Jun 27, 2018

Do you have a beauty secret? – Kandy Shepherd

Recently I was on short break with a friend and her friend, who I hadn’t met before but liked instantly. She was beautifully groomed and I wondered what time she must get up in the morning to appear at breakfast so perfectly made up. One day, after I got to know her better, I asked her.

She laughed as she revealed her secret. All her eye makeup was tattooed on—eyebrows, contoured eyeshadow in soft neutral shades, eyeliner. Her eyelashes were dyed. Her permanent makeup looked fantastic—elegant and subtle. I was so impressed!

But I knew I couldn’t get the cosmetic tattoos myself, much as I admired how she looked. I’d be too chicken in case it got botched (my eyes!), the potential for pain put me off, and I couldn’t afford it. So I continued to look a bleary-eyed mess at breakfast.

In another life, I was a magazine beauty writer and tried lots of different potions and treatments in the name of research. My bathroom cupboard was full of fabulous product samples. I forgot my fear of needles to have temporary dermal filler injections for the “marionette” lines leading down from the corners of my mouth. Wow! It made such a difference. That’s one treatment I would have every six months—it’s only the expense stopping me.

 These days I’m not high maintenance when it comes to beauty treatments. I can’t remember when I last had a facial. I get an occasional mani-pedi. My skincare comes from a discount supermarket and my cosmetics from a reasonably priced brand. (Not that I use much makeup since I became a full-time writer and work from home.) I do, however stay out of the sun, wear a hat and use sunblock every day. That’s meant to be the best anti-ageing treatment of all!

What about you? I have friends (of all ages) who’ve had facelifts, nose jobs, boob jobs, laser, peels, fat freezing, liposuction, Botox, vitamin therapy, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, lip plumping, permanent hair removal, cosmetic dentistry, etc. Others don’t wear makeup at all, wash their face with soap and water, use yogurt, oatmeal, avocado or olive oil to nourish their skin or nothing at all. I say whatever you do/or don’t do that boosts confidence and makes you feel good is an excellent thing!

My indulgence is a really good hairdresser. I always feel confident about my hair because it is cut and coloured well and in good condition. I’d give up a lot before I’d give up visits to my hairdresser. (Waving at her if she’s reading this!)

What’s your indulgence? Or non-indulgence as the case may be!

The heroine of my new release Best Man and the Runaway Bride is a beauty entrepreneur who made her fortune with a cleverly marketed range of skincare and cosmetics!

Best Man and the Runaway Bride is a July release from Harlequin Romance in North America, Mills & Boon True Love in the UK, and Mills & Boon Forever Romance in Australia and New Zealand.


  1. Hi Kandy

    Looking and feeling good for me comes from the inside more that what is on the outside, but in saying that over the years I too have tried many types of skincare, sadly I am not very good at making sure I sure it I just wash my face with warm water and if I think about it I put on some moisturizer I do wear make-up when I go somewhere special but very rarely.
    So I don't have any advice but I do think that looking after yourself should take a priority you look fabulous.

    Have Fun


    1. Hi Helen, whatever you're doing, keep on doing it, as you always look wonderful!

  2. Indulgence? Epsom salt baths. I wish I had time for them daily but, alas, I don't. They make me feel SOOOO much better, whether there are far fewer infections or less body aches. It doesn't hurt that I can multitask by reading a book at the same time, LOL!

    1. Such a luxurious treat, Laney, more in time than expense! My pilates teacher always said an epsom salts bath was the best-ever thing for aches and pains and everything else!

  3. Lyn, I reckon good skin care is a really good habit to have! I recently watched a documentary all about skin and how important it is to care for the largest organ of our body. It was fascinating stuff.