She hisses my name and checks over my shoulder as I step close. “What the hell are you doing back here? This is off limits to—non-medical personnel.”

But I see the flash in her eyes, hear the husky rasp of her breathing. And damn if the prissy way she says non-medical personnel doesn’t yank me by the dick.

I give her one of those slow smiles I know shows off my dimples and irritates her so much. I know because she frowns when I do it, just like she does now. “You look hot in those scrubs and that stethoscope is driving me nuts. I’m here to do you, Doc, and this time, I have a condom.”

I don’t give her a chance to respond, just slide my hands onto her biceps and steer her back into the room. It’s dark in here, too, but my eyes are adjusted enough to make out the looming shadows of row upon row of large metallic shelves laden with stuff I can’t identify and don’t give a shit about.

I only have eyes for Holly.

“Danny. We…shouldn’t be doing this. I’m at work. Anyone can walk in here at any minute.”

“I know.” I smile as I direct her to the nearest row. “That’s half the thrill.”

“I…have patients.” But the catch in her voice betrays her excitement as I bump her back against the wall at the far end of the row.

“You’re in a lull.”

I start unloading the stuff from her arms, shoving it haphazardly on the shelf beside me. She doesn’t help but she doesn’t stop me either and by the time she’s empty handed, her breathing is a rough pant winding its fingers around my cock and I’m dizzy with it. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”

“Danny I—”

 I cut off whatever she’s about to say with my mouth. I have to kiss her. And by the way she’s melting against me, opening her mouth and clutching at my shirt, I’m guessing she has to kiss me too. My hands slide to her hips as my tongue slides into her mouth and she moans and twists her fingers into my shirt.

And Christ she feels good—hot and eager, greedy as her hands pull me closer. Every suck of my breath fills up with the sweetness of maple syrup. My pulse washes like a waterfall through my ears. My hands shake with need, the pain from my arm forgotten. She rubs against me and I know how she feels. I want to bury myself inside her so bad.

To fuck her. Finally.

I pull away slightly, my lips not quite touching hers. “Say you haven’t been able to stop thinking about me.” I fully expect her to bite me but I’m pathetically desperate to hear her articulate what her body already knows.

“I barely think of anything else,” she whispers.

I groan and kiss her hard instead of roaring and beating my chest like a fucking caveman, which is exactly what I want to do.

Holly Vincent is mine.

Katy says - thanks so much to the Lovecats for having me. For a chance to win a digital copy of Going Down leave me an answer to the question below in the comments! Thanks.

Q - who's the hottest TV doc around?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and a smooch will be posted!

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  1. Hello Katy

    WOW gonna need a fan and a bottle of water reading this one :) sounds good

    I am not a TV watcher but who could forget Doug (George Clooney) from ER :)

    Have Fun


    1. Ooh, good ol George! Who can forget those eyes? I loved him, too!

  2. Hello, Katy, and welcome to the Lovecats -- it's lovely to have you here! And that's one smokin' smooch. ;-) Going Down sounds great!

    Hot TV docs? Um...how about Bondi Vet's Dr Chris Brown? Or David Tennant's Dr Who? Both are rather lovely in very different ways. :-)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it - thanks, lovely! <3

      Ooh, I'm in with Dr. Chris Brown! Great choice! I hadn't thought of him.

  3. Phew, Katy, I have to stop fanning myself before I say "hi" and welcome to the LoveCats! What a great, steamy smooch. We don't always see a smooch written in the first person present and it makes it so immediate. Good luck with your debut! I agree with Michelle about Dr Chris Brown, I think he's so gorgeous and kind to animals too.

    1. Ha! Thanks for the welcome, lovely! <3

      I appreciate your support and wishes on my debut! You cannot beat a man that is kind to animals *AND* sexy! My kinda man!

  4. Thanks so much for joining us, Katy!
    Hot TV docs are my fav - loved George Clooney in ER of course but also the guy who played Luca in ER was kinda hot!

    1. Oh yes Amy I had forgotten Luca :)

      Have Fun

    2. Ooh, Luca! YES!!! That's a good choice too.

      How on Earth did we forget Luca, Helen? Shame on us!

  5. Hi Katy and welcome to the LoveCats.

    Wow, that snippet sure got my attention! Very hot and lots of fun. I hope your debut book is an enormous success. You've made me realise that maybe I need to watch some TV medical shows as I don't have a hot TV doc to name. Better go and do some research.

    1. Ooh, yes, you MUST! I highly recommend Grey's Anatomy...and it's free on Netflix!

  6. Wow, Katy! What a snippet to get the blood moving ;) As for hot TV docs, I do think George Clooney and Goran Visnjic were easy on the eyes, but I also loved Hugh Laurie's House--I have a weakness for sarcastic ;)

    1. Oooh, HOUSE! YES! That sarcastic vibe...sexy. I love it.

  7. Fanning myself here, Katy, and daydreaming about hot doctors. Thanks Fedora for providing the actor's name--Goran Visnjic--as I was just going to say Dr Luca on ER.

    1. My pleasure, Bronwyn--he's apparently currently in Timeless, but I haven't seen that show...

    2. Mmm, another Luca vote!

      Is he in Timeless? I'll have to setup my DVR! Ha!